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Introducing yourself in a job interview in English

Introducing yourself in a job interview in EnglishIntroducing yourself in a job interview in English

This video should help you prepare for your job interviews in English.
Reading Sketch Up 2: Student's Book
Reading Sketch Up 2: Student's BookReading Sketch Up is  a three-level content area reading series designed for beginner students. Throughout this series, learners will build their vocabulary and master a variety of sentence structure patterns. Fun reading passages fully engage learners while captivating images stimulate their imagination. The Reading Sketch series makes students better readers and prepares them for more advanced reading materials.
Storytime - Issue 26, October 2016

Storytime - Issue 26, October 2016Storytime - Issue 26, October 2016

Look out for flying broomsticks in Storytime Issue 26 – our cover star is the naughty witch Baba Yaga! Plus, we’ve got an ogre-defying Japanese hero called Peach Boy, green children (really!), a girl who lives among gazelles, The Spider and the Fly, hidden treasures and a pancake-flipping Pippi Longstocking. Don’t miss out!
English for Banking & Finance 1 TB

English for Banking & Finance 1 TBEnglish for Banking & Finance 1 TBEnglish for Banking & Finance combines a strong grammar syllabus with the specialist vocabulary students need to succeed in this area. It contains topics that reflect the latest developments in the field making it immediately relevant to students’ needs. The CD-ROM accompanying the book contains the course book audio and interactive glossaries.

Level 1: CEF level A1 to A2
Trends in Bilingual Acquisition

Trends in Bilingual AcquisitionTrends in Bilingual Acquisition

This book provides a snapshot of the current state of research on bilingual acquisition and reflect the diversity of issues, methodologies, and language combinations that can be found in contemporary work in the field.
Behind the News - ABC Australia (Oct 18, 2016 - with English subtitle)

Behind the News - ABC Australia (Oct 18, 2016 - with English subtitle)Behind the News - ABC Australia (Oct 18, 2016 - with English subtitle)

Behind the News is a high-energy, fun way for upper primary and secondary students to learn about current issues and events in their world.
And, if you're trying to get the Aussie twang down pat, this show can be a promising solution.
Games World of Puzzles - December 2016

Games World of Puzzles - December 2016Games World of Puzzles - December 2016

GAMES WORLD OF PUZZLES is a high-level consumer magazine offering a fun and lively mix of word and visual puzzles, brainteasers, and much more. The expanded Pencilwise section features crosswords and crossword variants, Paint by Numbers, logic puzzles, and many other diversions for your solving pleasure. The 16 full-color pages include interesting and timely articles and puzzles, as well as reviews of new board games and electronic games, a calendar of upcoming events, and news from the world of games and puzzles.