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Historical Dictionary of Gothic Literature

Historical Dictionary of Gothic LiteratureLiterary fashions come and go, but some hang around longer than others, like Gothic literature which has existed ever since The Castle of Otranto in 1764. During this long while, it has spread from England, to the rest of Great Britain, and across to the continent, and off to America and Australia, filling in the gaps more recently.

The Historical Dictionary of Gothic Literature follows this long and winding path, first in an extensive chronology and then a useful introduction which explains the nature of Gothic and shows how it has evolved.

Тематический словарь английского языка

Тематический словарь английского языкаТематический словарь английского языка

Данный тематический словарь содержит основной словарный запас, необходимый для рассуждений на общие темы для общения, который дается в контексте для облегчения запоминания; выражения, передающие особенности, присущие разговорному английскому языку, а также многочисленные упражнения с ключами для каждой темы.
Русско-английский словарь по экономике с краткими пояснениями и перекрестными ссылками

Русско-английский словарь по экономике с краткими пояснениями и перекрестными ссылкамиРусско-английский словарь по экономике с краткими пояснениями и перекрестными ссылками

Русско-английский словарь по современной экономике содержит более 50 000 словарных единиц и охватывает разные сферы экономической деятельности, включая промышленность, сельское хозяйство, транспорт, средства связи, торговлю, кредитно-денежную систему, индустрию услуг, многонациональные корпорации, социально-экономические отношения, международные экономические отношения, глобализацию. В него входят некоторые термины основных направлений экономической теории, терминология постиндустриальной экономики, а также используемая в экономической литературе лексика общественно-политической и юридической тематики.
Cutting Edge 3 Edition Wordlists

Cutting Edge 3 Edition WordlistsCutting Edge 3 Edition Wordlists

Cutting Edge Third Edition Wordlists: Elementary - Upper-Intermediate

The wordlists for each level are arranged in 2 ways: alphabetically and by unit.

Each wordlist contains:

words and what part of speech they belong to

translation of each word into German, French and Italian

transcription of each word

example sentences where each word is used in context.

WordWise Dictionary CD-ROM with Worksheets

 WordWise Dictionary CD-ROM with WorksheetsWordWise Dictionary CD-ROM with Worksheets The WordWise Dictionary CD-ROM includes:+ Spoken pronunciation of all headwords in British and American English +Thousands of colour photographs, videos, and pictures + Lots of interactive exercises +Pop-up dictionary-just roll your mouse over any word on an Internet and word-processing screen and the definition for the word or phrase pops up!

The Memory Coach includes: +the full contents of the dictionary +interactive exercises focusing on core meanings and structures, vocaulary building, word choice, spelling and pronunciation +a wide variety of memory games +photo dictionary +Exam Preparation for KET & PET +12 Worksheets with exercises on different topics.

Handbook of Tourism Marketing
Handbook of Tourism MarketingTourism has often been described as being about ‘selling dreams’, tourist experiences being conceptualized as purely a marketing confection, a socially constructed need. However, the reality is that travel for leisure, business, meetings, sports or visiting loved ones has grown to be a very real sector of the global economy, requiring sophisticated business and marketing practices.
The  Handbook of Tourism Marketing explores and critically evaluates the current debates and controversies inherent to the theoretical, methodological and practical processes of marketing within this complex and multi-sector industry.
Handbook of Tourism Geographies
Handbook of Tourism GeographiesGeographical analysis of tourism spaces and places is advancing fast. In terms of human geography, the various recent academic ‘turns’ have led to fresh examination of existing debates and have advanced new theoretical ideas in geography that are more salient than ever for tourism studies. The  Handbook of Tourism Geographies seeks to examine such recent developments by providing a state-of-the-art review of the field, documenting advances in research and evaluating different perspectives, approaches, techniques and contexts.