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Pingu loves English: Song Book + Audio
Pingu loves English: Song Book + AudioPingu loves English. Song Book+Audio
 Учебное пособие для детей дошкольного возраста. Пособие содержит тексты песенок, упражнения для обучения алфавита, цифр, наиболее необходимых слов и фраз. Много иллюстраций, все цветные.
Inglés médico

Inglés médicoInglés médico

For speakers of Spanish. Bilingual Spanish - English list of common sentences at a medical practice.
The Play of Words: Fun & Games for Language Lovers

The Play of Words: Fun & Games for Language LoversThe Play of Words: Fun & Games for Language Lovers

Do you know the connection between the expression A HARROWING EXPERIENCE and agriculture, between BY AND LARGE and sailing, between GET YOUR GOAT and horses, or between STEAL YOUR THUNDER and show business?
Ghost Light: An Introductory Handbook for Dramaturgy
Ghost Light: An Introductory Handbook for DramaturgyGhost Light: An Introductory Handbook for Dramaturgy offers useful and entertaining answers to the confounding questions: “What, exactly, is dramaturgy, and what does a dramaturg do?” According to Michael Mark Chemers, dramaturgs are the scientists of the theater world—their primary responsibility is to query the creative possibilities in every step of the production process, from play selection to costume design, and then research the various options and find ways to transform that knowledge into useful ideas.
Fairy Tales - role-plays

Fairy Tales - role-playsFairy Tales - role-plays

5 role-plays based on traditional fairy tales - Aladdin, Ali Baba, Cinderella, pinocchio and Snow White.

Lines given in English and Serbian.

Lovely illustrations accompany the text.

How to Think Like Churchill

How to Think Like Churchill

Learn how to lead, inspire, "never surrender," practice diplomacy, and forge ahead in your career. Life lessons from one of the most popular and iconic political leaders in modern history.
Doctor Who - Silhouette

Doctor Who - Silhouette

Marlowe Hapworth is found dead in his locked study, killed by an unknown assailant. This is a case for the Great Detective, Madame Vastra. Rick Bellamy, bare-knuckle boxer, has the life drawn out of him by a figure dressed as an undertaker. This angers Strax the Sontaran. The Carnival of Curiosities, a collection of bizarre and fascinating sideshows and performers. This is where Jenny Flint looks for answers. How are these things connected? And what does Orestes Milton, rich industrialist, have to do with it all?