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Another World (Penguin Reader Level 2)

Another World (Penguin Longman Reader Level 2)Another World (Penguin Longman Reader Level 2)

For BZXY741, a student, life in Eden City seems perfect. But one day he meets Eve, a girl who shows him that there is another world ... An intriguing science fiction story.

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Tags: Another, story, fiction, World, Penguin, Reader, Level
English for German Speakers
Sprachenlernen ohne Buch

The ideal solution for anyone who wants to learn a foreign language but doesn't have the time, inclination or opportunity to work with a book.

The audio training course is designed for beginners with some prior knowledge and those wishing to refresh their knowledge. The new system – entertaining love story with varied listening comprehension and pronunciation exercises and vocabulary training – is ideal for at home or on the road.
Tags: training, ideal, knowledge, entertaining, story, varied
Food For Thought - Penguin Readers - Level 3

Food For Thought - Penguin Readers - Level 3Food For Thought - Penguin Readers - Level 3

Joe is working on his uncle's farm for the summer holidays. Then someone starts ruining the crops on the neighbouring farm because they are GM (genetically modified). Who is behind this destruction and why? Find out in this intriguing ecological story
Tags: ecological, intriguing, destruction, behind, story, Thought, Readers, Level, Penguin, modified
Miss Grace Green and the Clown Brothers: Earlyreads level 2
Miss Grace Green and the Clown Brothers: Earlyreads level 2The four little clown fishes just love swimming and playing, although they are afraid of three particularly big, bad fish! But help is at hand in the shape of Miss Grace Green. This delightful story also shows us how life is so much better when we live together.
Tags: Green, Grace, better, shows, story
Rapunzel: Earlyreads level 2
Rapunzel: Earlyreads level 2A witch takes Rapunzel away from her parents when she is a small child. When Rapunzel grows into a beautiful young woman the witch locks her in a tower in the forest! However, the story ends happily with Rapunzel reunited with her parents and then marrying a prince!
Tags: Rapunzel, witch, parents, happily, story
The Long Road - Penguin Readers - Level Easystarts

The Long Road - Penguin Readers - Level EasystartsThe Long Road - Penguin Readers - Level Easystarts

Terry Fox was just eighteen when he was diagnosed with cancer and his leg had to be amputated. But he decided to run the Marathon of Hope, his dream of running across Canada to raise money for cancer research. A true story of courage and determination


Tags: cancer, story, courage, research, money, Penguin, Easystarts, Readers, Level
My European Family: The First 54,000 Years

My European Family: The First 54,000 YearsMy European Family: The First 54,000 Years

My European Family tells the story of Europe and its people through its genetic legacy, from the first wave of immigration to the present day, weaving in the latest archaeological findings. Karin goes deep in search of her genealogy; by having her DNA sequenced she was able to trace the path of her ancestors back through the Viking and Bronze ages to the Neolithic and beyond into prehistory, even back to a time when Neanderthals ran the European show. Travelling to dozens of countries to follow the story, she learns about early farmers in the Middle East and flute-playing cavemen in Germany and France, and a whole host of other fascinating characters.
Tags: European, story, through, Family, follow, Years