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Picture Dictionary: Interactive CD-ROM 2nd Ed.

OPDi (Picture Dictionary Interactive CD-ROM 2nd Ed.)OPDi (Picture Dictionary Interactive CD-ROM 2nd Ed.)

A new addition to the OPD program for the second edition, with videos and focused writing exercises for every unit. Includes dynamic and fun activities, flashcards, games and tests to provide entertaining, varied practice of OPD words and phrases.
World Wonders 1: Grammar
World Wonders 1: GrammarWorld Wonders Grammar is a three-level grammar course that has been designed to cover the needs of students at beginner to pre-intermediate levels. World Wonders 1 Grammar accompanies World Wonders 1 Students Book, but it can also be used with any other beginner course. Full-color pages with lively illustrations and captivating National Geographic will motivate students.
Antony and Cleopatra - William Shakespeare (with notes and glossary)

Antony and Cleopatra - William Shakespeare (with notes and glossary)Antony and Cleopatra - William Shakespeare (with notes and glossary)

The most formally ambitious and poetically brilliant of Shakespeare's tragedies, Anthony and Cleopatra is also one of his most critically contentious plays in terms of the degree and nature of its success.
Antony and Cleopatra is based on the intertwined lives of Roman general Mark Antony and Cleopatra, queen of Egypt from 51 to 30 bc. For his account of the characters and times, Shakespeare used Sir Thomas North's 1579 translation of Greek biographer Plutarch's Parallel Lives. 
Forbes Philippines Ц May 2016

Forbes Philippines Ц May 2016

Forbes Magazine, beyond its famed lists, has a unique voice in its coverage of global business stories. Whether it’s reporting on the “next Facebook” or scrutinizing a new tax law, Forbes covers stories with uncanny insight and conciseness that hurried business folks appreciate.
Spotlight Ц May 2016

Spotlight Ц May 2016

Learn English with Spotlight magazine. Our monthly mix of news, travel, opinion, grammar and vocabulary brings you the very best of the world's only global language. A magazine for German adults learning English. Interesting articles in British and American English ranging from easy to difficult. Some words are translated into German to help build vocabulary.
Business Spotlight Ц May 2016

Business Spotlight Ц May 2016

Business Spotlight is a language magazine for everybody who needs English at work. Read about international business and intercultural issues — and learn business English, too.
National Geographic Kids Ц Issue 125, 2016

National Geographic Kids Ц Issue 125, 2016

National Geographic has delivered incredible photography, astonishing science news, and inspiring travel stories for 125 years. National Geographic Kids magazine is an interactive, multi-topic magazine covering animals, entertainment, science, technology and cultures from around the world with the exceptional photography you would expect from the National Geographic brand.