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Курсы Иностранных Языков по Skype

Learning English with Sue and Sam

Learning English with Sue and SamLearning English with Sue and Sam

Приключения двух медвежат осенью, зимой, весной и летом. 
Для детей дошкольного и младшего школьного возраста, которые учат английский язык как иностранный. 
С словариком в картинках.
Способы запоминания английских слов

Способы запоминания английских словСпособы запоминания английских слов

Представлены наиболее эффективные способы запоминания английских слов, а также более 4000 наиболее употребляемых английских слов с оригинальными толкованиями к ним, которые помогут почти без усилий запоминать и воспроизводить лексический материал. Книга построена в формате англо-русско-английского толкового словаря с использованием наработок практической психологии в запоминании английских слов, что позволит выработать умение замещать "невспоминающееся" или совершенно забытое слово словами-описаниями.
Для широкого круга читателей, заинтересованных в расширении словарного запаса.
English Way 24 - Multimedia Course

English Way 24 - Multimedia CourseEnglish Way 24 - Multimedia Course

English Way is a complete series of DVDs from Beginner to Advanced Level. Each lesson is composed of a sitcom and a grammar section with a native teacher. This course is designed to develop oral communication skills and build learner confidence.
Short Stories by British writers

Short Stories by British writersShort Stories by British writers

Short Stories by British writers. Короткі оповідання. Книжка для читання англійською мовою за творами британських письменників
   The manual contains eleven stories of English writers HG Wells, S. Maugham, A. Christie. Each story presents seven exercises aimed at mastering vocabulary and grammar of the English language and speech development of thinking skills and creative abilities of those who are learning English. For senior students of secondary schools and high schools, junior students of higher educational institutions, school pupils.
Hot English Magazine #156 - May 2015

Hot English Magazine #156 - May 2015Hot English Magazine #156 - May 2015

Are you learning English? Or are you an English teacher? Either way... if you're looking for a fun and interesting English magazine for learning or teaching English then you've come to the right place. Hot English magazine is a leading English resource. Its fun and colourful approach to teaching real English as it's spoken by native speakers is popular around the world. Loved by both students and teachers, there's something for everyone and all levels in Hot English magazine.
Solutions Upper Intermediate Class CDs 2nd Edition

Solutions Upper Intermediate Class CDs 2nd Edition

A new, refreshed edition of the five-level English course for teenagers, with a clear structure, supported approach to speaking, practice, and exam preparation still at its heart.
How It Works: World of Animals – Issue No. 18

How It Works: World of Animals – Issue No. 18

The World of Animals investigates and describes the anatomy, behavior, and habitats of over 1,000 animals. From microscopic worms and insects to reptiles, birds, and mammals, this book will provide children with an insight into the incredible range of life in Gods wonderful world. This comprehensive but easy-to-use book boasts a wide range of features to help bring its readers face-to-face with the science and beauty of the living world.