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Happy Street 1 - New Edition: SB + Audio

Happy Street - New Edition (SB)Happy Street - New Edition (SB)

A first English course for children who are ready for reading and writing for children 7 years and over.

Audio added

At the Bay: Phonics World Readers Level 3
At the Bay: Phonics World Readers Level 3A boy and his father spend the day at the bay.
What do they find there?
Phonics Focus: long a, a_e, ai, ay;
long i, i_e; long o, o_e; long u, u_e
Madame Marie Tells the Future: Let's Go Readers Level 6
Madame Marie Tells the Future: Let's Go Readers Level 6A new series of colourful readers which uses a wide variety of story types and visual styles to build students' interest in reading. Topics and vocabulary are directly linked to the syllabus of Let's Go Third Edition, providing a fun reading opportunity for each unit of the course.
Henry III: A Simple and God-Fearing King
Henry III: A Simple and God-Fearing KingHenry III was a medieval king whose long reign continues to have a profound impact on us today. He was on the throne for 56 years and during this time England was transformed from being the private play-thing of a French speaking dynasty into a medieval state in which the king answered for his actions to an English parliament, which emerged during Henry's lifetime.
Despite Henry's central importance for the birth of parliament and the development of a state recognisably modern in many of its institutions, it is Henry's most vociferous opponent, Simon de Montfort, who is in many ways more famous than the monarch himself.
Henry V: Playboy Prince To Warrior King
Henry V: Playboy Prince To Warrior KingForemost medieval historian Anne Curry offers a new reinterpretation of Henry V and the battle that defined his kingship: Agincourt
Henry V's invasion of France, in August 1415, represented a huge gamble. As heir to the throne, he had been a failure, cast into the political wilderness amid rumours that he planned to depose his father. Despite a complete change of character as king - founding monasteries, persecuting heretics, and enforcing the law to its extremes - little had gone right since. He was insecure in his kingdom, his reputation low. On the eve of his departure for France, he uncovered a plot by some of his closest associates to remove him from power.
Henry VI: A Good, Simple and Innocent Man
Henry VI: A Good, Simple and Innocent ManHenry VI, son of the all-conquering Henry V, was one of the least able and least successful of English kings. His long reign, which started when he was only nine months old, ended in catastrophe, with the loss of England's territories in France and a bankrupt England's long decline into civil war: the wars of the Roses. Yet, failure though Henry undoubtedly was, he remains an enigma. Was he always, as he became in the last disastrous years of his rule, a holy fool, simple-minded to the point of insanity and prey to the ambitions of others? Or was he more active and, as some have suggested, actively malign?
Didactics of Translation: Text in Context
Didactics of Translation: Text in ContextThis book derives empirical evidence for the didactic value of translating texts in context through an experiment involving final-year undergraduate students who study translation as a basic component of their curriculum. A number of theoretical frameworks are invoked here, most notably those of the discourse model elaborated by Hatim and Mason (1990) (1997) and House's text analysis model (1997). Furthermore, the study conducted draws on Hatim's multi-stage curriculum translation design (2000), consisting of various stages representing an increasing degree of evaluativeness and difficulty.