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Planets & Solar System The Complete Manual 2016

Planets & Solar System The Complete Manual 2016Planets & Solar System The Complete Manual 2016

Throughout history, humankind has looked up at the stars and wondered what they were. Playing a central role in mythology, philosophy and superstition, it wasn’t until the rise of astronomy that we began to understand these celestial bodies. After Galileo Galilei’s incredible discovery, we now know the role of the Sun as the centre of a system of planets, dubbed the Solar System. As new technology advances we discover more and more about our fellow planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the dwarf planet Pluto. 
Pathways to Literature: Teacher's Book

Pathways to Literature: Teacher's BookPathways to Literature provides an exploration of English literary masters´ timeless works from the 16th to the 20th century. It aims to teach important values and help learners acquire a better understanding of both the English language and the cultural heritage of the Englishspeaking world.

The course includes a wide variety of excerpts with carefully planned activities that allow students to approach English Literature with confidence. Extensive analysis on title, characters, themes, setting, values, motifs, symbols, meter, and rhythm, as well as summary skills and essay writing, provide a pathway to achieving mastery in English Literature.

Discursive self in microblogging

Discursive self in microbloggingDiscursive self in microblogging

This volume examines the language of microblogs drawing on the example of a group of eleven users who are united by their interest in ballet as a physical activity and an art form.  The focus is on the speech acts of self-praise and complaint, and on the storytelling practices of microbloggers.
Pragmatics of Discourse
Pragmatics of DiscourseDiscourse is language as it occurs, in any form or context, beyond the speech act. It may be written or spoken, monological or dialogical, but there is always a communicative aim or purpose. The present volume provides systematic orientation in the vast field of studying discourse from a pragmatic perspective. It first gives an overview of a range of approaches developed for the analysis of discourse, including, among others, conversation analysis, genre analysis, functional discourse grammar and corpus-driven approaches. The focus is furthermore on functional units in discourse, such as discourse markers, speech act sequences, interactional moves and phases, and also silence.
Acquisition in Interlanguage Pragmatics

Acquisition in Interlanguage PragmaticsAcquisition in Interlanguage Pragmatics

Acquisition in Interlanguage Pragmatics provides readers with a much-needed insight into the development of pragmatic competence, an area of research long neglected in interlanguage pragmatics.


GRE Literature in English

GRE Literature in EnglishGRE Literature in English

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The Myth of the Zero Article

The Myth of the Zero ArticleThe Myth of the Zero Article

Ever wondered what the true applications of the zero article are? The Myth of the Zero Article will help you to find it out