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Semantics: From meaning to text
Semantics: From meaning to textThis book presents an innovative and novel approach to linguistic semantics, starting from the idea that language can be described as a mechanism for the expression of linguistic Meanings as particular surface forms, or Texts. Semantics is specifically that system of rules that ensures a transition from a Semantic Representation of the Meaning of a family of synonymous sentences to the Deep-Syntactic Representation of a particular sentence. Framed in the terms of Meaning-Text linguistics, the present volume closes the publication of the three volume series.
Tags: linguistic, particular, Semantics, volume, Representation
The Concise Encyclopedia of Communication
The Concise Encyclopedia of CommunicationThis concise volume presents key concepts and entries from the twelve-volume ICA International Encyclopedia of Communication (2008), condensing leading scholarship into a practical and valuable single volume.
Based on the definitive twelve-volume IEC, this new concise edition presents key concepts and the most relevant headwords of communication science in an A-Z format in an up-to-date manner
Tags: Communication, concise, twelve-volume, Encyclopedia, volume
Layers and Levels of Representation in Language Theory: A functional view (Pragmatics & Beyond New Series)

Layers and Levels of Representation in Language Theory: A functional view (Pragmatics & Beyond New Series)

Rather than simply a record of proceedings (3rd International Conference on Functional Grammar, Amsterdam, June 1988), this volume contains revised and expanded papers from the conference and other papers inspired by the lively discussion there. The volume focuses on the nature of the structures assumed to underlie utterances in natural languages, in two respects. One area is the question of whether to expand the representations accepted in Functional Grammar (FG) in order to capture interpersonal functions, i.e., communication between speaker and hearer in a particular situation and context, to include, for example, aspect, tense, modality and illocutionary force.
Tags: Grammar, papers, volume, Functional, particular
Event Structures in Linguistic Form and Interpretation
Event Structures in Linguistic Form and InterpretationThis volume addresses the problem of how language expresses conceptual information on event structures and how such information can be reconstructed in the interpretation process. The papers present important new insights into recent semantic and syntactic research on the topic. The volume deals with the following problems in detail: event structure and syntactic construction, event structure and modification, event structure and plurality, event structure and temporal relation, event structure and situation aspect, and event structure and language ontology.
Tags: event, structure, information, volume, syntactic
Language Change at the Syntax-Semantics Interface (Trends in Linguistics Studies and Monographs, v. 278)

Language Change at the Syntax-Semantics Interface (Trends in Linguistics Studies and Monographs, v. 278)Language Change at the Syntax-Semantics Interface (Trends in Linguistics Studies and Monographs, v. 278)

This volume focuses on the interplay of syntactic and semantic factors in language change. The contributions draw on data from numerous Indo-European languages and address the question of how syntactic and semantic change are linked and whether both are governed by similar constraints, principles and systematic mechanisms. The volume will appeal to scholars in historical linguistics and formal theories of syntax and semantics.
Tags: semantic, change, syntactic, volume, formal, Monographs, Language
Affix Ordering Across Languages and Frameworks

Affix Ordering Across Languages and Frameworks

This volume advances our understanding of how word structure in terms of affix ordering is organized in the languages of the world. A central issue in linguistic theory, affix ordering receives much attention amongst the research community, though most studies deal with only one language. By contrast, the majority of the chapters in this volume consider more than one language and provide data from typologically diverse languages, some of which are examined for the first time.
Tags: languages, language, ordering, affix, volume
Companion to Cognitive Linguistics
Companion to Cognitive LinguisticsThe  Companion to Cognitive Linguistics is a comprehensive and accessible reference resource to research in contemporary cognitive linguistics. Written by leading figures in the field, the volume provides readers with an authoritative overview of methods and current research topics and future directions.
The volume covers all the most important issues, concepts, movements and approaches in the field. It devotes space to looking specifically at the major figures and their contributions. It is a complete resource for postgraduate students and researchers working within cognitive linguistics, psycholinguistics and those interested more generally in language and cognition.
Tags: linguistics, cognitive, figures, volume, Companion