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Курсы Иностранных Языков по Skype

Discover Britain - December 2014 - January 2015

Discover Britain - December 2014 - January 2015

Discover Britain is Britain’s leading historic travel magazine, created with passion and designed to engage, inspire and motivate our readers to discover the nation’s finest heritage sites. Combining the traveler's firsthand experience of the present with the historian's expert knowledge of the past, DISCOVER BRITAIN is your most trustworthy guide to historic Britain as it lives on today. Published bimonthly.
Music Teacher - May 2015

Music Teacher - May 2015

Music Teacher magazine has been the essential music teacher’s companion since 1908, and now it’s brighter and livelier than ever. It contains a wide range of quality features and lively content to keep you inspired, entertained and connected – wherever you work in the profession.
Ulysses in Critical Perspective
Ulysses in Critical PerspectiveThis collection of essays is the first in 15 years to review the current state of theory on James Joyce’s Ulysses, and this volume comes more than 100 years after the fictitious Leopold Bloom steps into the novel, a day Joyceans celebrate as Bloomsday. The contributors—well known for their work in James Joyce studies—each provide three assessments in their areas of specialization: a history of the best criticism to date, a timely updating of critical positions, and an agenda for future examination.
Discourse and Meaning
Discourse and MeaningA collection of papers in honor of Eva Hajičová, who represents the continuation of the Prague School tradition in the methodological context of formal and computational linguistics. Her broadly acknowledged contribution to syntax, topic-focus studies, discourse analysis and natural language processing is reflected in the papers by 30 authors, divided in five sections (Discourse, Meaning, Focus, Translation, Structure).
New Media and Learning in the 21st Century: A Socio-Cultural Perspective
New Media and Learning in the 21st Century: A Socio-Cultural PerspectiveThis volume brings together conceptualizations and empirical studies that explore the socio-cultural dimension of new media and its implications on learning in the 21st century classroom. The authors articulate their vision of new-media-enhanced learning at a global level. The high-level concept is then re-examined for different degrees of contextualization and localization, for example how a specific form of new media (e-reader) changes specific activities in different cultures.
Reading, Writing and Discussion

Reading, Writing and DiscussionReading, Writing and Discussion

Учебное пособие предназначено для тех, кто может читать небольшие тексты в оригинале. Оно может быть использовано как пособие для домашнего чтения и аудиторной работы в школах, кружках, на курсах, а также для самостоятельного изучения английского языка. Пособие состоит из 24 рассказов и системы заданий, включающих материал для обсуждения прочитанного. Предложенные задания привлекают внимание к элементам текста, важным для понимания и толкования произведения.

Tasks in English

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Vocabulary and grammar tests for Belarussian 2009

Tests Централизованное Тестирование 2009Tests Централизованное Тестирование 2009

Vocabulary and grammar tests for Belarussian pupils for their state exam.

This set of tests can be used not only for russian-speaking pupils.


Reuploaded Thanks to stats