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Курсы Иностранных Языков по Skype

Курсы английского языка ЕШКО

Курсы английского языка ЕШКОКурсы английского языка ЕШКО

 Языковые курсы ЕШКО пользуются популярностью у тех, кто изучает английский и другие иностранные языки. Методика обучения основана на параллельной отработке навыков разговора, практики чтения и письма, восприятия устной речи.


Можно выбрать курс любой сложности: для школьников, опытных пользователей или взрослых, которые только начали знакомиться с английским. Обучение во многом схоже с университетским. Студент получает все необходимые пособия, сдает тесты, работает над домашними заданиями.

Private Tutor SAT Writing 2013-2014 Prep Course

Private Tutor SAT Writing 2013-2014 Prep CoursePrivate Tutor SAT Writing 2013-2014 Prep Course

The purchase of this book includes an offer for a FREE DVD or Digital Download of 2 hours from our 20-hour SAT prep video course. Private Tutor SAT Writing 2013-2014 Prep Course is a critically-praised, low cost alternative to the often unaffordable tutoring industry. Students can achieve the results of private tutoring at a fraction of the cost. This complete course covers all aspects of the SAT Writing sections including over 80 problems with answer explanations.
Lively Language Lessons for Reluctant Learners Book 2

Lively Language Lessons for Reluctant Learners Book 2Lively Language Lessons for Reluctant Learners Book 2

Creative activities with a humorous, offbeat flavor to motivate students to get involved in thinking and expressing themselves. Lessons include: alliteration, rhyming, ambiguities, similies, metaphors, oxymorons, cliches, essays, short stories and much more.
The Only Grammar & Style Workbook You'll Ever Need: A One-Stop Practice and Exercise Book for Perfect Writing

The Only Grammar & Style Workbook You'll Ever Need: A One-Stop Practice and Exercise Book for Perfect WritingThe Only Grammar & Style Workbook You'll Ever Need: A One-Stop Practice and Exercise Book for Perfect Writing

Everyone wants to produce writing that is clear, concise, and grammatically accurate, but getting to that point is not always easy. If you've ever had difficulty finding the right phrase to complete a simple sentence or have struggled to put a complicated thought into words, The Only Grammar and Style Workbook You'll Ever Need is for you.
Intonation in Romance

Intonation in Romance

This book offers the first comprehensive description of the prosody of nine Romance languages that takes into account internal dialectal variation. Teams of experts examine the prosody of Catalan, French, Friulian, Italian, Occitan, Portuguese, Romanian, Sardinian, and Spanish using the Autosegmental Metrical framework of intonational phonology and the Tones and Breaks Indices (ToBI) transcription system.

Rethinking Language, Mind, and Meaning

Rethinking Language, Mind, and Meaning

In this book, Scott Soames argues that the revolution in the study of language and mind that has taken place since the late nineteenth century must be rethought. The central insight in the reigning tradition is that propositions are representational. To know the meaning of a sentence or the content of a belief requires knowing which things it represents as being which ways, and therefore knowing what the world must be like if it is to conform to how the sentence or belief represents it. These are truth conditions of the sentence or belief. But meanings and representational contents are not truth conditions, and there is more to propositions than representational content.
Indo-European Language and Culture: An Introduction, 2 edition

Indo-European Language and Culture: An Introduction, 2 edition

This revised and expanded edition provides a comprehensive overview of comparative Indo-European linguistics and the branches of the Indo-European language family, covering both linguistic and cultural material. Now offering even greater coverage than the first edition, it is the definitive introduction to the field.