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Everybody Up - Global Sing-along Songs

Everybody Up - Global Sing-along SongsEverybody Up - Global Sing-along Songs

Successful song lessons that  involve and motivate your students.

Lesson plans, song sheets, audio files and video.
Tags: Everybody, Phone, plans, sheets, Number, Songs, Sing-along, Global
Romanticism in the Shadow of War: Literary Culture in the Napoleonic War Years

Romanticism in the Shadow of War: Literary Culture in the Napoleonic War Years

Jeffrey N. Cox reconsiders the history of British Romanticism, seeing the work of Byron, the Shelleys, and Keats responding not only to the 'first generation' Romantics led by Wordsworth, but more directly to the cultural innovations of the Napoleonic War years. Recreating in depth three moments of political crisis and cultural creativity - the Peace of Amiens, the Regency Crisis, and Napoleon's first abdication - Cox shows how 'second generation' Romanticism drew on cultural 'border raids', seeking a global culture at a time of global war.
Tags: Romanticism, cultural, Napoleonic, first, global
Global Englishes and Transcultural Flows

Global Englishes and Transcultural FlowsGlobal Englishes and Transcultural Flows

The English language is spreading across the world, and so too is hip-hop culture: both are being altered, developed, reinterpreted, reclaimed. This timely book explores the relationship between global Englishes (the spread and use of diverse forms of English within processes of globalization) and transcultural flows (the movements, changes and reuses of cultural forms in disparate contexts). This wide-ranging study focuses on the ways English is embedded in other linguistic contexts, including those of East Asia, Australia, West Africa and the Pacific Islands. .
Tags: Englishes, Transcultural, Flows, Global, Context, English, contexts, forms
How English Became the Global Language

How English Became the Global LanguageHow English Became the Global Language

From its dim origins among Germanic speakers in the British Isles, the English tongue spread for over a millennium through commerce, cultural exchange, and military conquest to become the de facto language of our modern, globalized world. From the Shanghai stock exchange to the United Nations to Internet message boards, whenever people reach out to one another across culture and geography, they do so overwhelmingly in English. Yet the remarkable story of its rise to global dominance has been curiously neglected by historians.


Tags: English, exchange, another, across, geography, Language, Became, Global
Globalization: A Basic Text 2nd edition
Globalization: A Basic Text 2nd editionUpdated to reflect recent global developments, the second edition of Globalization: A Basic Text presents an up-to-date introduction to major trends and topics relating to globalization studies. * Features updates and revisions in its accessible introduction to key theories and major topics in globalization * Includes an enhanced emphasis on issues relating to global governance, emerging technology, global flows of people, human trafficking, global justice movements, and global environmental sustainability * Utilizes a unique set of metaphors to introduce and explain the highly complex nature of globalization in an engaging and understandable manner
Tags: global, globalization, Basic, introduction, Globalization
Access Denied: The Practice and Policy of Global Internet Filtering (Information Revolution and Global Politics)

Access Denied: The Practice and Policy of Global Internet Filtering (Information Revolution and Global Politics)

Many countries around the world block or filter Internet content, denying access to information that they deem too sensitive for ordinary citizens--most often about politics, but sometimes relating to sexuality, culture, or religion. Access Denied documents and analyzes Internet filtering practices in more than three dozen countries, offering the first rigorously conducted study of an accelerating trend. Internet filtering takes place in more than three dozen states worldwide, including many countries in Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.
Tags: Internet, countries, Denied, three, Global
Global Rules: America, Britain and a Disordered World

Global Rules: America, Britain and a Disordered WorldGlobal Rules: America, Britain and a Disordered World

The Second World War created and the Cold War sustained a “special relationship” between America and Britain, and the terms on which that decades-long conflict ended would become the foundation of a new world order.
In this penetrating analysis, a new history of recent global politics, author James Cronin explores the dramatic reconfiguring of western foreign policy that was necessitated by the interlinked crises of the 1970s and the resulting global shift toward open markets, a movement that was eagerly embraced and encouraged by the U.S./U.K. partnership.
Tags: Britain, global, America, World, necessitated, Global