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Full Blast 2: Student's Book - KSA
Full Blast 2: Student's Book - KSAFull Blast! is a six-level course with exciting, contemporary topics and unique features. It takes learners from Beginner to B2 level, while demonstrating how English is used in real-life situations and enabling students to communicate fluently, accurately and confidently.
The Travels of Ibn Battuta - Dominoes 1

The Travels of Ibn Battuta - Dominoes 1The Travels of Ibn Battuta - Dominoes 1

My first journey was a pilgrimage to Mecca. I got on a donkey and said "Goodbye" to my parents in Tangier when I was 21. My mother cried.'
Leonardo Da Vinci - Bookworms - Level 2

Leonardo Da Vinci - Bookworms - Level 2Leonardo Da Vinci - Bookworms - Level 2

All his life, Leonardo da Vinci asked questions. We know him as a great artist, but he was one of the great thinkers of all time, and even today, doctors and scientists are still learning from his ideas. Meet the man who made a robot lion, wrote backwards
Infinite Fictions: Essays on Literature and Theory
Infinite Fictions: Essays on Literature and TheoryDavid Winters has quickly become a leading voice in the new landscape of online literary criticism. His widely-published work maps the furthest frontiers of contemporary fiction and theory. The essays in this book range from the American satirist Sam Lipsyte to the reclusive Australian genius Gerald Murnane; from the "distant reading" of Franco Moretti to the legacy of Gordon Lish. Meditations on style, form and fictional worlds sit side-by-side with overviews of the cult status of Oulipo, the aftermath of modernism, and the history of continental philosophy. Infinite Fictions is indispensable reading for anyone interested in the forefront of literary thought.
Are Some Languages Better than Others?
Are Some Languages Better than Others?This book sets out to answer a question that many linguists have been hesitant to ask: are some languages better than others? Can we say, for instance, that because German has three genders and French only two, German is a better language in this respect? Jarawara, spoken in the Amazonian jungle, has two ways of showing possession: one for a part (e.g. 'Father's foot') and the other for something which is owned and can be given away or sold (e.g. 'Father's knife');
is it thus a better language than English, which marks all possession in the same way?
Let's Go 1 (4th edition) - SB

Let's Go 1 (4th edition) - SBLet's Go 1 (4th edition) - SBSuccess from the very beginning
Millions of children around the world have learned to speak English through the trusted methodology of Let’s Go.

Maximise children’s talking time in class through dialogues, pair work and communicative games. This combined with the rhythm and melody of the acclaimed Carolyn Graham songs makes the language memorable.

Audio added

IELTS LISTENING TEST 12 Ц SECTION 4 Ц QUESTIONS 37-41 (Answers and Tapescript included)

IELTS LISTENING TEST 12 – SECTION 4 – QUESTIONS 37-41 (Answers and Tapescript included)IELTS LISTENING TEST 12 – SECTION 4 – QUESTIONS 37-41 (Answers and Tapescript included)

IELTS LISTENING TEST 12 – SECTION 4 – QUESTIONS 37-41 (Answers and Tapescript included) is one of free videos for English Learners deriving from Youtube Boost Listening.
The file zip contains 4 main files : Video (wmv), Question (PDF), Answers (.txt), Tapescript (PDF)