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Charles Dickens - Penguin Active Reading 3

Charles Dickens - Penguin Active Reading 3Charles Dickens - Penguin Active Reading 3

Charles Dickens is one of Britain’s greatest writers. Through his writing he fought for better conditions for children and the poor, but most of all he is remembered today for his wonderful stories and his unforgettable characters

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The Tempest (Green Apple Starter)

The Tempest (Green Apple Starter)The Tempest (Green Apple Starter)

Prospero, Duke of Milan lives on a lonely island with his daughter Miranda, Caliban a monster and Ariel a magic spirit. He learns to do magic and he wants to punish his bad brother, Antonio. He creates a magic storm – a tempest. All the people with Antonio on the ship land on Prospero’s island. Many strange things happen to them, but in the end they all come together again. Caliban and Ariel are free. Prospero and his brother are friends again.

The Jungle Book (Green Apple Starter)

The Jungle Book (Green Apple Starter)The Jungle Book (Green Apple Starter)Mowgli, a baby boy, is raised by a family of loving wolves in exotic India. He is educated by Bagheera, the black panther, and Baloo, the brown bear, who teach him the laws of the jungle. All the animals like him except for Shere Khan, a fierce tiger who wants to kill him.

When Mowgli is kidnapped and taken to the Lost City by the mischievous Monkey People, his friends ask Kaa, the python, to rescue him. His adventures don’t end here... he must still face and destroy Shere Khan.
The Bottle Imp (Green Apple Step 1)

The Bottle Imp (Green Apple Step 1)The Bottle Imp (Green Apple Step 1)

Robert Louis Stevenson
Retold by Patrizia Caruzzo
Mystery and Horror
Keawe, a young Hawaiian sailor, is offered the opportunity to buy a bottle containing an imp which will grant all his wishes. The only catch is that the bottle must thereafter be resold for a price smaller than what he paid for it, or he will be condemned to live out the rest of his days in excruciating torment.
Follow Keawe on his adventures and find out the consequences that this magical imp has on his life and the lives of the people around him.
Captain Cook
Exit Test
Series: Green Apple | Level: Step 1 | Exam: ket trinity
How the Whale Became and Other Stories

How the Whale Became and Other StoriesHow the Whale Became and Other Stories

Long ago when the world was brand new, the sun rose into the sky and brought the first day. Then, from every side, from under leaves and frdm behind rocks, creatures began to appear. To begin with, all the creatures were rather alike - they had no idea what they were going to become. All these stories are beautifully told by one of our leading poets, Ted Hughes.


The Happy Prince, The Selfish Giant (Green Apple Starter)

The Happy Prince, The Selfish Giant (Green Apple Starter)The Happy Prince, The Selfish Giant (Green Apple Starter)Retold by Elizabeth Ann Moore

Fairy tale & fantasy
The Happy Prince is the unforgettable story of the touching friendship between the golden statue of the Happy Prince and a little swallow.
The enchanted garden of The Selfish Giant is the perfect place for children to play, until the Giant decides to keep it all for himself!
The Wind in the Willows (Green Apple Starter)

The Wind in the Willows (Green Apple Starter)The Wind in the Willows (Green Apple Starter)

Kenneth Grahame
Retold by Rebecca Raynes
This classic story, set in the English countryside, features the lovable characters Rat, Mole, Toad and Badger. When Mole decides to leave his underground home and meets Rat, he discovers a completely new world on the river bank and the Wild Wood. And Toad’s passion for fast cars leads them on a series of adventures, which end with a battle against the ferrets and weasels, who have captured Toad Hall.
Animals in Winter
Exit test
Series: Green Apple | Level: Starter | Exam: ket trinity