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Britain is Great - British Council (lesson title: Literature is Great)

Britain is Great - British Council (lesson title: Literature is Great)Britain is Great - British Council (lesson title: Literature is Great)

Find out what is GREAT about Britain in these exciting videos produced by the British Council.
Britain is Great - British Council (lesson title: Heritage is Great)

Britain is Great - British Council (lesson title: Heritage is Great)Britain is Great - British Council (lesson title: Heritage is Great)

Find out what is GREAT about Britain in these exciting videos produced by the British Council.
Grammar Space 3: Workbook
Grammar Space 3: WorkbookGrammar Space is a three-level grammar series designed for intermediate students. With Grammar Space, students learn essential grammar rules that will help them take their English skills to a more advanced level. The series’ clear and concise explanations and well-designed exercises help students strengthen their understanding of grammar rules and also further improve their writing abilities.
Grammar Space possesses an array of writing activities that encourage students to apply the grammar rules they have learned to complete passages in meaningful contexts.
Strategies in Academic Discourse

Strategies in Academic DiscourseStrategies in Academic Discourse

This book focuses on theoretical and descriptive issues and technique in the study of text and discourse. Drawing on a large number of corpora containing academic language, from spoken language to published research papers, the authors approach their subject from multiple angles: The academic language of biology, literature, philosophy, economics, agriculture, linguistics and applied linguistics. In the analysis of intertextual features these papers show leads to penetrating results.

Reuploaded Thanks to ceciresponde

Reading Sponge 1: Workbook
Reading Sponge 1: WorkbookA reading book for beginners offering a variety of themes along with captivating images!! Reading Sponge is a three-leveled reading series designed for beginner students to strengthen the foundation of reading comprehension skills. Accompanied by fascinating visuals, this series equips students with a wide vocabulary while developing reading comprehension skills. Themes based on current North American curriculum guide students to use their imagination as they explore various fiction stories and nonfiction articles. Systematic activities cover the key areas of learning – vocabulary and reading comprehension. Thinking & speaking activities will strengthen critical thinking skills.
Grammar for Academic Writing
Grammar for Academic WritingGrammar for Academic Writing provides a selective overview of the key areas of English grammar that you need to master, in order to express yourself correctly and appropriately in academic writing. Those areas include the basic distinctions of meaning in the verb tense system, the use of modal verbs to express degrees of certainty and commitment, and alternative ways of grouping and ordering written information to highlight the flow of your argument.
These materials are suitable for taught and research postgraduate students.
Language Policy and Language Planning

Language Policy and Language PlanningLanguage Policy and Language Planning

This revised second edition is a comprehensive overview of why we speak the languages that we do. It covers language learning imposed by political and economic agendas as well as language choices entered into willingly for reasons of social mobility, economic advantage and group identity.