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International Handbook of Research on Teachers' Beliefs
International Handbook of Research on Teachers' BeliefsTeacher beliefs play a fundamental role in the education landscape. Nevertheless, most educational researchers only allude to teacher beliefs as part of a study on other subjects. This book fills a necessary gap by identifying the importance of research on teacher beliefs and providing a comprehensive overview of the topic. It provides novices and experts alike a single volume with which to understand a complex research landscape.
Справочник по английскому языку

Справочник по английскому языкуСправочник по английскому языку

Для того чтобы выучить иностранный язык, необходимо иметь определённый словарный запас и освоить грамматический строй языка. Этот справочник поможет вам изучить английскую грамматику. Здесь вы найдёте описание таких частей речи, как имя существительное, местоимение, имя прилагательное, наречие, предлог, глагол, а также правила употребления неопределённого и определённого артиклей.
ANGIELSKI: Fiszki Słownictwo 1 (audio version)

ANGIELSKI: Fiszki Słownictwo 1 (audio version)ANGIELSKI: Fiszki Słownictwo 1 (audio version)

190 minut nagrań native speakerów z dużym naciskiem na poprawną brytyjską wymowę.
Ponad 2200 słów z przykładami użycia umożliwiającymi naukę w kontekście.
50 kategorii tematycznych, które wyczerpująco ujmują zjawiska związane z człowiekiem i jego otoczeniem.
Tekst nagrano w systemie: hasło polskie – hasło angielskie – przerwa na głośne powtórzenie.
Rewelacyjna funkcja SPELL wyświetla hasła główne na ekranie odtwarzacza lub telefonu, co umożliwia bezbłędne opanowanie pisowni.
Grammar for Schools 3: Teacher's Book

Grammar for Schools 3: Teacher's BookA 7-level series with clear explanations and communicative activities to help young learners and teenagers understand and practise grammar.
Grammar for Schools gives students the opportunity to explore grammar for themselves and encourages them to be aware of their progress through regular self-evaluation and review.
As students activate their grammar through listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities, they activate their English. 

YLE Flyers A2

Muchacho: A Novel
Muchacho: A NovelEddie Corazon is angry. He’s also very smart. But he’s working pretty hard at being a juvenile delinquent. He blows off school, even though he’s a secret reader. He hangs with his cousins, who will always back him up—when they aren’t in jail.
Then along comes Lupe, who makes his blood race. She sees something in Eddie he doesn’t even see in himself. A heart, and a mind, and something more: a poet. But in Eddie’s world, it’s a thin line between tragedy and glory. And what goes down is entirely in Eddie’s hands.

Making a Place for Pleasure in Early Childhood Education
Making a Place for Pleasure in Early Childhood EducationKindergarten kissing games; four-year-olds playing doctor; a teacher holding a crying child on his lap as he comforts her. Interactions like these - spontaneous and pleasurable - are no longer encouraged in American early childhood classrooms, and in some cases they are forbidden. The quality of the lives of our children and their teachers is thereby diminished, contend the contributors to this book. In response to much-publicised incidents of child abuse by caretakers, a "moral panic" has swept over early childhood education.
English Workout (portable)

English Workout (portable)English Workout (portable)
Designed for students aged 7 - 9 in Primary 1 - 3. Over 1500 challenging MCQs and word passages for practise.
Topics include Grammar MCQ, Vocabulary MCQ, Grammar Cloze, Vocabulary Cloze, Comprehension, Word Order, etc.


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