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Celtic Shakespeare: The Bard and the Borderers
Celtic Shakespeare: The Bard and the BorderersDrawing together some of the leading academics in the field of Shakespeare studies, this volume examines the commonalities and differences in addressing a notionally ’Celtic’ Shakespeare. Celtic contexts have been established for many of Shakespeare’s plays, and there has been interest too in the ways in which Irish, Scottish and Welsh critics, editors and translators have reimagined Shakespeare, claiming, connecting with and correcting him. This collection fills a major gap in literary criticism by bringing together the best scholarship on the individual nations of Ireland, Scotland and Wales in a way that emphasizes cultural crossovers and crucibles of conflict.
Tags: Shakespeare, Celtic, together, literary, bringing
Textual Intervention: Critical and Creative Strategies for Literary Studies

Textual Intervention: Critical and Creative Strategies for Literary StudiesTextual Intervention: Critical and Creative Strategies for Literary Studies

Textual Intervention draws on a combination of discourse analysis, performance techniques, critical theory and creative writing.It also engages on  literature and cultural studies.

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Tags: Intervention, Textual, studies, cultural, literature, Literary, Strategies, Studies
Pathways to Literature: Video
Pathways to Literature: VideoPathways to Literature provides an exploration of English literary masters´ timeless works from the 16th to the 20th century. It aims to teach important values and help learners acquire a better understanding of both the English language and the cultural heritage of the Englishspeaking world. 

The video documentaries, with content closely linked to that of the course, provide context for learning and enhance students´ knowledge of the literary works studied.

Levels: Upper Intermediate (B2) - Advanced (C1)


Tags: Pathways, Literature, Video, literary, acute, works, English
Perspectives on Narrativity and Narrative Perspectivization
Perspectives on Narrativity and Narrative PerspectivizationThe book offers a novel approach to the question of how to model narrativity against the background of perspectivization. By bringing together contributions from neuro- and cognitive linguistics, literary studies, and picture theory, the volume uncovers basic mechanisms of perspectivization that are common to the different levels of linguistic structure, literary novels, and narrative pictures. As such, it is also a book on narrative perspectivization since its contributions examine in detail the perspectival principles in medieval, romantic and postmodern literature, in the micro-linguistic structure of language, narrative pictures, literary novels, dramatic texts, and everyday stories.
Tags: narrative, literary, perspectivization, structure, pictures
Speech Acts in Literature
Speech Acts in LiteratureThis book demonstrates the presence of literature within speech act theory and the utility of speech act theory in reading literary works. Though the founding text of speech act theory, J. L. Austin's How to Do Things with Words, repeatedly expels literature from the domain of felicitous speech acts, literature is an indispensable presence within Austin's book. It contains many literary references but also uses as essential tools literary devices of its own: imaginary stories that serve as examples and imaginary dialogues that forestall potential objections."
Tags: speech, literary, theory, literature, Austin
Writers, Readers, and Reputations - Literary Life in Britain 1870-1918

Writers, Readers, and Reputations - Literary Life in Britain 1870-1918Writers, Readers, and Reputations - Literary Life in Britain 1870-1918

Charles Dickens died in 1870, the same year in which universal elementary education was introduced. During the following generation a mass reading public emerged, and the term "best-seller" was coined. In new and cheap editions Dickens's stories sold hugely, but these were progressively outstripped in quantity by the likes of Hall Caine and Marie Corelli, Charles Garvice and Nat Gould. Who has now heard of these writers? Yet Hall Caine, for one, boasted of having made more money from his pen than any previous author.


Tags: Caine, these, Charles, Gould, heard, Writers, Britain, Literary, 1870-1918
Drama for Students Volume 10
Drama for Students Volume 10

Term paper due tomorrow? Need to cram for a test? Or just looking for the best information about a favorite literary work?

Turn to "Drama for Students" to get your research done in record time. Brought to you by Thomson Gale--the world's leading source of literary criticism and analysis--this e-doc contains: author biography; plot summary; character analysis; an overview of the play's themes, style, and historical context; a compendium of in-depth critical material; study questions; suggestions for further reading; and much more.


Tags: Students, literary, style, historical, context, Drama