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Newsademic nr 302 - British English edition (with activities)

Newsademic nr 302 - British English edition (with activities)Newsademic is an easy-to-understand international newspaper, written and edited in a style that assists English Language teaching and learning. Newsademic is a fortnightly publication (20 articles) and associated website. Both British and American English versions of the newspaper are available. The easy-to-read newspaper features the top world news stories that have made headlines during the previous two weeks.

12th May, 2017 - 25th May, 2017

English for Starters 10

English for Starters 10English for Starters is an English course for Primary and Preparatory level students in Syria. This level is for Grade 10. Each level of English for Starters includes a Students’ Book, one or two cassettes with listening material, an Activity Book and a Teacher’s Book.These materials are based on the General Framework and Outcomes of English Curricula in Syria, where this language is regarded as a foreign language. The English for Starters materials approach language skills in an integrated way in terms of the tasks and activities for both learners and teachers.

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The Grammar and Lexis of Conversational Informal English in Advanced Textbooks

The Grammar and Lexis of Conversational Informal English in Advanced TextbooksThe Grammar and Lexis of Conversational Informal English in Advanced Textbooks

The book is divided into seven chapters in which various different linguistic aspects of conversation are dealt with. In the opening chapters, spoken language is presented and approached as a multidimensional entity, particularly as the sum of lexico-syntactic and socio-linguistic elements....
English for Starter 11 Vocational Stream Commercial
English for Starter 11 Vocational Stream CommercialEnglish for Starters Vocational Stream–Commercial is an English language course that has been specially written for commercial secondary schools in Syria. The course progresses from an intermediate level of English in Grade 10 to an advanced level of English in Grade 12. The books introduce students to the world of commerce; they assume no prior commercial knowledge on the part of students or teachers.

The course provides students with skills and knowledge related to commerce such as answering the telephone, dealing with correspondence, learning the names and uses of documents, computers and office equipment as well as aspects of economics such as insurance, accounting and banking.

IELTS Speaking Success - Skills Strategies and Model Answers

IELTS Speaking Success - Skills Strategies and Model AnswersIELTS Speaking Success - Skills Strategies and Model Answers

This book clearly explains the different types of questions and topics that are asked for all three parts of the IELTS Speaking Test. Step-by-step instructions are given about how to respond to the different types of questions that are asked in the test and also for a wide range of topics.
Total FIRST New Edition - Teacher's Book

Total FIRST New Edition - Teacher's BookTotal FIRST New Edition - Teacher's Book

Total FIRST – New Edition is a preparation course for the Cambridge English: FIRST exam (B2 Vantage of the Common European Framework of Reference). It has been revised throughout to reflect the new Cambridge English exam specifications for 2015. 
CDA and PDA Made Simple: Language, Ideology and Power in Politics and Media
CDA and PDA Made Simple: Language, Ideology and Power in Politics and MediaCDA and PDA Made Simple cuts many long stories short and encapsulates a long-standing tradition in modern and contemporary linguistics. The theoretical scope of the book encompasses a lengthy review of relevant studies in the area of critical discourse analysis (CDA), and, more broadly, in the areas of power, control, ideology and politics as realized and enacted in discourse. The book also brings together a detailed theoretical background on the main tenets and assumptions, tools and recipes, trends and extensions and critiques and applications of critical and political discourse analysis (PDA).