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The Word Wizard's Book of Verbs
The Word Wizard's Book of VerbsIn this bewitching title, the Word Wizard gives readers a potion that helps them understand concepts such as verb tense, shades of meaning, and how using strong action verbs can make your words hop, jump, or leap off the page!
The Word Wizard's Book of Synonyms and Antonyms

The Word Wizard's Book of Synonyms and AntonymsIn this fun-filled book, the Word Wizard helps readers understand synonyms and antonyms. From exploring shades of meaning and making comparisons to using a thesaurus, readers learn how to use synonyms and antonyms to enrich their writing.

Age Range: 5 - 8 years.
Grade Level: Kindergarten - 3.

Next Move 1: Workbook
Next Move 1: WorkbookThe ideal guide for your language learning journey from first steps to last.

Next Move is an all-in-one course package bursting with options for creating dynamic, personalised classes that challenge and motivate today’s 21st Century teenagers whatever their learning styles!

Discover English 4: Tests

Discover English 4 TestsDiscover English 4 Tests

Discover English 4 

Tests from the Test Master CD from Teacher's Book

Gogo Loves English 3 : Writing Book
Gogo Loves English 3 : Writing BookGogo Loves English New Edition is an exciting, six-level elementary course for young learners of American English. The playful characters, exciting games and catchy songs help teachers create a fun and motivating environment for children.

The Writing Books provide step-by-step writing practice and can be used with the Gogo series or with any primary English course. Each level of the Writing Books systematically builds and strengthens students' writing skills.

In Writing Book 3 students write simple sentences.

ABC, Follow me!

ABC, Follow me!ABC, Follow me!

ABC, Follow me!

Phonics Rhymes and Crafts, Grade K-1

By Linda Amstrong



ABC, Follow Me!
Phonics Rhymes and Crafts,
Grades K-1


The Elements of Resume Style

The Elements of Resume StyleThe Elements of Resume Style

This book explains why some of the most popular 'tricks' backfire more often than they work, and offers clear, smart strategies for creating resumes and cover letters that get people jobs.