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Английский язык. Устная часть. Готовимся к ОГЭ - 2017

Английский язык. Устная часть. Готовимся к ОГЭ - 2017Английский язык. Устная часть. Готовимся к ОГЭ - 2017

Данное учебное пособие включает в себя 20 вариантов заданий для устной части ОГЭ, инструкцию по выполнению заданий и критерии оценивания выполнения заданий. Задания следует рассматривать как проектируемые возможные варианты заданий, разработанные для компьютеризированного экзамена без участия экзаменатора-собеседника. Пособие предназначено для учащихся 9 классов школ, гимназий и лицеев, студентов ВУЗов, преподавателей и для тех, кто изучает английский язык самостоятельно и совершенствует свои знания. Оно позволяет эффективно подготовиться к устной части ОГЭ.

Audio added Thanks to АлександрШе

The Star and the Colours: Earlyreads level 1
The Star and the Colours: Earlyreads level 1A very curious star wants to know what the sun is like. When the moon calls the stars to go to bed, she hides under a cloud and waits. Little by little the sun comes out and a world of colourful things appears. The star loves what she sees and every time she discovers a new colour she sings a magic song because she wants to become coloured. Nothing seems to change, but in the end the star gets a great surprise.
The Hat - Penguin Active Reading - Easystarts

The Hat - Penguin Active Reading - EasystartsThe Hat - Penguin Active Reading - Easystarts

Bernardo likes hats. One day he buys a new hat at a street market and people laugh at it. "Why do you want another hat, Bernardo?" his wife says to him. "You have twenty." But what can she do?
Matura Trainer SB

Oxford Matura Trainer SBOxford Matura Trainer SB

Repetytorium do poziomu rozszerzonego. 14 działów tematycznych
Practice Tests for IELTS 1

Practice Tests for IELTS 1Practice Tests for IELTS 1

Prepare yourself thoroughly for the IELTS exam
By using Practice Tests for IELTS, you will:
• Feel completely confident about how the IELTS exam works
• Know what to expect on the day of the exam
• Improve your score through realistic practice

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Maggie and Max Visit the Haunted Castle: Earlyreads Level 3
Maggie and Max Visit the Haunted Castle: Earlyreads Level 3It’s a lovely summer day. Max and Maggie decide to go and visit the castle on the hill near the town. Everybody says it’s a haunted castle but Maggie doesn’t believe it. Max thinks that castles are perfect homes for ghosts and he is not sure that he wants to go.
When they are in the castle lots of strange things happen! First it’s only Max who sees funny faces and people moving in the pictures on the walls but then Maggie starts feeling a bit worried, too.
Maybe there really is a ghost in the castle…
The Magic Pot: Earlyreads level 2
The Magic Pot: Earlyreads level 2Maggie is very poor and has little to eat, but fortunately she meets an old woman that gives her a magic pot. All Maggie needs to do is to say special words and the pot cooks a delicious soup. When Maggie and her mum are hungry, they can have soup, a lot of soup! One day, while Maggie is out, something goes wrong. The magic pot cooks and cooks and it doesn’t stop. The soup goes all over the kitchen, the house, the garden! Will Maggie arrive in time and stop the pot?