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Chicken Soup for the Child's Soul

Chicken Soup for the Child's SoulChicken Soup for the Child's Soul

Child's Soul is a book that can help guide children as they explore their relationships with peers and family members, and begin to develop their own personal values. You and your children will share special times reading these real-life stories to each other, as together you explore how other children have dealt with everyday issues in healthy, positive ways. Reading Child's Soul stories together can serve as an entrance to conversations about the topics of the stories, which can create better family and classroom communication during these exciting years of growth.


Tags: stories, children, Child, these, Chicken, together
An Orange in January

An Orange in JanuaryAn Orange in January

A wonderful book for pre-k through third grade to help children understand the relationship between climate and wants and needs. Teach reading, science, and social studies with a delightful story.

With its rich economics lessons, this delightful story for young readers describes the path of an orange from its growth in an orchard to its final destination in the hands of child.


Tags: orange, story, delightful, child, delivery, Orange, January, describes
Great Grammar Games
Great Grammar GamesThroughout this learning pack there are lots of Grammar Gator tips to help your child Identify and understand the different aspects of grammar covered. These will also be useful for parents!
The best way to ensure that your child has a thorough and sound understanding of grammar Is to talk about It In everyday situations. Discuss the language being used on the TV or the radio, point out any particularly Interesting words you hear and feel (rightly!) superior when you show your child a resounding grammatical error In a printed text. When you're out and about, look for mistakes on signs, too - you'll see loads If you look, and it's great fun to point them out!
Tags: child, grammar, point, about, Grammar
Maths Made Easy. Shapes and Colours. Ages 3-5

Maths Made Easy. Shapes and Colours. Ages 3-5Maths Made Easy. Shapes and Colours. Ages 3-5

Let Carol Vorderman help your child to get a head start at maths. "Maths Made Easy" is packed with notes and tips to make learning about Maths and English easy and fun! Follow the exercises with your child, then reward them with gold stars for their efforts. Each title contains a progress chart so your child can keep track of all the exercises they have completed. A great way to improve your child's early maths and english skills - 'the more you practice, the better you'll be' - Carol Vorderman.
Tags: child, Maths, Vorderman, exercises, maths
Faeries [Culture; Advanced Listening; mp3]


'They stole little Bridget for seven years long;
When she came down again her friends were all gone.
They took her lightly back, between the night and morrow;
They thought that she was fast asleep, but she was dead with sorrow.
They have kept her ever since deep within the lake,
On a bed of flag-leaves, watching till she wake.'

When the 19th century Anglo-Irish poet Richard Allingham wrote his poem The Fairies, he was replicating a belief about supernatural figures who steal children that stretched back to ancient Persian myths that date from 3000 BC.


Tags: fairies, their, child, purpose, Fairies, Faeries, about, supernatural, figures, belief
Protecting Children in the Age of Outrage

Protecting Children in the Age of OutrageProtecting Children in the Age of Outrage

This book proposes what, to many professionals in the child welfare field, will appear a radically different explanation for our society's decisions to protect children from harm and for the significant drop in substantiated child abuse numbers. At the center of this conceptual and analytic approach is the contention that social outrage emanating from horrific and often sensationalized cases of child maltreatment plays a major role in CPS decision making and in child outcomes.
Tags: child, often, sensationalized, horrific, cases, Children, Protecting, Outrage, outrage
'The Tortoise & The Hare' interactive storybook

'The Tortoise & The Hare' interactive storybook'The Tortoise & The Hare' interactive storybook

An interactive story which is very easy to navigate through, even for those with limited reading skills or mouse control. Helps to improve your child's literacy skills as words are high-lighted as they are read out and can be repeated as often as you wish. Tons of hidden hotspots to click on with excellent animation and sound effects. Will keep your child entertained for ages trying to find them all!
Ages 3-8


Tags: interactive, skills, storybook, Tortoise, click, child