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Military History: The Definitive Visual Guide to the Objects of Warfare

Military History: The Definitive Visual Guide to the Objects of WarfareMilitary History: The Definitive Visual Guide to the Objects of Warfare

Ever since Egyptian war chariots swept across the plains of Megiddo during the first recorded battle in history, the race for superior technology has always played a crucial role in determining an army's chances of victory or defeat.

Military History is organized chronologically and divided into seven chapters, each covering a specific period characterized by a key military technology. The bulk of the book cdonsists of catalogs of weapons, armor, and equipment, organized by era and type. It also includes features on iconic weapons, famous battles, and narrative overviews that chronicle the impact of changes in military technology.

United States of America / Соединенные Штаты Америки

United States of America / Соединенные Штаты АмерикиUnited States of America / Соединенные Штаты Америки

Пособие посвящено изучению США. Приведены сведения о географии, истории, знаменитых личностях этой англоязычной страны. Полнота охвата материала и доступная лексика делает его незаменимым для учащихся старших классов гимназий и школ с углубленным изучением английского языка.

Book in English mostly

Reuploaded Thanks to Tsarapka

Pass Trinity Now 7-8
Pass Trinity Now 7-8Trinity now 7-8 & ISE II provides a complete range of B2 level material, including interesting articles, focussed exercises and detailed exam-practice tasks. It is suitable for 16 year-olds and above.Features:
– 12 topic-based units
– Initial Diagnostic Test
– Exam Expert with useful exam advice and practice exercises
– ISE File with information and practice for the ISE exam (revised 2015)
A Room of One's Own - Virginia Woolf (fully annotated)
A Room of One's Own - Virginia Woolf (fully annotated)A Room of One's Own - Virginia Woolf (fully annotated) A Room of One’s Own, is one of Virginia Woolf’s most influential works and is widely recognized for its extraordinary contribution to the women’s movement. This timely and important new edition adopts the complete text of the first British edition published in 1929. Features a comprehensive introduction detailing the process and composition of Woolf’s original essay and the evolution of its subsequent publication history Incorporates extensive explanatory notes which reveal the essay’s broader political, historical, social, and literary contexts
Hot English Magazine - No.168 (PDF + Audio)

Hot English Magazine - No.168 (PDF + Audio)Hot English Magazine - No.168 (PDF + Audio)

Hot English magazine will help you improve your English on all levels, there is nothing like it available on the market. Get that better job, pass that exam or travel with Hot English!
English with crosswords 3: CD-ROM
English with crosswords 3: CD-ROMAn entertaining and effective way to learn new vocabulary
• illustrated words make meaning immediate
• new words are reinforced and recycled in a series of pictures
• suitable for self-study or class work
The interactive CD-ROM covers 13 themes of 20 words each.
Each theme has 5 crosswords, with each word encountered 3 times.
All words are pronounced by a native speaker.
Clarkesworld – May 2016

Clarkesworld – May 2016

Clarkesworld is a monthly science fiction and fantasy magazine first published in October 2006. Each issue contains interviews, thought-provoking articles, two reprints, and at least four or five works of original fiction.