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Confusing Sentences

Confusing sentencesConfusing sentences

Sometimes in English,  we can find sentences whose structures are quite similar but with a totally different meaning. For example:   He threw the ball at me  vs  He threw the ball to me. In this case the only difference is the preposition. However, it causes a big change in meaning as you will be able to read in the answer key.

Tags: threw, sentences, meaning, However, preposition, Confusing, difference
Semantics and Morphosyntactic Variation : Qualities and the grammar of property concepts
Semantics and Morphosyntactic Variation : Qualities and the grammar of property conceptsThis book explores a key issue in linguistic theory, the systematic variation in form between semantic equivalents across languages. Two contrasting views of the role of lexical meaning in the analysis of such variation can be found in the literature: (i) uniformity, whereby lexical meaning is universal, and variation arises from idiosyncratic differences in the inventory and phonological shape of language-particular functional material, and (ii) transparency, whereby systematic variation in form arises from systematic variation in the meaning of basic lexical items.
Tags: variation, systematic, lexical, meaning, arises
Learning to Read with Phonics 2: Vowels Sounds Workbook
Learning to Read with Phonics 2: Vowels Sounds WorkbookThe book exercises start from  the word spelling, and then provide the meaning of words, so that children are familiar with the meaning of  the word, simple sentences
The Reading and Comprehension of the Companion provides 87 exercises. Your child will practice single words of the phonetic , as well as vocabulary and sentence reading and understanding. And this fun painting will help children to enter in  the English reading world.
Tags: Workbook, Sounds, Vowels, Phonics, Learning, children, reading, words, meaning, exercises
Word Meaning and Syntax: Approaches to the Interface
Word Meaning and Syntax: Approaches to the InterfaceThis book examines the nature of the interface between word meaning and syntax, one of the most controversial and elusive issues in contemporary linguistics. It approaches the interface from both sides of the relation, and surveys a range of views on the mapping between them, with an emphasis on lexical approaches to argument structure. Stephen Wechsler begins by analysing the fundamental problem of word meaning, with discussions of vagueness and polysemy, complemented with a look at the roles of world knowledge and normative aspects of word meaning.
Tags: meaning, approaches, between, interface, vagueness
Intonation and Meaning: surveys in semantics and pragmatics
Intonation and Meaning: surveys in semantics and pragmaticsThis volume provides a guide to what we know about the interplay between prosody-stress, phrasing, and melody-and interpretation-felicity in discourse, inferences, and emphasis. Speakers can modulate the meaning and effects of their utterances by changing the location of stress or of pauses, and by choosing the melody of their sentences
Tags: their, meaning, stress, location, utterances, pauses, changing
16 Boring Words & What to Use Instead (Infographic)

16 Boring Words & What to Use Instead (Infographic)16 Boring Words & What to Use Instead (Infographic)

Are boring words hurting your writing? Some words, when repetitively used, become boring for the reader. Consider using a synonym instead, which might help convey the meaning more vividly and accurately.
Tags: words, boring, vividly, meaning, convey, Boring, Infographic, Words
The Best American Essays (2015)

The Best American Essays (2015)The Best American Essays (2015)

“Writing an essay is like catching a wave,” posits guest editor Ariel Levy. “To catch a wave, you need skill and nerve, not just moving water.” This year’s writers are certainly full of nerve, and have crafted a wide range of pieces awash in a diversity of moods, voices, and stances. Leaving an abusive marriage, parting with a younger self, losing your sanity to Fitbit, and even saying goodbye to a beloved pair of pants imbued with meaning are all unified by the daring of their creation. As Levy notes, “Writing around an idea you think is worthwhile—an idea you suspect is an insight—requires real audacity.”
Tags: nerve, Writing, imbued, pants, meaning, American, Essays, beloved