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Business English dla każdego

Business English dla każdegoBusiness English dla każdego

Jak bardzo przyda Ci się znajomość biznesowego angielskiego? Jak bardzo podniesie się jakość Twojego życia, gdy będziesz już swobodnie rozmawiać po angielsku przez telefon, negocjować, odczytywać działania matematyczne, analizować statystyki, pisać raporty, CV, faktury, ogłoszenia i wiele innych biznesowych pism?  Z taką wiedzą będziesz gotowy zdobywać angielskojęzyczny świat. Da Ci ona pewność, że poradzisz sobie w standardowych sytuacjach występujących w pracy dla anglojęzycznych firm, jak również w negocjajcach i współpracy z tymi firmami. 
Lectures: Learn Academic Listening and Note-Taking Skills

Lectures: Learn Academic Listening and Note-Taking SkillsTeaches the skills necessary to get more out of college lectures, by improving preparation, understanding, and notetaking skills

Through listening to real lectures and performing practice exercises, readers will learn how to take more efficient notes, recognize signposting, use course notes to predict lecture content, and improve their understanding. The CD contains authentic lectures at well-known universities.

Technical Writing, Presentational Skills, and Online Communication: Professional Tools and Insights
Technical Writing, Presentational Skills, and Online Communication: Professional Tools and InsightsTechnical Writing, Presentational Skills, and Online Communication: Professional Tools and Insights is a collection of work aimed at any professional that deals with ethical issues, writes up a technical project, gives or develops a presentation, or writes material for an online audience. While focusing on practical information and process, the goal is to improve the readers ability and knowledge in each of these four areas. This book presents the big picture relating to the chosen topics so the audience will have an excellent framework and foundation in the areas of professional ethics, technical writing, presentation skills, and online writing.
Group Work - Work together for Academic Success

Group Work - Work together for Academic SuccessAcademic Skills Series: Group Work will give you the skills you need to work well with others, and help you feel confident contributing to group projects at university. Through practical exercises and real-life case studies you will learn how to • form effective groups • assign roles • establish rules • deal with difficult group situations. Collins Academic Skills Series: Group Work will help you to make the most of your time at university. • Ten chapters with clear information and practical exercises • Real-life case studies from university students

Suitable for students whose level of English is Upper Intermediate / CEF level B2 / IELTS 5.5 and higher.

A Scientific Approach to Writing for Engineers and Scientists
A Scientific Approach to Writing for Engineers and ScientistsTechnical ideas may be solid or even groundbreaking, but if these ideas cannot be clearly communicated, reviewers of technical documents—e.g., proposals for research funding, articles submitted to scientific journals, and business plans to commercialize technology—are likely to reject the argument for advancing these ideas.
The problem is that many engineers and scientists, entirely comfortable with the logic and principles of mathematics and science, treat writing as if it possesses none of these attributes. The absence of a systematic framework for writing often results in sentences that are difficult to follow or arguments that leave reviewers scratching their heads...
The Language of Bribery Cases
The Language of Bribery CasesIn The Language of Bribery Cases, Roger W. Shuy analyzes the role that language plays in bribery cases. He describes twelve court cases for which he served as an expert witness or consultant and explains the issues at stake in each of these cases, for both lawyers and linguists. The cases described include the bribery or alleged bribery of United States senators, congressmen, judges, businessmen, and brothel owners. Shuy describes the often-unused linguistic analytical tools that are available to both the prosecution and defense as they argue these cases.
F is for Fire : A Dictionary of Key Fire Terminology
F is for Fire : A Dictionary of Key Fire TerminologyThis book brings together the key published definitions of fire and fire safety terminology, creating a definitive catalogue of fire terms. British Standards and associated documents carry their own terms and definitions but in many cases it has been found that these individual lists will often define the same term with slight or substantial differences. This dictionary of terms amalgamates these varying definitions into single, composite definitions and supplements further definitions widely used in the industry.The terms explained cover the whole spectrum of fire safety in all its applications.