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Leap Frog - Letter Factory (2003)
Leap Frog - Letter Factory (2003)With this amazingly popular Leap Frog you can study how to join each of the letters of the alphabet in their own fun-filled classroom devoted to the study of their unique sound. A nice song is a summation of "class" of each letter and entices even the most reluctant of the kids (and parents) to sing to the sound of each letter. Dialogue should be playing for the program and gives children a chance to practice their skills novootkrytye recognizing letters and their sounds. Language: ONLY ENGLISH
Reuploaded Thanks to emakara 
Tags: Letter, , , Factory, , their, letter, letters, reluctant, playing, sound, study
Englishness and National Culture

Englishness and National CultureEnglishness and National Culture

In this study, Antony Easthope argues that the typical discourses of Englishness are structured by a deep-rooted philosophic tradition: empiricism. He sustains his polemic through appeal to a wide array of instances from high and popular culture, ranging from philosophical and literary works through the daily press and aspects of the English sense of humour. This text asserts a profound continuity running through from the 17th to the late 20th century.

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Tags: through, study, Englishness, journalists, historians, Culture, National, daily
Speak English Fast & Easily - With iMagic English!

Speak English Fast & Easily - With iMagic English!

NO Hard Study, NO Trying to Remember Anything, and NO Translating Inside Your Head!
Learning to speak English or any language used to be hard work, with hard study, trying to remember so many new words and how to say them, a long period of time taking so many really boring lessons, taking a long time to learn very little. That has all changed with iMagicEnglish. This new method is easy and funny, and you will speak and understand English very quickly without any hard study, memorizing or translating! Difficult to believe, but TRUE!
Tags: English, speak, study, taking, quickly
Trial Language: Differential discourse processing and discursive formation
Trial Language: Differential discourse processing and discursive formationThis study of Anglo-American legal discourse is the first comprehensive discourse analysis of American legal language in its prototypical setting, the trial by jury. With ethnographic data gathered in a civil jury trial, the book compares the discourse processing of the legal participants and the lay jurors in the trial.This study, examining an entire trial, finds that it is constraints at the level of a Foucauldian discursive formation that prevent lay understanding.
Tags: trial, discourse, legal, processing, study
50 Studies Every Internist Should Know
50 Studies Every Internist Should Know50 Studies Every Internist Should Know presents key studies that have shaped the practice of internal medicine. Selected using a rigorous methodology, the studies cover topics including: preventative medicine, endocrinology, hematology and oncology, musculoskeletal diseases, nephrology, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, cardiology, pulmonology, geriatrics and palliative care, and mental health. For each study, a concise summary is presented with an emphasis on the results and limitations of the study, and its implications for practice.
Tags: diseases, medicine, Studies, study, studies
Computer Classroom at Home: Maths 5 - 6

Computer Classroom at Home: Maths 5 - 6Computer Classroom at Home: Maths 5 - 6
This title introduces children to Maths concepts, including data and graphs, fractions, angles and problem solving. It includes a full instruction manual. This Australian program will help children practise and improve key learning skills that will assist their understanding of Maths taught in the primary classroom. Features interactive lessons with colourful characters who introduce topics and act as study partners when children need assistance.* Developed from the Primary School Curriculum* Monitors child's progress* Ability to print lesson content


Tags: Maths, children, Computer, Classroom, introduce, study
Speak English or What?: Codeswitching and Interpreter Use in New York City Courts

Speak English or What?: Codeswitching and Interpreter Use in New York City CourtsSpeak English or What?: Codeswitching and Interpreter Use in New York City Courts

This book presents a study of interpreter-mediated interaction in New York City small claims courts, drawing on audio-recorded arbitration hearings and ethnographic fieldwork. Focusing on the language use of speakers of Haitian Creole, Polish, Russian, or Spanish, the study explores how these litigants make use of their limited proficiency in English, in addition to communicating with the help of professional court interpreters.
Tags: study, English, limited, proficiency, their, Speak, Courts, Interpreter