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FCE Fast Class: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary - With Answers
FCE Fast Class: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary - With AnswersThis book prepared for students to practise their grammar, vocabulary, reading and written English skills at the early stage of FCE.

It includes:
- Grammar Practice
- Grammar Reference
- Reading
- Key Word Transformation
- Vocabulary
- Writing
- Answer Keys.

English Way 12 - Multimedia Course

English Way 12 - Multimedia CourseEnglish Way 12 - Multimedia Course

English Way is a complete series of DVDs from Beginner to Advanced Level. Each lesson is composed of a sitcom and a grammar section with a native teacher. This course is designed to develop oral communication skills and build learner confidence.
New Challenges 3: Workbook

New Challenges 3 wbNew Challenges 3 wb

New Challenges helps students become more effective learners and better citizens of the world through personal development. The information-driven approach in New Challengesencourages teenagers to think about the world around them and provides lively achievable tasks, building their confidence, creativity, participation and performance. With New Challengesteachers make lessons educational, successful and fun! 

Audio added

The Encyclopedia of Small Business Forms and Agreements

The Encyclopedia of Small Business Forms and AgreementsThe Encyclopedia of Small Business Forms and Agreements

The Encyclopedia of Small Business Forms and Agreements: A Complete Kit of Ready-to-Use Business Checklists, Worksheets, Forms, Contracts, and Human Resource Documents.
ESL Aloud - Guided Practice in Speaking English

ESL Aloud - Guided Practice in Speaking EnglishESL Aloud - Guided Practice in Speaking English

Подкаст предназначен для людей, стремящихся улучшить разговорный английский язык. Произношение - американский английский

Выпуски 1-141. C 70-го выпуска появились упражнения к некоторым выпускам в формате PDF.

Прописаны тэги в MP3, текст к выпускам подкаста взят с официального сайта, зашит в MP3 и доступен отдельно как *.doc


Italian-English Pack 2 for Babylon/GoldenDict

Italian-English Pack 2 for Babylon/GoldenDictItalian-English Pack 2 for Babylon/GoldenDict

Italian/English and Italian Dictionaries for Babylon or GoldenDict:Hoepli English->Italian (92509 entries)Hoepli Italian->English (85938 entries)Sansoni English->Italian (73438 entries)Sansoni Italian->English (61873 entries)Hoepli Sinonimi e Contrari (28159 entries)Enciclopedia Zanichelli (57627 entries)Hoepli Grande Dizionario Italiano (94311 entries)Vocabolario Treccani della Lingua Italiana (88917 entries)Dizionario della Lingua Italiana Sabatini Coletti (42131 entries)

Reuploaded Thanks to vilsit

Time USA 6 April 2015

Time USA 6 April 2015Time USA 6 April 2015

"The International Magazine of Events," or Time, is considered America's first weekly news periodical, founded in 1923. It covers a wide range of subject matter from politics to the entertainment industry. Since the magazine's inception, Time has been known for its annual "Person of the Year" issue. It is oftentimes controversial, counting Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin among it previous recipients, recognizing the individual or group that has had the most impact on the world stage.