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Once Upon Einstein
Once Upon EinsteinIt is well known that Einstein founded twentieth-century physics with his work on relativity and quanta, but what do we really know about these ground breaking ideas? How were they discovered? What should we retain today from the conceptual upheavals he initiated? Through a selection of concrete scenes taken from Einstein's life, the author offers a view into the formation of his theories, as well as reminders of the day-to-day applications of his ideas.
Tags: Einstein, ideas, concrete, scenes, selection
MOJOtweet140 Bite-Sized Ideas on How to Get and Keep Your Mojo"

MOJOtweet140 Bite-Sized Ideas on How to Get and Keep Your MojoMOJOtweet140 Bite-Sized Ideas on How to Get and Keep Your Mojo

Mojo happens the moment we do something that's purposeful, powerful, and positive, and the rest of the world recognizes it. '#MOJOtweet' by New York Times best-selling author Marshall Goldsmith reveals how we can create Mojo in our lives, maintain it, and recapture it when we need it.
In this book, you will explore the vital ingredients for building Mojo--identity, achievement, reputation, and acceptance--and realize the five qualities necessary to do an activity well--motivation, knowledge, ability, confidence, and authenticity.
Tags: something, MOJOtweet, Goldsmith, Marshall, powerful, MOJOtweet140, Ideas, Bite-Sized, Mojo-identity, achievement
The Nine Billion Names of God (Audiobook)

The Nine Billion Names of God: The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke, 1951-1956 (Audiobook, mp3)The Nine Billion Names of God: The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke, 1951-1956 (Audiobook, mp3)

With so little serious sf currently available on unabridged audio, the release of this comprehensive collection of Clarke's short stories is an occasion for celebration, for he is an undisputed master of hard sf, that which combines creative storytelling with ideas grounded in plausible science. Clarke is, after all, best known as the writer behind 2001: A Space Odyssey, one of the few films that depicts space travel realistically. 


Tags: Clarke, stories, ideas, plausible, tales, Audiobook, Billion, Names, Arthur, science
A Scientific Approach to Writing for Engineers and Scientists
A Scientific Approach to Writing for Engineers and ScientistsTechnical ideas may be solid or even groundbreaking, but if these ideas cannot be clearly communicated, reviewers of technical documents—e.g., proposals for research funding, articles submitted to scientific journals, and business plans to commercialize technology—are likely to reject the argument for advancing these ideas.
The problem is that many engineers and scientists, entirely comfortable with the logic and principles of mathematics and science, treat writing as if it possesses none of these attributes. The absence of a systematic framework for writing often results in sentences that are difficult to follow or arguments that leave reviewers scratching their heads...
Tags: ideas, these, reviewers, writing, attributes
What is this thing called Knowledge? : 3rd edition

What is this thing called Knowledge? : 3rd editionWhat is knowledge? Where does it come from? What kinds of knowledge are there? Can we know anything at all?

This lucid and engaging introduction grapples with these central questions in the theory of knowledge, offering a clear, non-partisan view of the main themes of epistemology. Both traditional issues and contemporary ideas are discussed in sixteen easily digestible chapters, each of which conclude with a useful summary of the main ideas discussed, study questions, annotated further reading and a guide to internet resources.

Tags: knowledge, ideas, discussed, questions, chapters
Great Scientific Ideas That Changed the World
In Great Scientific Ideas That Changed the World, you will explore ideas that—when society has been willing to pursue them—have helped form the foundation of modern life. You'll interpret the term "scientific idea" broadly, so as to include ideas that made science possible at all, as well as ideas that make science immensely powerful.

You will discover there is no sharp distinction between ideas that are classified as scientific and those that are classified as philosophical or mathematical, or even between scientific ideas and political, religious, or aesthetic ideas. 


Tags: ideas, scientific, World, science, Changed, Great, between, classified
How to Be an Outstanding Primary School Teacher
How to Be an Outstanding Primary School TeacherThis book contains lots of easy-to-introduce activities and techniques that will propel satisfactory and good lessons into the outstanding category - not just when being observed, but all the time. And the best news? This book tells you how to do it without spending lots more time planning, researching and preparing 'out of this world' lessons. All of the activities have been tried-and-tested in the classroom and are divided into three areas: ideas for embedding or preparing 'by this time tomorrow', 'by this time next month' and 'by this time next term' so you can choose the activity you.
Tags: lessons, activities, preparing, ideas, embedding