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Discovery School - Arctic Biomes-Wild Arctic (VIDEO)

Discovery School - Arctic Biomes-Wild Arctic (VIDEO)

Discovery School - Arctic Biomes-Wild Arctic

Explore the close relationship the creatures of the Arctic have with their fragile ecosystem. Students take an in-depth look at how the region's whales, seals, birds, and bears are threatened by climate changes happening around them. They'll also see how these animals may be sounding an early warning of things to come for the entire global environment.

 Grade Levels: 6-12


Tags: Arctic, BiomesWild, School, animals, sounding, Biomes-Wild, Discovery, early
RainWhen rain comes to the parched African savanna, the animals use all their senses to track the storm. The porcupine smells rain in the air. The zebras see lightning. The baboons hear thunder. The rhino feels the first drops. And the lion tastes the cool water. For a time, the grasslands abound with new green leaves, juicy fruits, and fresh pools of water. But soon the hot sun dries out the land, and the animals must again wait for the next big rain.
Tags: animals, water, abound, grasslands, tastes
Leveled Reader - WILDLIFE RESCUE (Level X/Grade 5)

Leveled Reader - WILDLIFE RESCUE (Level X/Grade 5)Wildlife Rescue informs readers about the rehabilitation of injured animals. It tells readers what to do if they find an injured animal and describes the many steps that are taken to rehabilitate these animals. The book also describes disaster rescues and the release of rehabilitated wildlife.
A lesson plan, discussion cards, worksheets, quick check, and answer sheet are included.

Reuploaded Thanks to tran70

Tags: describes, animals, readers, check, answer, injured, included
World of Animals - Issue No. 4

World of Animals - Issue No. 4World of Animals - Issue No. 4

World of Animals, the magazine that explains everything you never knew you wanted to know about the world we live in. Loaded with fully illustrated guides and expert knowledge, and with sections dedicated to science, technology, transportation, space, history and the environment, no subject is too big or small for How It Works to explain.
Tags: Works, World, Issue, Animals, science, technology, transportation
Q is for Duck

Q is for Duck

This is a riddle book about the alphabet.  It starts off with “A is for Zoo.  Why? Because Animals live in the zoo.”  Then kids have to guess the unusual associations for all the rest of the letters.
Tags: guess, unusual, associations, letters, Animals
First Animals

First Animals

Brightly colored photographs of animals will stimulate young minds and help build word recognition in this easy-to-read board book.
Tags: easy-to-read, recognition, board, First, Animals
Граємо в англійську: Forest animals

Граємо в англійську: Forest animalsГраємо в англійську: Forest animals

Периодическое издание "Граємо в англійську" станет отличным помощником для преподавателей младших классов или родителей. Каждый журнал посвящен одной теме. Содержит различные тематические игры,карточки,задания,которые помогут Вам в изучении новых слов.Задания на английском языке. Topic - Forest Animals
Tags: Forest, англійську, Граємо, изучении, помогут, animals, которые