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How to Write, Design, Publish & Sell Ebooks Online for Free

How to Write, Design, Publish & Sell Ebooks Online for Free

Learn to format, design, publish, and effectively sell an Ebook across multiple online platforms…for FREE! Have you ever dreamed about becoming an author but have no idea where to get started, or fear the potential costs involved? Turn your manuscript into a real Ebook, available online to sell to the world today for absolutely zero money up front by following the steps laid out for you in this course by author Bailey Richert. Learn how to format your Microsoft Word Document manuscript, create a professional cover, publish your Ebook to multiple online sales channels, and employ effective marketing techniques - all for free!

Acland's DVD Atlas of Human Anatomy, Set of Six DVDs (2016)

Acland's DVD Atlas of Human Anatomy, Set of Six DVDs (2016)

The six DVDs in this remarkable and beautifully produced DVD anatomy atlas explore the fundamental structures of the Musculoskeletal System, the Head and Neck, and the Internal Organs.
Spoken English Conversation With Subtitle

Spoken English Conversation With SubtitleSpoken English Conversation With Subtitle

In this tutorial video through you can learn how to talk in restaurant  and other situations...
Practice vs practise - Confusing English words | Vocabulary

Practice vs practise - Confusing English words Practice vs practise - Confusing English words

Learn the difference between practice and practise with this English vocabulary lesson.
There is a big difference between how these words are used in British English and American English.
You will learn which parts of speech (noun or verb) these words come from and also their definitions and how to use them.

Parts of speech with examples

Parts of speech with examplesParts of speech with examples

This is an English grammar tutorial about parts of speech with examples.
The lesson gives an overview of the 8 parts of speech or types of words: nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions and interjections.
Transitive and intransitive verbs | English grammar rules

Transitive and intransitive verbs Transitive and intransitive verbs

In this English lesson, you will learn the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs and the grammar rules for how to use them.
It also explains ditransitive verbs and explains what a direct object and an indirect object is.
There are lots of examples in the video.
Adjectives in English grammar | Position in a sentence

Adjectives in English grammar Adjectives in English grammar

In this lesson, you will learn about how to use adjectives in English grammar.
The tutorial starts with a definition and then It gives you the rules for the form for describing singular and plural nouns.
The position in a sentence is very important. It explains the attributive position and then the predicative or predicate position after a link verb. For this position, it is acting as a subject complement...