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World English 1: Student CD-ROM
World English 1: Student CD-ROMFeaturing content from National Geographic and TED, the new edition of the four-level, integrated skills World English series brings amazing stories about our planet and compelling ideas from around the world to the classroom. Riveting images, fascinating topics, and inspiring video will motivate learners to engage with ideas and each other. The second edition of World English introduces students to some of the world’s most fascinating people and places and builds upon an effective competency-based approach to provide 21st century learners with the English skills needed for success.
The Economist UK - 25 June 2016

The Economist UK - 25 June 2016The Economist UK - 25 June 2016

The Economist claims it "is not a chronicle of economics." Rather, it aims "to take part in a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress." It takes an editorial stance which is supportive of free trade, globalisation, government health and education spending, as well as other, more limited forms of governmental intervention. It targets highly educated readers and claims an audience containing many influential executives and policy-makers.
Rainman (1200 words)

Rainman (1200 words)When Charlie Babbitt's father dies, he thinks he will inherit a lot of money.
However, the money goes to someone Charlie doesn't know, someone who lives in a hospital
and turns out to be the brother that Charlie never knew he had.

Book added/ Audio reuploaded

Sophie Kinsella - Shopaholic Abroad (2001) also published as Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (2002)

altBeloved by readers, Sophie Kinsella's national best seller, Confessions of a Shopaholic, introduced the irrepressible one-woman shopping phenomenon, Becky Bloomwood. Now, in this hilarious follow-up, Becky and her credit cards are headed across the Atlantic. With her shopping excesses (somewhat) in check and her career as a TV financial guru thriving, Becky's biggest problem seems to be tearing her entrepreneur boyfriend, Luke, away from work for a romantic country weekend. And worse, figuring out how to "pack light." But packing takes on a whole new meaning when Luke announces he's moving to New York for business - and he asks Becky to go with him!

Reuploaded Thanks to uzenka

VOA: English in a Minute (2014 - 47 Episodes)

VOA: English in a Minute (2014 - 47 Episodes)VOA: English in a Minute (2014 - 47 Episodes)

Looking for ways to improve your listening skills and learn English idioms? Check out Voice of America's English in a Minute and listen to brief video clips that explain American English colloquialisms.
Modern English - Exercises for Non-Native Speakers-Part 1 & 2

Modern English-Exercises for Non-Native Speakers-Part 1 & 2Modern English-Exercises for Non-Native Speakers-Part 1 & 2The two volumes of "Modern English: exercises for non-native speakers," 2nd edition, are intended to help foreign students achieve the level of English proficiency expected of native university students. "Modern English: a practical reference guide" provides the basis for the two volumes of exercises.

Classic British Short Stories (Classic Readers:Level 6)

Classic British Short Stories (Compass Classic Readers:Level 6) ONLY Audio CDClassic British Short Stories (Compass Classic Readers:Level 6) ONLY Audio CD

Publishing brings this adapted British anthology of eight celebrated stories to its line of Classic Readers. English language learners of all ages will enjoy developing their vocabulary and reading fluency as they read the murder mystery of GK Chesterton's The Secret Garden, the magical being that lives in the story of Robert Louis Stevenson's The Bottle Imp, and the mysterious man who comes from the sea in Joseph Conrad's Amy Foster. Five more stories are included. Students and teachers alike will enjoy reading these classic British short stories.

Book added