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LSAT 2016
LSAT 2016This go-to study guide provides the concepts, study strategies, and practice you need to dramatically raise your LSAT score
McGraw-Hill Education: LSAT focuses on the fundamental concepts tested on the exam as well as the reasoning and analytical skills necessary to overcome common traps.
The book covers the foundations of each essential concept, introduces strategies developed by the authors, and includes review exercises in each chapter, so you can increase their test-taking confidence.
Big English 6 British: Teacher's Book
Big English 6 British: Teacher's BookShare in your pupils' success. Watch them excel in English Big English prepares pupils for the challenges they will find in today's world: *CLIL: because pupils are learning English and so much more *21st Century Skills: because pupils want to get ahead and need to be prepared for the world around them *Assessment for Learning: because confidence leads to success Think BIG! Dream BIG! BIG ENGLISH
Грамматика английского языка. Герундий

Грамматика английского языка. ГерундийГрамматика английского языка. Герундий

Учебное пособие предназначено для студентов факультетов иностранных языков и широкого круга изучающих английский язык. Цель данного пособия состоит в том, чтобы дать максимально полное описание форм, значений и функций герундия, показать на многочисленных примерах его особенности и сформировать автоматические навыки его употребления.
Shapes All Around

Shapes All AroundShapes All Around

Book deals with all the shapes I see: circles, squares, rectangles, and triangle all around.

Reuploaded Thanks to korova-daisy

Winnie the Pooh - Colors

Winnie the Pooh - ColorsWinnie the Pooh - Colors

A Winnie the Pooh board book about colors.

Reuploaded Thanks to korova-daisy



Small children (and lots of adults!) love pants. They love talking about pants. They giggle whenever pants are mentioned. Let's face it - pants are VERY FUNNY! PANTS is a picture book with a brilliant rhyming text by Giles Andreae and lots of hilarious pictures by Nick Sharratt. As we go through the book we meet lots of different animals, people and sometimes inanimate objects each wearing a different kind of pants - every shape, pattern, colour, size and style that you can think of - and lots more besides! This book will make children laugh and they will ask for it again and again. PANTS - which ones are your favourite?

Reuploaded Thanks to korova-daisy

Fantasy (Roleplaying Game)

Fantasy (Roleplaying Game)Fantasy (Roleplaying Game)

Fantasy is the most popular genre for roleplaying games. Now GURPS offers roleplayers a comprehensive guide to fantasy worlds of all kinds. Building on the flexible, streamlined Fourth Edition rules, GURPS Fantasy lets you create a campaign to explore the world of your favorite book or film - or your own dreams. You'll find examples of magical plants and animals, unique monsters, nonhuman races, occupations, spells, and enchanted objects, ready to use in your campaign - or to use as inspiration for your own inventions.