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A to Zed, A to Zee

TB- A to Zed, A to ZeeTB- A to Zed, A to Zee

The book such as a guide to the differences between British and American English.

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Tags: American, English, British, between, differences
Rhetoric, Discourse and Knowledge
Rhetoric, Discourse and KnowledgeThe authors of this volume explore rhetorical and discursive strategies used to negotiate and establish legitimate knowledge and its disciplinary boundaries, to make scientific knowledge interesting outside academic settings as well, and to manage (c)overt knowledge in different social and political contexts. The volume focuses on the cultural concept of knowledge society, examining diverse linguistic means of knowledge transmission from the perspective of the complex interplay between knowledge and persuasion. The contributors discuss both sociological and philosophical issues, as well as textual processes in different genres that aim to communicate knowledge.
Tags: knowledge, different, volume, complex, between
Germany 1858-1990 (SB)

Germany 1858-1990 (SB)Germany 1858-1990 (SB)

History course book covering Germany's history between the mid-19th century and the end of the 20th century.
Tags: Germany, century, mid-19th, 1858-1990, between

BBC SHAKESPEARE COLLECTION 22. The Merchant of VeniceThe BBC TV Shakespeare Collection
22. The Merchant of Venice
wiith embedded subtitles
The BBC Television Shakespeare was a set of television adaptations of the plays of Shakespeare, produced by the the BBC between 1978 and 1985.

Reuploaded Thanks to emkis

Tags: Shakespeare, Venice, Merchant, produced, plays, between, Reuploaded
Linguistics for Beginners
Linguistics for BeginnersLinguistics For Beginners is the first book to ever make the arcane labors of linguistics accessible to general readers. It begins with a lucid definition of language and proceeds to examine how it becomes the subject matter of linguistics. Key topics include the contrast between writing and speech, and elementary lessons in analyses ranging from simple sounds to entire sentences. Absurd fictions such as Eskimos having hundreds of words for snow are exploded, and the borderlands between linguistics and philosophy are investigated.
Tags: linguistics, Beginners, between, Linguistics, simple
Science in the Twentieth Century
Science in the Twentieth CenturyWith over forty chapters, written by leading scholars, this comprehensive volume represents the best work in America, Europe, and Asia. Geographical diversity of the authors is reflected in the different perspectives devoted to the subject, and all major disciplinary developments are covered.
There are also sections concerning the countries that have made the most significant contributions, the relationship between science and industry, the importance of instrumentation, and the cultural influence of scientific modes of thought.
Tags: contributions, relationship, between, science, significant
Simply English: An A-Z of Avoidable Errors
Simply English: An A-Z of Avoidable ErrorsIn his best-selling Strictly English, Simon Heffer explained how to write and speak our language well. In Simply English he offers an entertaining and supremely useful A–Z guide to frequent errors, common misunderstandings, and stylistic howlers. What is the difference between amend and emend, between imply and infer, and between uninterested and disinterested? When should one put owing to rather than due to? Why should the temptation to write actually, basically, or at this moment in time always be strenuously resisted? How does one use an apostrophe correctly, ensure that one understands what alibi really means, and avoid the perils of the double negative?
Tags: between, English, should, Simply, write