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Grammar Space Beginner 3: Student Book
Grammar Space Beginner 3: Student BookGrammar Space Beginner is a three-level grammar series designed for high-beginner to low-intermediate students. With Grammar Space Beginner, students learn practical grammar rules that will help them develop a solid foundation in English grammar. The series’ easy and clear explanations and carefully designed exercises help students reinforce their understanding of grammar rules and also further improve their communication skills in both spoken and written English. An array of writing activities encourage students to apply the grammar rules they have learned by completing a variety of writing types in meaningful contexts.
Listen Up 3 - New Edition: Teaching Material

Listen Up 3 - New Edition: Teaching MaterialListen Up is a fun and easy 3-level listening course for lower-elementary aged learners of English. In each lesson, colorful characters excite and guide young learners through fun and interesting listening activities. A carefully designed syllabus provides an appropriate structure to allow students to build up their basic listening skills and comprehension. Each Listen Up book has 16 core units and four review units.

Britain is Great - British Council (lesson title: Sport is Great)

Britain is Great - British Council (lesson title: Sport is Great)Britain is Great - British Council (lesson title: Sport is Great)

Find out what is GREAT about Britain in these exciting videos produced by the British Council.
Lifetime: Level 2 (DVD5)

Lifetime: Level 2 (DVD5)Lifetime: Level 2 (DVD5)

Presents a three-level video comedy-drama for elementary, pre-intermediate, and intermediate students. Each level consists of seven episodes with a language focus, and an emphasis on communication.

Reuploaded Thanks to emkis


Blockbuster 4: Student Book
Blockbuster 4: Student BookBlockbuster is designed for learners studying English at Beginner to Intermediate level. The series follows the principles of the Common European Framework of Reference and combines active English learning with a variety of lively topics presented in themed modules.

Level: Intermediate B1

More Than a Word Cloud

More Than a Word CloudMore Than a Word Cloud

Word cloud generating applications were originally designed to add visual attractiveness to posters, websites, slide show presentations, and the like. They can also be an effective tool in reading and writing classes in English as a second language (ESL) for all levels of English proficiency. They can reduce reading time and help to improve writing skills and vocabulary comprehension. They can also be used to address elements of rhetoric in students’ essays and instructors’ assignment descriptions and syllabi. Word clouds can be used as a visual aid to present new vocabulary and a study tool for quizzes...
Let's Talk in English (10 DVDs)
Let's Talk in English (10 DVDs)Let's Talk in English (10 DVDs)Let's Talk in English, first showed in 1981, and Studio Classroom rank number one and two as the best-selling English teaching aids in Taiwan. Let's Talk in English, the best domestic English conversation stuff, has earned the IBC Good Programs Award. It provides practical vocabulary and conversation skills to help you learn to speak English well by using useful vocabulary.

Let's Talk in English (Intermediate English level)

Reuploaded Thanks to miaow