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History of World Literature

History of World LiteratureCourse No. 2300 (48 lectures, 30 minutes/lecture)It's a journey that will take you around the world—from the enormous auditoriums of Ancient Greece, to the dazzling courts of Classical China and Japan, to the prison camps of Stalinist Russia, to a quiet study in the home of a 19th-century New England spinster.

Your guide on this enchanting literary tour is distinguished scholar Grant L. Voth. An experienced teacher, critic, and lecturer, Professor Voth provides the perfect introduction to the history of world literature, offering concise summaries and thought-provoking interpretations of each work.

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Tags: Homer, Poetry, Stories, Literature, lectures, world, critic, teacher, lecturer, Professor, provides, perfect, introduction
Introduction to Theory of Literature with Professor Paul H. Fry

Introduction to Theory of Literature with Professor Paul H. FryThis is a survey of the main trends in twentieth-century literary theory. Lectures will provide background for the readings and explicate them where appropriate, while attempting to develop a coherent overall context that incorporates philosophical and social perspectives on the recurrent questions: what is literature, how is it produced, how can it be understood, and what is its purpose?


Tags: perspectives, recurrent, social, philosophical, context, Professor, Literature, Theory, incorporates, questions, literature
Transfiction: Research into the realities of translation fiction

Transfiction: Research into the realities of translation fiction

This volume on Transfiction (understood as an aestheticized imagination of translatorial action) recognizes the power of fiction as a vital and pulsating academic resource, and in doing so helps expand the breadth and depth of TS. The book covers a selection of peer-reviewed papers from the 1st International Conference on Fictional Translators and Interpreters in Literature and Film (held at the University of Vienna, Austria in 2011) and links literary and cinematic works of translation fiction to state-of-the-art translation theory and practice.
Tags: fiction, translation, Transfiction, Literature, Vienna
Loving Literature: A Cultural History

Loving Literature: A Cultural History

Of the many charges laid against contemporary literary scholars, one of the most common—and perhaps the most wounding—is that they simply don't love books. And while the most obvious response is that, no, actually the profession of literary studies does acknowledge and address personal attachments to literature, that answer risks obscuring a more fundamental question: Why should they?
Tags: literary, answer, risks, literature, attachments
The Manipulation of Literature: Studies in Literary Translation
The Manipulation of Literature: Studies in Literary TranslationFirst published in 1985, the essays in this edited collection offer a representative sample of the descriptive and systematic approach to the study of literary translation. The book is a reflection of the theoretical thinking and practical research carried out by an international group of scholars who share a common standpoint. They argue the need for a rigorous scientific approach the phenomena of translation – one of the most significant branches of Comparative Literature – and regard it as essential to link the study of particular translated texts with a broader methodological position.
Tags: translation, Literature, approach, study, branches
Alternative Comics: An Emerging Literature
Alternative Comics: An Emerging LiteratureIn the 1980s, a sea change occurred in comics. Fueled by Art Spiegel- man and Françoise Mouly's avant-garde anthology Raw and the launch of the Love & Rockets series by Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario Hernandez, the decade saw a deluge of comics that were more autobiographical, emotionally realistic, and experimental than anything seen before. These alternative comics were not the scatological satires of the 1960s underground, nor were they brightly colored newspaper strips or superhero comic books.
In Alternative Comics: An Emerging Literature, Charles Hatfield establishes the parameters of alternative comics by closely examining long-form comics, in particular the graphic novel.
Tags: comics, Comics, Alternative, alternative, Literature
Australian Literature: Postcolonialism, Racism, Transnationalism

Australian Literature: Postcolonialism, Racism, TransnationalismAustralian Literature: Postcolonialism, Racism, Transnationalism

The Oxford Studies in Postcolonial Literatures series offers stimulating and accessible introductions to definitive topics and key genres and regions within the rapidly diversifying field of postcolonial literary studies in English.
Tags: postcolonial, literary, field, diversifying, rapidly, Australian, Racism, Transnationalism, Literature, Postcolonialism