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 урсы »ностранных языков по Skype

America's Civil War - November 2015

America's Civil War - November 2015America's Civil War - November 2015

Published since 1987, America’s Civil War strives to deliver to our readers the best articles on the most formative and tumultuous period of American history — the Civil War. It contains thought-provoking essays on the way the war is remembered today as well as lengthy first-hand accounts of the war. Noted authors present the many battles, personalities and fascinating stories of the period.
Medical: Student's Book
Medical: Student's BookCareer Paths English: Medical is a new educational source for medical professionals who want to improve their English communication in a work environment. Incorporating career-specific vocabulary and contexts, each unit offers step-by-step instruction that immerses students in the four key language components: reading, listening, speaking and writing. Career Paths English: Medical addresses topics including hospital employees, parts of the body, patient care, common illnesses and career options
Navigate Pre-intermediate B1: Teacher's Guide ( notes only)
Navigate Pre-intermediate B1: Teacher's Guide ( notes only)Navigate is a brand new, six-level General English course tailored exclusively to adults. The course takes an innovative approach to reading and listening based on academic research as to how adults best learn languages. It teaches reading and listening from the bottom up, giving learners the skills they need to understand the next text they will read and hear, not just the one they are reading or hearing now. The content has been extensively piloted and reviewed in ELT classrooms across the world, giving teachers the confidence that it really works.
BBC Knowledge - October 2015

BBC Knowledge - October 2015BBC Knowledge - October 2015

BBC Knowledge is a magazine for young inquisitive minds where well-researched, handpicked stories are matched with breath-taking visuals to cover science, history and nature.Written by renowned International and Indian experts, its wide range of features provide rivetting and up-to-date information on topics as varied as technology, archeology, natural history and space exploration. With material meant to stimulate the mind, BBC Knowledge looks to empower a generation of young readers.
Newsademic nr 256 - British English edition (with activities)
Newsademic nr 256 - British English edition (with activities)Are you interested in world news or want to improve your reading skills? Read the latest edition of Newsademic!

In the latest issue (256): Japan's surrender anniversary, volcano state of emergency, Greek islands migrant influx, Earth Overshoot Day, white whales, Singapore's 50th birthday, drinkable book, explosions in Tianjin, ancient flowering plant, and much more.

Issue 20.08.2015

The Portable Atheist
The Portable AtheistFrom the number-one New York Times best-selling author of "God Is Not Great", a provocative and entertaining guided tour of atheist and agnostic through the ages with never-before-published pieces by Salman Rushdie, Ian McEwan, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
Reuploaded Thanks to emkis
Robin Hood - Classics

Robin Hood - Longman ClassicsRobin Hood - Longman Classics

The Robin Hood stories come from the time we call the Middle Ages, about the years 1000 to 1500. They are "folk" stories. That is, they were told by - or to - the people of the small farms and villages. Not the rich. Not the lords and ladies.
Folk heroes like Robin Hood help the common people when those with power are unjust. Those who hear the stories feel that the hero is "on our side

Reuploaded Thanks to emkis