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Wildlife Monographs - Wolves

Wildlife Monographs - WolvesWildlife Monographs - Wolves

There are probably more myths and legends about wolves than any other living creature. In fiction, they are most often portrayed as evil but in this book the authors set out, in words and pictures, to produce a clearer and un-prejudiced understanding of the lives of these carnivorous mammals; their history, habits, distribution, environment and their association with man, himself a hunter. The features include: stunning full colour photography; high gloss paperback with flaps; and engaging text.
Wildlife Monographs - Puffins

Wildlife Monographs - PuffinsWildlife Monographs - Puffins

The comical and colorful faces of puffins have earned them the popular name 'clowns of the sea'. On land they waddle and hop amongst rocks to and from their burrows, but once in the air, they wheel and turn with great agility and grace. The author portrays the multifarious activities of these lovable seabirds during their breeding season and reveals how they live and survive at high altitudes.
Wildlife Monographs - Humpback Whales

Wildlife Monographs - Humpback WhalesWildlife Monographs - Humpback Whales

One of the most fascinating and amazing underwater photography ever. The author summarizes "I was 20 meters from the calf and his mother. He nuzzled her and then to my surprise swam straight towards me. I didn't take my eyes off him through my lens and snapped continuously as he came closer and closer. I dared to look over the top of my camera and there he was, just a few feet away looking me straight in the eye".
Wildlife Monographs - Brown Bears

Wildlife Monographs - Brown BearsWildlife Monographs - Brown Bears

After the snowmelt, at the dawning of spring, in emerald forests giants waken. They escape their underground lairs, somnolent, tousled - and hungry. Some are alone and wander the forests in search of food and others of their kind. Elsewhere, miniature facsimiles - minor versions of these quarter ton leviathans - shadow others, tethering them closer to their dens. For centuries, humans' link with bears has been tenuous. Whatever people's individuals views, however, bears are absorbing and captivating creatures. Intelligent, adaptable and dextrous, and instinctively caring, at the same time they can be lazy, belligerent and cantankerous. Always, however, they demand respect.
Wildlife Monographs - Dolphins

Wildlife Monographs - DolphinsWildlife Monographs - Dolphins

Dolphins are highly evolved and social animals, with their own language of clicks and whistles and elaborate courtship rituals. Their obvious curiosity about the world extends to humans, if only for a few moments of fun, but unfortunately this factor of their intelligence has made them targets for exploitation. Add that to pollution, toxins and the practice in some cultures to kill them for food, dolphins, while not yet an endangered species, are continually threatened.
Wildlife Monographs - Living Dinosaurs

Wildlife Monographs - Living DinosaursWildlife Monographs - Living Dinosaurs

The book ranges from the thorny devil in Australia to crocodiles and everything in between.  The book looks at the habitat range, breeding strategies and survival techniques of this fascinating array of animals and showcases extraordinary reptiles from the three meter long Komodo dragon to the gentle giant tortoises of the Galapagos.


This is a reading book prepared by METU.