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Wildlife Monographs - Puffins

Wildlife Monographs - PuffinsWildlife Monographs - Puffins

The comical and colorful faces of puffins have earned them the popular name 'clowns of the sea'. On land they waddle and hop amongst rocks to and from their burrows, but once in the air, they wheel and turn with great agility and grace. The author portrays the multifarious activities of these lovable seabirds during their breeding season and reveals how they live and survive at high altitudes.
Tags: their, seabirds, during, lovable, these, Wildlife, Puffins, Monographs, activities
21 Great Ways to Manage Your Time and Double Your Productivity

altThis fast-moving program gives you 21 of the most powerful, practical, proven strategies for getting more done, faster than ever before. All successful people are highly productive! Learn to set goals and priorities, organize for high productivity, overcome procrastination, and concentrate on high-value activities. These simple, easy-to-use and apply methods and techniques can change your life.



Tags: Brian Tracy Great Ways to Manage Your Time and Double Your Productivity, Definitions, Roman, Style, msopaginationwidoworphan, 8505pt, msostyleparent, fontfamilyTimes, activities, These, simple, highvalue, concentrate, easy-to-use, apply
Discussions A-Z Intermediate

Discussions A-Z IntermediateDiscussions A-Z Intermediate

Discussions A-Z is a photocopiable resource book of speaking activities designed to encourage lively and natural discussion among intermediate and advanced level students. The material consists of 26 topic-based units, each filled with a variety of stimulating activities. The units contain authentic reading and listening texts on many common themes and are intended to be used as stimulus for discussion. 

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Tags: discussion, units, activities, Discussions, filled, Intermediate
Encyclopedia of Anglo-Saxon England
Encyclopedia of Anglo-Saxon EnglandWidely acknowledged as the essential reference work for this period, this volume brings together more than 700 articles written by 150 top scholars that cover the people, places, activities, and creations of the Anglo-Saxons.
Tags: activities, places, people, cover, creations
Study Guide--Classroom Motivation from A to Z: How to Engage Your Students in Learning
Study Guide--Classroom Motivation from A to Z: How to Engage Your Students in LearningThe activities in the guide will help you connect the suggestions and strategies in Classroom Motivation from A to Z to your real-life teaching experiences. For each of the 26 chapters in the book, you will find a series of three activities that will help you reflect on your current practices. They ask you to ACT now and turn your classroom into a place where students can thrive. Assess where you are right now. Identify your strengths and pat yourself on the back! Then, identify your challenges and get busy deciding how to be more effective. Consider trying something new.
Tags: activities, Motivation, where, identify, challenges
Super Minds Starter CD

Super Minds Starter CDSuper Minds Starter CD

Super Minds is a seven-level course for young learners. This exciting seven-level course, from a highly experienced author team, enhances your students' thinking skills, improving their memory along with their language skills. This Starter Student's Book includes visualisation exercises to develop creativity, cross-curricular thinking with fascinating 'English for school' sections and lively stories that explore social values. The fabulous DVD-ROM features animated stories, interactive games and activities including videokes, lively songs with karaoke versions, and fun activities focusing on each unit's vocabulary and grammar.


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Tags: their, skills, Starter, Super, lively, Minds, activities
UpBeat Starter TB

Up Beat Starter TBUp Beat Starter TBTeenagers are bright, energetic and upbeat. They live in an exciting world where they are constantly exposed to sounds and visual imagery, surrounded by technology which they use with ease. At the same time teenagers' lives can be complicated as they face difficult life changes and complex moral issues for the first time. Upbeat aims to stimulate students' interest through exciting teen topics and problem-solving activities, addressing more serious social themes.

The Teacher's Book contains step-by-step teaching notes arranged around reduced-size Students' Book pages.
Tags: reduced-size, Students, pages, Starter, around, exciting, activities, addressing, serious