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Handbook of Educational Linguistics
Handbook of Educational LinguisticsThe Handbook of Educational Linguistics provides a comprehensive survey of the core and current language-related issues in educational contexts. Bringing together the expertise and voices of well-established as well as emerging scholars from around the world, the handbook offers over thirty authoritative and critical explorations of methodologies and contexts of educational linguistics, issues of instruction and assessment, and teacher education, as well as coverage of key topics such as advocacy, critical pedagogy, and ethics and politics of research in educational linguistics.
Pyramid Vocabulary Games

Pyramid Vocabulary GamesPyramid Vocabulary Games

There are six vocabulary games for A1 students. These picture based games were created by Ridvan B. Saglam and published in for the first time.

Topics of the games are ; Daily Actions, Free Time Activities, Health Problems, Items in the House and Places in the City.

Feel free to use and distribute.


Time - 25 August 2014

Time - 25 August 2014Time - 25 August 2014

"The International Magazine of Events," or Time, is considered America's first weekly news periodical, founded in 1923. It covers a wide range of subject matter from politics to the entertainment industry. Since the magazine's inception, Time has been known for its annual "Person of the Year" issue. It is oftentimes controversial, counting Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin among it previous recipients, recognizing the individual or group that has had the most impact on the world stage.
How to Write an Effective Resume and CV - Grammar short lessons - 2014 -

How to Write An Effective Resume and CV - Grammar short lessons - 2014 -How to Write An Effective Resume and CV - Grammar short lessons - 2014 -

Global labor trends show that millions and millions of people every year are unemployed, and should they seek jobs, they would face rigorous screening processes. This is due to changes in the operations, structures, and spending of many companies caused by unpredictable economic circumstances and technological developments replacing a huge part of the human force. Adding to the worry of any job applicant is the tight competition with other job seekers.
English - The Way American 6 levels: CDs + dictionary)

English - The American Way (6 levels) (pdf + audio)English - The American Way (6 levels) (pdf + audio)

The collection is a series of training materials suitable for all people. The course is more focused on speaking, contains extensive exercises on each item of grammar. It is possible to use the course as a self-study material. The course contains 6 levels which consist of 12 - 13 lessons, plus a dictionary.
Explanations are in Russian. Exercises are in English.

English Matters 48/2014 September-October

English Matters 48/2014 September-OctoberEnglish Matters 48/2014 September-October

A bimonthly magazine for the learners of English at intermediate and upper intermediate levels. Some articles accompanied by audio. All texts followed by wordlists. Features current events, culture, biographies, ecology, travel, and leisure.
BBC History - September 2014

BBC History - September 2014BBC History - September 2014

BBC History Magazine aims to shed new light on the past to help you make more sense of the world today. Fascinating stories from contributors are the leading experts in their fields, so whether they're exploring Ancient Egypt, Tudor England or the Second World War, you'll be reading the latest, most thought-provoking historical research. BBC History Magazine brings history to life with informative, lively and entertaining features written by the world's leading historians and journalists and is a captivating read for anyone who's interested in the past.