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Multiculturalism, Multilingualism and the Self: Literature and Culture Studies
Multiculturalism, Multilingualism and the Self: Literature and Culture StudiesThis edited collection explores the conjunction of multiculturalism and the self in literature and culture studies, and brings together essays by prominent researchers interested in literature and culture whose critical perspectives inform discussions of specific examples of multicultural contexts in which individuals and communities strive to maintain their identities.
Tags: literature, culture, individuals, communities, strive
Italian literature : A Very Short Introduction
Italian literature : A Very Short IntroductionIn this Very Short Introduction, Peter Hainsworth and David Robey examine Italian literature from the Middle Ages to the present day, looking at themes and issues which have recurred throughout its history. The authors illuminate such topics as regional identities, political disunity, and the role of the national language and they cover a wide range of authors and works, including Dante, Petrarch, Manzoni, Montale, and Calvino.
Tags: Short, literature, Italian, authors, Introduction
Why Literature?: The Value of Literary Reading and What It Means for Teaching
Why Literature?: The Value of Literary Reading and What It Means for TeachingThis bold, innovative, clear, and well-argued book not only gives an answer to the question 'Why Literature?' at a time when many people doubt its value. It also makes detailed recommendations, in the light of the answer given, for how literature should be taught. We need literature, Cristina Vischer Bruns argues, because a literary work is an ideal example of what D. W. Winnicott, one of the founders of object relations psychoanalysis, calls a 'transitional object'-an object, that is, halfway between the self and the external world. Such an object aids in the (primarily unconscious) discovery and transformation of the self.
Tags: object, answer, literature, Literature, halfway
Literary Names : Personal Names in English Literature
Literary Names : Personal Names in English LiteratureWhy do authors use pseudonyms and pen-names, or ingeniously hide names in their work with acrostics and anagrams? How has the range of permissible given names changed and how is this reflected in literature? Why do some characters remain mysteriously nameless? In this rich and learned book, Alastair Fowler explores the use of names in literature of all periods - primarily English but also Latin, Greek, French, and Italian - casting an unusual and rewarding light on the work of literature itself. He traces the history of names through Homer, Spenser, Shakespeare, Milton, Thackeray, Dickens, Joyce, and Nabokov, showing how names often turn out to be the thematic focus.
Tags: names, literature, English, Names, through
5 Steps to a 5: AP English Literature 2018
5 Steps to a 5: AP English Literature 2018Get ready to ace your AP English Literature Exam with this easy-to-follow, multi-platform study guide
5 Steps to a 5: AP English Literature 2018 Elite Student Edition introduces an effective 5-step study plan to help you build the skills, knowledge, and test-taking confidence you need to achieve a high score on the exam. This popular test prep guide matches the latest course syllabus and latest exam. You'll get online help, six full-length practice tests (three in the book and three online), detailed answers to each question, study tips, and important information on how the exam is scored.
Tags: study, Literature, English, online, three
Shades of the Planet: American Literature as World Literature
Shades of the Planet: American Literature as World LiteratureIn a globalizing age, studying American literature in isolation from the rest of the world seems less and less justified. But is the conceptual box of the nation dispensable? And what would American literature look like without it?Leading scholars take up this debate in Shades of the Planet, beginning not with the United States as center, but with the world as circumference.
Tags: American, Shades, Planet, world, Literature
Teaching World Literature
Teaching World Literature“This is an exciting, and unsettling, time to be teaching world literature,” writes David Damrosch. Because the range of works taught in world literature courses has expanded enormously, both historically and geographically, the task of selection—and of teacher preparation—has grown more challenging. Teachers of this field must grapple with such issues as coverage, cultural difference, and the role of translation in the classroom. Should one emphasize masterpieces or traditions, concepts or themes? How does one avoid making a work bear the burden of representing an entire tradition?
Tags: literature, world, Should, emphasize, traditions