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 урсы »ностранных языков по Skype

Current nr 47 April/May 2015

Current nr 47 April/May 2015

A bimonthly magazine for the learners of English at upper intermediate and advanced levels (B2-C1). Features: language, music, economy, politics, literature, mass media, social problems, nature, and new technologies. Audio, scripts and worksheets included.
New Scientist The Collection - MEDICAL FRONTIERS

New Scientist The Collection - MEDICAL FRONTIERS

For people who ask why  New Scientist covers the latest developments in science and technology that will impact your world. New Scientist employs and commissions the best writers in their fields from all over the world. Our editorial team provide cutting-edge news, award-winning features and reports, written in concise and clear language that puts discoveries and advances in the context of everyday life today and in the future.
Kid nr 5/2015 March-April

Kid nr 5/2015 March-April

The magazine offers an array of information and numerous news items about current events, which students do not find in their usual course books. Engage your students' interest with this ideal teaching material and get your students actively involved in their language learning.
Created to bring students closer to contemporary English, Kid presents a wide range of current event articles and items on Anglophone culture which are ideal for class discussion. Every month Kid presents uptodate articles while the revision games and comic strips focus on comprehension and vocabulary recall.
Our Tempestuous Day: A History of Regency England [Audiobook]

Our Tempestuous Day: A History of Regency England [Audiobook]

Regency England has long been seen as a time of hedonism and romance, when dashing beaux and elegant belles played out their flirtations against a backdrop of opulence and style. Yet beneath the surface glitter of the Regency lay an underlying malaise, a pervasive hollowness and sense of loss, along with an explosive undercurrent of popular unrest and political radicalism.
It was indeed a tempestuous, quicksilver era, haunted by war and the human wreckage of war, and by fears of Luddite violence and risings of the overtaxed, underfed poor. A time of financial uncertainty when fortunes were made and lost amid high risk and the ever-present specter of bankruptcy.

Books and Beyond: The Greenwood Encyclopedia of New American Reading

Books and Beyond: The Greenwood Encyclopedia of New American Reading

This set provides a snapshot of the current state of popular American literature, including various types and genres. The volume presents alphabetically arranged entries on more than 70 diverse literary categories, such as cyberpunk, fantasy literature, flash fiction, GLBTQ literature, graphic novels, manga and anime, and zines. Each entry is written by an expert contributor and provides a definition of the genre, an overview of its history, a look at trends and themes, a discussion of how the literary form engages contemporary issues, a review of the genre's reception, a discussion of authors and works, and suggestions for further reading.
Discover Britain - June-July 2015

Discover Britain - June-July 2015Discover Britain - June-July 2015

Discover Britain is Britain’s leading historic travel magazine, created with passion and designed to engage, inspire and motivate our readers to discover the nation’s finest heritage sites. Combining the traveler's firsthand experience of the present with the historian's expert knowledge of the past, DISCOVER BRITAIN is your most trustworthy guide to historic Britain as it lives on today. Published bimonthly.
Novels for Students - Volume 36

Novels for Students - Volume 36Each volume of Novels for Students contains easily accessible and content-rich discussions of the literary and historical background of 12 to 15 works from various cultures and time periods. Each novel included in this new resource was specially chosen by an advisory panel of teachers and librarians - experts who have helped to define the information needs of students and ensure the age-appropriateness of this reference's content.

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