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The Economist - Issue 2016-10-22

The Economist - Issue 2016-10-22The Economist - Issue 2016-10-22

The Economist is a global weekly magazine written for those who share an uncommon interest in being well and broadly informed. Each issue explores the close links between domestic and international issues, business, politics, finance, current affairs, science, technology and the arts.
Other People's Love Letters: 150 Letters You Were Never Meant to See

Other People's Love Letters: 150 Letters You Were Never Meant to SeeOther People's Love Letters: 150 Letters You Were Never Meant to See

Fevered notes scribbled on napkins after first dates. Titillating text messages. It's-not-you-it's-me relationship-enders. In Other People’s Love Letters, Bill Shapiro has searched America’s attics, closets, and cigar boxes and found actual letters–unflinchingly honest missives full of lust, provocation, guilt, and vulnerability–written only for a lover’s eyes. Modern love, of course, is not all bliss, and in these pages you’ll find the full range of a relationship, with its whispered promises as well as its heartache...
CNN Student News - Oct 20, 2016 (with English subtitle)

CNN Student News - Oct 20, 2016 (with English subtitle)CNN Student News - Oct 20, 2016 (with English subtitle)

Today's show is all about numbers: the third (and final) debate between the top two U.S. presidential candidates, the fourth (and final) installment in our series on the U.S. heroin epidemic, and the three candidates running for president of the Alaska Zoo.
CNN Student News - Oct 18, 2016 (with English subtitle)

CNN Student News - Oct 18, 2016 (with English subtitle)CNN Student News - Oct 18, 2016 (with English subtitle)

This Tuesday, our coverage begins in Mosul, where a battle has begun that could signal the beginning of the end for ISIS in Iraq. We also explore a significant step forward in China's space program, and we show you how one U.S. community has been affected by the nation's heroin epidemic.
English Presentations and Job Interviews (A.J.Hoge)

English Presentations and Job Interviews (A.J.Hoge)English Presentations and Job Interviews (A.J.Hoge)

Five crucial topics are discussed here:

English Job Interviews
English Presentation Fear
English Presentations Peak Practice
English Public Speaking
Presentations Adrenaline

May and Might - Grammar short Lesson

May and Might - Grammar short LessonMay and Might - Grammar short Lesson

May is used to ask for permission.
    May I come in, please?
    May I go home now?
May not is used to deny permission.
    ‘May I go now?’ ‘No, you may not.’

Would Uses - Grammar short Lesson

Would Uses - Grammar short LessonWould Uses - Grammar short Lesson

Would is the past tense of will in indirect speech.
Direct: The manager said, ‘The shop will be closed on Monday.’
Indirect: The manager said that the shop would be closed on Monday. >>> Read More.