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Neuromancer by William Gibson

Year of publishing: 1984
William Gibson's debut novel Neuromancer gained a cult-status very soon after its publishing by being one of the first novels in a new science-fiction genre called Cyberpunk. So it has become "the definitive cyberpunk book" and the most famous cyberpunk novel of all the time. Neuromancer was book of the year 1984 in the USA, and it also gained 3 sci-fi literature awards: the Hugo, the 1984 Nebula, and the 1985 Philip K. Dick Memorial Awards. Although Gibson used the word "cyberspace" first time in his story "Burning Chrome" already in 1982, in Neuromancer he presented the whole idea of a global information network called the Matrix. 

Reuploaded Thanks to arden

Tags: Neuromancer, William, called, Gibson, cyberpunk, first
My First Chess Book: 35 Easy and Fun Chess-based Activities for Children

My First Chess Book: 35 Easy and Fun Chess-based Activities for ChildrenMy First Chess Book: 35 Easy and Fun Chess-based Activities for Children

Learn how to play chess the world's most popular board game! It's easy to learn, and anyone can play it.

This isn't just a textbook about the rules of the game!
This book teaches the basics of chess through fun mini games to get good at it and start winning. Improve your skills through 35 entertaining  activities.



Tags: chess, through, entertaining, skills, Improve, First, Children, Chess
The Garden Party and Other Stories : Stage 5
The Garden Party and Other Stories : Stage 5Oh, how delightful it is to fall in love for the first time! How exciting to go to your first dance when you are a girl of eighteen! But life can also be hard and cruel, if you are young and inexperienced and travelling alone across Europe . . . or if you are a child from the wrong social class . . . or a singer without work and the rent to be paid.

Set in Europe and New Zealand, these nine stories by Katherine Mansfield dig deep beneath the appearances of life to show us the causes of human happiness and despair.

Tags: first, Europe, beneath, appearances, Mansfield
Storm in a Teacup (Ayala Storme Book 1)

Storm in a Teacup (Ayala Storme Book 1)Storm in a Teacup (Ayala Storme Book 1)

Mediator Ayala Storme kills demons by night and handles PR by day. She avoids Mediator luncheons and a fellow Mediator who’s been trying to get in her pants for years. She does her job. She keeps her sword clean and her body count high. But when a rash of disappearances leads her to discover that Nashville’s hellkin are spawning a new race of monster on human hosts, Ayala will be the first line of defense against these day-walking killers. That is, until one of them saves her life. Dodging the Mediators and the demons alike,
Tags: Mediator, Ayala, demons, Storme, first, Storm
MATHESON - I Am Legend

MATHESON - I Am LegendOne of the most influential vampire novels of the 20th century, I Am Legend regularly appears on the "10 Best" lists of numerous critical studies of the horror genre. As Richard Matheson's third novel, it was first marketed as science fiction (for although written in 1954, the story takes place in a future 1976). A terrible plague has decimated the world, and those who were unfortunate enough to survive have been transformed into blood-thirsty creatures of the night. Except, that is, for Robert Neville. He alone appears to be immune to this disease, but the grim irony is that now he is the outsider.


Tags: first, Richard, legendary, Legend, appears, survive, enough, transformed
Linguistic-oriented theories of First language learning/acquisition

Linguistic-oriented theories of First language learning/acquisitionLinguistic-oriented theories of First language learning/acquisition

In a broader sense, various theories and approaches have been emerged over the years to study and analyze the process of language acquisition. Three main schools of thought, which provide theoretical paradigms in guiding the course of language acquisition are:
Behaviorist Theory
Innatist Theory
Cognitivist theory
Tags: acquisition, language, Theory, theories, course, First
Phonetic Storybook 1 - The Apple Book

Phonetic Storybook 1 - The Apple BookPhonetic Storybook 1 - The Apple Book

Author: Sue Dickson

Short vowel 'A' practice reading book. Raceway step 6.

The series consists of 17 phonetic, full-color storybooks which cover all 36 steps, providing immediate, rewarding reinforcement for the decoding skill just learned.

The first reader, the "Short A - Apple Book" is 64 pages long, all with just short A words of 3 or 4 letters.


Scanned for ET


Tags: Apple, Short, first, reader, learned, Phonetic, Storybook, skill