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Tricky Prepositions [infographic]


Prepositions can be confusing; this infographic addresses five tricky pairs of them.  


Prepositions can be confusing; this infographic addresses five tricky pairs of them. - See more at:


Prepositions can be confusing; this infographic addresses five tricky pairs of them. - See more at:


Choices Upper-Intermediate: Teacher's DVD Multi-ROM - Russian Edition
Choices Upper-Intermediate: Teacher's DVD Multi-ROM - Russian Edition

Choices meets the challenge of motivating older teenagers who need to achieve academic and educational goals in a modern world.

* Answer key On the DVD Multi-ROM
* Video
* Tests (pdfs and Test Master)
* Teacher Development workshops
* Photocopiable Resources
Choices Upper-intermediate: Student's Book - Russian Edition
Choices Upper-intermediate: Student's Book - Russian EditionTeachers today are faced with a tough challenge: How do you motivate older teens, while meeting academic and educational goals and standards?
Combining contemporary, cultural and educational topics with a wide range of digital, online and print material, Choices gives you the power to adapt to your classroom, while the authentic BBC video clips keep interest levels high and boredom factors low!
Lifestyle Upper Intermediate: Workbook
Lifestyle Upper Intermediate: WorkbookThe Upper Intermediate Workbook contains further practice of areas covered in the corresponding units of the Coursebook. It is designed to provide practice activities for personal study and an answer key is included so that students can check their progress.
Business English dla każdego

Business English dla każdegoBusiness English dla każdego

Jak bardzo przyda Ci się znajomość biznesowego angielskiego? Jak bardzo podniesie się jakość Twojego życia, gdy będziesz już swobodnie rozmawiać po angielsku przez telefon, negocjować, odczytywać działania matematyczne, analizować statystyki, pisać raporty, CV, faktury, ogłoszenia i wiele innych biznesowych pism?  Z taką wiedzą będziesz gotowy zdobywać angielskojęzyczny świat. Da Ci ona pewność, że poradzisz sobie w standardowych sytuacjach występujących w pracy dla anglojęzycznych firm, jak również w negocjajcach i współpracy z tymi firmami. 
The Economist - Issue 2014-07-26

The Economist - Issue 2014-07-26The Economist - Issue 2014-07-26

The Economist is a global weekly magazine written for those who share an uncommon interest in being well and broadly informed. Each issue explores the close links between domestic and international issues, business, politics, finance, current affairs, science, technology and the arts.
Lonely Planet Traveller - February 2014 UK

Lonely Planet Traveller - February 2014 UKLonely Planet Traveller - February 2014 UK

Lonely Planet Traveller is the award winning intelligent, beautiful travel magazine for those who are curious about the world. Every issue is crammed with ideas for new places to go – with discoveries to be made in the UK as well as much further afield – all backed up by the unbiased, insider recommendations that Lonely Planet is so renowned for providing. Food, music, movies, art, architecture, shopping, ancient cultures, adventure and wildlife all inspire our travel experiences. Inside, you’ll find a quality of travel writing and lush photography guaranteed to ‘take you there’, even when you are at home.