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The American Accent Course - Workbook

The American Accent Course - WorkbookThe American Accent Course - Workbook

Congratulations!  You've taken the action necessary to improving not only your pronunciation, but more
importantly your accent.   Be proud of your first action step! Now, let's take the next step together.
You've taken the action necessary to improving not only your pronunciation, but moreimportantly your accent.   Be proud of your first action step! Now, let's take the next step together.
The Tempest - (Dominoes Starter)

The Tempest - (Dominoes Starter)Text adaptation by Bill Bowler

Prospero, the Duke of Milan, and his daughter Miranda are far away from home, alone on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. They want to return to Milan…

Then, one day Prospero sees a ship near the island carrying his greatest enemies. Prospero, with the help of his magic and the island spirit, Ariel, makes a magic storm – tempest – to bring them to the island.

Reuploaded Thanks to stratobird
Hey There! 4: Mixed-ability Worksheets
Hey There! 4: Mixed-ability WorksheetsAmerican English | 4 Levels | A1 - A2

Keep students constantly engaged through real-life English experiences with the flexible course that caters for mixed ability. If you’re looking for a course that actively assesses and monitors progress then Hey There! is the one for you.

* Mixed-ability Grammar * Mixed-ability Vocabulary * Mixed-ability Tests

Focus 1 Elementary: Tests
Focus 1 Elementary: TestsFocus is a rich, varied, carefully levelled course for upper secondary students. Specially designed to motivate older teens, Focus helps students prepare for exam success. With its unique blended learning package, Focus is the flexible course that gets results.
Большой современный англо-русский, русско-английский словарь

Большой современный англо-русский, русско-английский словарьБольшой современный англо-русский, русско-английский словарь

Новая редакция: около 450 000 слов, словосочетаний и идиоматических выражений. 

Словарь составлен на основе словарей В. К. Мюллера: Большой англо-русский словарь и Большой русско-английский словарь, подготовленных и выпущенных ранее издательством, но является по сути новым изданием, поскольку указанные словари подверглись значительной переработке, исправлению и дополнению.

English for Starters 11 Vocational Stream Industrial
English for Starters 11 Vocational Stream IndustrialEnglish for Starters Vocational Stream–Industrial is an English language course that has been specially written for commercial secondary schools in Syria. The course progresses from an intermediate level of English in Grade 10 to an advanced level of English in Grade 12. The books introduce students to the world of industry; they assume no prior industrial knowledge on the part of students or teachers. The course provides students with skills and knowledge related to industry such as magnetism, digital cameras, learning how to install home appliances, etc.
The New English Course 3 (SB + Practice Book + TB)

The New English Course 3 (SB + Practice Book + TB)The New English Course is a course teachers and students can rely on to cover the complete range and depth of language and skills needed. Each level is designed to provide at least 72 hours of classwork using the Students's book, with additional self-study material provided in the Practice Book.

Tests added Thanks to arcadius