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National Geographic Magazine January 2015

National Geographic Magazine January 2015National Geographic Magazine January 2015

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, the flagship magazine of the National Geographic Society, chronicles exploration and adventure, as well as changes that impact life on Earth. Editorial coverage encompasses people and places of the world, with an emphasis on human involvement in a changing universe. Major topics include culture, nature, geography, ecology, science and technology.
The Gothic World
The Gothic WorldThe Gothic World offers an overview of this popular field whilst also extending critical debate in exciting new directions such as film, politics, fashion, architecture, fine art and cyberculture.
The Gothic World seeks to account for the Gothic as a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional force, as a style, an aesthetic experience and a mode of cultural expression that traverses genres, forms, media, disciplines and national boundaries and creates, indeed, its own ‘World’.
Reader's Digest Singapore - January 2015

Reader's Digest Singapore - January 2015Reader's Digest Singapore - January 2015

Reader's Digest is a monthly general-interest family magazine discovering the greatest writers from around the world with insightful journalism, investigations to open your eyes, inspirational real-life stories and adventures to thrill you, advice to live by, health news to depend on, people to inspire you and humour to make you laugh out loud! Reader's Digest is a general interest family magazine, published ten times annually.
Isaac Asimov - The Complete Stories (Volume 1)

Isaac Asimov - The Complete Stories (Volume 1)Isaac Asimov - The Complete Stories (Volume 1)

The first book of the definitive three-volume collection of short stories by the prolific Isaac Asimov, whose tales have delighted countless fans for over half a century. A must for every science fiction bookshelf.
The Complete Idiot's Guide To Yoga

The Complete Idiot's Guide To YogaThe Complete Idiot's Guide To Yoga

This book is for anyone interested in health, fitness, or the healing arts. It teaches you the basics of stretching, breathing, and meditation, with exercises designed to help you relax, become more flexible, more productive, and more self-satisfied.
Life in the United Kingdom Interactive Revision Package

Life in the United Kingdom Interactive Revision PackageThis e-learning package contains all the information that you need to pass the Life in the UK Test as required for most applicants for naturalisation. The 'eBook' button takes you to a full copy of the Life in the United Kingdom book as published by the British Government. This interactive package will give you information and advice about the actual tests, including how to book the test and what to do on the day.


History Scotland Ц January-February 2015

History Scotland Ц January-February 2015

History Scotland is the world's premier Scottish history magazine, available in print and digital editions.  The magazine was launched in October 2001 at the Royal Museum in Edinburgh by Professor Christopher Smout, Historiographer Royal, who is now one of the magazine’s patrons. It is backed by the Scottish history and archaeology professions with leading representatives from a variety of different disciplines on the Editorial Board.  History Scotland provides fascinating features on topics from all branches and periods of Scottish history and archaeology.