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The Remains of the Day - Penguin Readers - Level 6

The Remains of the Day - Penguin Readers - Level 6The Remains of the Day - Penguin Readers - Level 6

It is the summer of 1956, and the ageing butler of Darlington Hall takes a rare holiday. But it is a journey that will also take him deep into his past. The Remains of the Day is a remarkable story: a man's exploration of his own life, and his heart-breaking attempt to make sense of it.
Tags: Remains, heart-breaking, exploration, attempt, sense, Level, Readers, Penguin, story
Tides of Maine

Tides of MaineTides of Maine

Listen to a ship's log recorded during a voyage from Norfolk, Virginia, to the Gulf of Maine with Smithsonian marine biologist Walter Adey and his crew. This is a story of one man's life-time passionate curiosity about how ocean life works and our part in it.
Tags: Maine, passionate, life-time, story, curiosity, Tides
H. G. Wells - The Invisible Man

H. G. Wells - The Invisible ManH. G. Wells - The Invisible Man
The Invisible Man (1897) is one of the most famous science fiction novels of all time. Written by H.G. Wells (1866-1946), it tells the story of a scientist who discovers the secret of invisibility and uses it on himself. The story begins as the Invisible Man, with a bandaged face and a heavy coat and gloves, takes a train to lodge in a country inn whilst he tries to discover the antidote and make himself visible again.


Tags: Invisible, Wells, himself, takes, gloves, story, country
Our Island Story

Our Island StoryOur Island Story

Our Island Story By: Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

Our Island Story was first published in 1905 and became an instant classic. Beginning with the Romans and following the triumphs and foibles of the good, not so good and the downright despicable figures of history; we are treated to a dazzling montage of kings, queens, barons, knights, explorers, movers and shakers that have played a key role in the history of England.



Tags: Story, Island, history, kings, montage, queens
The Moon Ring (tumblebook) story flash

The Moon Ring (tumblebook) story flashThe Moon Ring (tumblebook) story flash

The Moon Ring
In the light of a blue moon, the second full moon in a month, Maxine discovers something amazing in the grass: a magical moon ring! Ahead lies a night of adventure beyond anything Maxine could have imagined, as she is whisked around the globe, from the ice floes of Antarctica to the sunbaked African savannah to the neon lights of New York City. Is it all just a dream? Only Maxine and her grandmother know for sure. Playful illustrations make this exciting adventure story one that children will ask for over and over again!

Tags: Maxine, Randy, story, adventure, flash, tumblebook
My Brother, the Knight (tumblebook) flash story

My Brother, the Knight(tumblebook) flash storyMy Brother, the Knight(tumblebook) flash story

My Brother, the Knight

Dazzling armor! Daring sword fights! Colin longs to live like a medieval knight. His brother challenges him to try it for a week— with hilarious consequences!
Keywords: knights, Middle Ages, little brothers, chores


Tags: Knight, Brother, Illustrator, Smath, Laura, flash, story, tumblebook
First Day Jitters (tumblebook) flash story

First Day Jitters (tumblebook) flash storyFirst Day Jitters (tumblebook) flash story

First Day Jitters
Everyone knows that sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach just before diving into a new situation. Sarah Jane Hartwell is scared and doesn't want to start over at a new school. She doesn't know anybody, and nobody knows her. It will be awful. She just knows it. With much prodding from Mr. Hartwell, Sarah Jane reluctantly pulls herself together and goes to school. She is quickly befriended by Mrs. Burton, who helps smooth her jittery transition. This charming and familiar story will delight readers with its surprise ending.

Tags: knows, school, Hartwell, story, First, Jitters