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Globalization: A Very Short Introduction
Globalization: A Very Short IntroductionGlobalization has become one of the defining buzzwords of our time--a term that describes a variety of complex economic, political, cultural, ideological, and environmental forces that are rapidly altering our experience of the world. In the years since World War II, we have seen national boundaries fade as financial markets, manufacturing concerns, information services, and cultural products (including movies, music, and television shows) have spread around the earth. Immigration and tourism have exploded, Japanese cars are assembled in the United States and American hamburgers are sold in Toyko.
Tags: Globalization, cultural, shows, television, spread
Language Policy Challenges in Multi-Ethnic Malaysia

Language Policy Challenges in Multi-Ethnic MalaysiaLanguage Policy Challenges in Multi-Ethnic Malaysia

Set in Malaysia, this book encompasses language and cultural policy challenges that many other multi-ethnic nations currently have to address. The people of Malaysia constitute a diverse ethnic, linguistic and cultural population and one of the continuing challenges is the development and establishment of the Malaysian people’s ethnic, national and global cultural identities.
Tags: Malaysia, cultural, ethnic, Language, challenges
Contemporary Cultural Theory: An Introduction

Contemporary Cultural Theory: An IntroductionThis and concise introduction to cultural theory aims to bring a sense of historical and theoretical scale to cultural studies in Britain. As a comprehensive and accessible guide to the often tricky manoeuverings of social and cultural theory in recent years, it should serve as a guide to students studying the many disciplines now informed by cultural theory. "Contemporary Cultural Theory" identifies six alternative paradigms in cultural studies - utilitarianism, culturalism, marxism, structuralism, feminism and postmodernism - and explores the socio-discursive contexts within which each of these have developed.

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Tags: cultural, theory, Theory, studies, Cultural, Contemporary, guide
What is Psychology?, 3rd Edition
What is Psychology?, 3rd EditionWhat is Psychology?, 3rd Edition What is Psychology? Third Edition, offers unparalleled coverage of diversity topics throughout every chapter. Presenting examples and research findings that weave the experiences of real people from more than 85 countries and/or cultural groups into the narrative, the authors explore gender differences, racial diversity, cultural diversity, and age differences.
Tags: diversity, cultural, differences, Psychology, Edition
Beyond Language: Cross Cultural Communication

Beyond Language: Cross Cultural Communication (2nd edition (November 20, 1992)
Книга призвана помочь вам расширить свои коммуникативные способности в англоговорящей среде.
Written to enhance communication between individuals learning to speak English and English-speaking natives, this handbook uses the subject areas of U.S. culture and cross- cultural communication as a vehicle for learning English. Intended to help readers understand and adapt to American culture and to cultural differences affecting their communication with American English speakers, the reference shows them how to meet important language and cross-cultural objectives ...

REUPLOAD NEEDED for edition 1992

Tags: cultural, American, communication, crosscultural, English, learning
Web-Based Teaching and Learning across Culture and Age

Web-Based Teaching and Learning across Culture and AgeWeb-Based Teaching and Learning across Culture and Age

Identity and diversity permeate teaching and learning. Technology-mediated learning environment designs are infused with cultural values, norms, and assumptions. In addition, age-related diversity mediates interactions, learning, perceptions of instruction, self-regulation, and experience with technology. Individual instructors and/or instructional designers are both cultural insiders and cultural outsiders to diverse groups of online learners. Learning difficulties are likely to arise when underlying pedagogical values, norms, and epistemologies in an online learning setting are culturally inappropriate or ineffective for a learner group.
Tags: learning, cultural, values, norms, online, Learning, across
The Politics of English as a World Language (New Horizons in Postcolonial Cultural Studies)

The Politics of English as a World Language(New Horizons in Postcolonial Cultural Studies)The Politics of English as a World Language(New Horizons in Postcolonial Cultural Studies)

The complex politics of English as a world language provides the backdrop both for linguistic studies of varieties of English around the world and for postcolonial literary criticism. The present volume offers contributions from linguists and literary scholars that explore this common ground in a spirit of open interdisciplinary dialogue.


Tags: English, literary, world, spirit, ground, Studies, Politics, Cultural