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BBC Lingohack (June 2016 - 5 Episodes)

BBC Lingohack (June 2016 - 5 Episodes)BBC Lingohack (June 2016 - 5 Episodes)

Listen to and watch authentic BBC World news bulletins and learn key words and phrases that help you make sense of the news. Each episode is accompanied by a PDF file including transcript, words and phrases and definitions , and exercise.
IELTS Success Formula General

IELTS Success Formula General The Complete Practical Guide to a Top IELTS Score

Many books have been written about IELTS preparation. What makes this one different? As you will have noticed, this book is called “IELTS Success Formula - General”. That’s exactly what you should expect to find here – step by step, friendly guidance on how to overcome your difficulties and achieve a high score in the IELTS test. This book wastes no time and immediately shows you the important aspects requiring attention during your exam preparation.

English Daily Grammar Review
English Daily Grammar ReviewPracticing English every day is a little like taking that same ride every day. You will be able to use the grammar rule without thinking about it. Most native speakers rarely remember the grammar rules. If you ask a native speaker about a grammar point, they may say, “I can’t tell you why. I just know it sounds right or it sounds wrong.” When you read or listen to English every day, you will train your brain to apply the rules so that the structure of the language will sound right to you. Of course you have to learn the grammar rules first, but with lots of practice, it will be easier to remember how to use them.
BBC Lingohack (May 2016 - 4 Episodes)

BBC Lingohack (Msy 2016 - 4 Episodes)BBC Lingohack (Msy 2016 - 4 Episodes)

Listen to and watch authentic BBC World news bulletins and learn key words and phrases that help you make sense of the news. Each episode is accompanied by a PDF file including transcript, words and phrases and definitions , and exercise.
Subtitled Music Video (How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees)

Subtitled Music Video (How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees)Subtitled Music Video (How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees)

This catchy song received the 1977 Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance By A Group. It was also used in the film Saturday Night Fever (1977), which intensified its popularity around the world. Thanks to the sweet melody as well as the heartfelt lyrics, lovers may choose this song as one their favorites of all time.

In adiition to the clip and its subtitle, you will find a PDF file containing the helpful collocations and phrases in this song.

Учебник разговорного английского языка

Учебник разговорного английского языкаУчебник разговорного английского языкаУчебник относится к первой категории языковых самоучителей, которые рассчитаны на лиц, трудновосприимчивых к изучению иностранных языков и разработан специально для самостоятельного изучения английского языка. Учебник проверен на практике. Материал удобно систематизирован. Объем учебного материала соответствует приблизительно двухлетнему курсу изучения английского языка на стандартных языковых курсах. Учебник прекрасно подходит для переучивания после предыдущего неэффективного изучения языка на курсах или с индивидуальным преподавателем.

Fortune India - July 2016

Fortune India - July 2016Fortune India - July 2016

FORTUNE covers the entire field of business, including specific companies and business trends, tech innovation prominent business leaders, and new ideas shaping the global marketplace. FORTUNE is particularly well known for its exceptionally reliable annual rankings of companies. FORTUNE furthers understanding of the economy, provides implementable business strategy, and gives you the practical knowledge you need to maximize your own success.