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Классическая грамматика английского языка

Классическая грамматика английского языкаКлассическая грамматика английского языка

Учебник для желающих быстро начать правильно говорить на английском
Interpreting: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Interpreting: Yesterday, Today, and TomorrowThis volume is concerned with the profession and discipline of interpretation. The range of perspectives presented in this collection of essays exemplifies the rich diversity of the profession as we know it today. Interpreting has been known to exist through the ages, though it was not necessarily considered a profession as such. We can attribute the current standing of the practice, in large part, to the historical circumstances which determined it and the efforts of those who responded to the need for communication within these circumstances.
Successful FCE Practice Tests - New 2015 Format - Self-Study Guide

Successful FCE Practice Tests - New 2015 Format - Self-Study GuideSuccessful FCE Practice Tests - New 2015 Format - Self-Study Guide

FCE Exam Guide Analysing All four Papers: Reading & Use of English, Writing, Listening and Speaking. 
Self-study edition with A Self-Study Guide That includes: 
- A Writing Supplement with sample answers with Examiner comments. 
- Detailed JUSTIFICATION of the Answers for the Key Parts of each Practice test. 
- Audioscripts and Key.
Magic Happy English 30

Magic Happy English 30Magic Happy English 30

A video course for children aged 3-15. With "Magic Happy English" children can play with funny characters of BBC movies while learning English words and phrases. Nursery rhymes, poems and songs make learning the language even easier, and at the same time enjoyable.
Big Surprise 3: Student's Book

Big Surprise 3 (SB)Big Surprise 3 (SB)

Interesting book for students of 3rd grade of Primary. Open up, and discover! Big Surprise! includes all of the elements that made Surprise! so popular.
The best-selling course is waiting to be re-discovered, now with new resources, more content and even bigger surprises.
Asian Scientist Magazine - January-March 2015

Asian Scientist Magazine - January-March 2015Asian Scientist Magazine - January-March 2015

Asian Scientist Magazine is dedicated to providing researchers, healthcare professionals, government agencies, educators and students with timely, close-to-the-scene news about science and technology in Asia.  One-quarter of the world’s publications are from Asia and one-third of all scientific researchers worldwide are Asian. Asian Scientist Magazine was founded to be the definitive source of news and information from this community.
Advanced English

Advanced EnglishAdvanced English

Учебник состоит из базового курса и хрестоматии для чтения. Уроки базового курса включают основной и дополнительный тексты; список ключевых слов, словосочетаний и фразеологизмов; лексические, грамматические и речевые упражнения. Хрестоматия знакомит с некоторыми оригинальными образцами английской и американской художественной и публицистической прозы, а также с рядом реалий, характерных для быта, образа жизни и культуры англоговорящих стран.