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Should Uses - Grammar short Lesson

Should Uses - Grammar short LessonShould Uses - Grammar short Lesson

Should is the past tense of shall in indirect speech.

    Direct: He said, ‘the scoundrel shall be trashed.’
    Indirect: He said that the scoundrel should be trashed.
>>> Read More.
Uses of shall and will - Grammar short Lesson

Uses of shall and will - Grammar short LessonUses of shall and will - Grammar short Lesson

With the first person
The modal auxiliary verb shall is used with first person pronouns to express the strong possibility or near certainty of an action which is to take place in the near future.>>> Read More.
 Pdf files with flashcards on such topics as alphabet, numbers, family, clothes,  house, etc. All in colour. Very useful for both teachers and students. Enjoy!
Reuploaded Thanks to marvira
Living in the slow lane: Footprint Reading Library. Level C1

Living in the slow lane: Footprint Reading Library. Level C1Living in the slow lane: Footprint Reading Library. Level C1

Greve, Italy, is one of the many cities around the globe that is part of the 'Slow City' movement: a way of living designed to fight the negative effects of our increasingly fast-paced world. The 'Slow City' movement has also inspired individuals to start a 'Slow Food' movement. What does it mean to be part of these groups?

Audio added Thanks to guillelds

Firewalking: Footprint Reading Library. Level C1

Firewalking: Footprint Reading Library. Level C1Firewalking: Footprint Reading Library. Level C1

In a small village in northern Greece, local residents participate in an annual religious festival called 'Anastenaria'. During the festival, believers walk across fire to test their faith which revolves around a set of ancient icons that worshippers believe have special powers--to purify, heal and protect. But others view the ritual as sacrilege.

Audio added Thanks to guillelds

Don't Believe Your Eyes!: Footprint Reading Library. Level A2

Don't Believe Your Eyes!: Footprint Reading Library. Level A2Don't Believe Your Eyes!: Footprint Reading Library. Level A2

Camogli is a small town in Italy. People there often paint in a special style called 'trompe l'oeil.' These paintings are so good, viewers think they're real things, but they're not. They're paintings! What things are real in Camogli? What things are actually paintings?

Audio added Thanks to guillelds

Teach Reading & Writing Magazine 2016

Teach Reading & Writing Magazine 2016Teach Reading & Writing Magazine 2016

One of the few points about education upon which pretty much everyone involved – parents, teachers, heads, governors, politicians and even (not that they are often asked their opinion) the children themselves – is in agreement, is that teaching young people to read and write is amongst the most important things schools can and should do.