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Grammar for EAP: English grammar and practice for Academic Purposes
Grammar for EAP: English grammar and practice for Academic PurposesGrammar for EAP is a grammar reference and practice book which provides students with the functional grammar they need to succeed in their academic studies, whatever their chosen subject.
Grammar for EAP reviews and consolidates the key grammatical areas needed for essay writing and presentations, and puts theory into practice with exercises which test knowledge and challenge understanding.
Includes detailed answer key.
On Screen B2+: Workbook & Grammar Book
On Screen B2+: Workbook & Grammar BookOn Screen is a four-course in English, which thanks to the different components can be successfully used both in secondary schools and on language courses and universities. A series of cuts begin learning of a Pre-Intermediate (B1) and to continue on at Intermediate (B1 + / B2) Upper-Intermediate (B2 +) and Advanced (C1). The aim of the course is to prepare students to actively function in the modern world where English is an essential communication tool. Digital support science components: manual in digital format (Interactive eBook) and software for interactive whiteboards (Interactive Whiteboard Software).
Planet of English

Planet of EnglishPlanet of EnglishОсобое внимание уделено формированию учебно-познавательного компонента коммуникативной компетенции, для чего использованы проектные задания. При составлении заданий учитывались требования Единого государственного экзамена.

Учебник предназначен для студентов профессиональных образовательных организаций, осваивающих профессии и специальности среднего профессионального образования.

Leveled Readers (Grade 6/below-level)

Leveled Readers (Grade 6/below-level)

Leveled Readers provide the right level of reading support in any classroom. Leveled 'below-level' for sixth-grade students, these fiction and nonfiction books help all learners build fluency, independence, and motivation for lifelong reading success.

Reuploaded Thanks to emkis

Why Literature?: The Value of Literary Reading and What It Means for Teaching
Why Literature?: The Value of Literary Reading and What It Means for TeachingThis bold, innovative, clear, and well-argued book not only gives an answer to the question 'Why Literature?' at a time when many people doubt its value. It also makes detailed recommendations, in the light of the answer given, for how literature should be taught. We need literature, Cristina Vischer Bruns argues, because a literary work is an ideal example of what D. W. Winnicott, one of the founders of object relations psychoanalysis, calls a 'transitional object'-an object, that is, halfway between the self and the external world. Such an object aids in the (primarily unconscious) discovery and transformation of the self.
How the Body Works
How the Body Works

How The Body Works is a fascinating exploration of the weird and wonderful processes that occur within the human body, often without us knowing. Understand how our bodies keep us alive and thriving and get to the bottom of such niggling questions as why we get dizzy, why we get butterflies in our stomachs, and why we get jetlag!

How The Body Works is a bold and accessible visual guide to every aspect of how the human body and brain works, combining the science of human anatomy books with beautiful images. Enjoy this enlightening resource that covers everything from skin to bone and even the psychology of dreams and emotions.

Where Is It?: Dolphin Readers Level 1
Where Is It?: Dolphin Readers Level 1Dolphins are interactive graded readers specially designed to make developing language skills fun for younger learners.
Full-colour illustrations and cross-curricular content stimulate students' interest and maintain their attention, while carefully graded English introduces them to new language points in an entertaining context.
Integrated activities for every page of story text encourage students to practise newly acquired language skills.