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English with crosswords 3: CD-ROM
English with crosswords 3: CD-ROMAn entertaining and effective way to learn new vocabulary
• illustrated words make meaning immediate
• new words are reinforced and recycled in a series of pictures
• suitable for self-study or class work
The interactive CD-ROM covers 13 themes of 20 words each.
Each theme has 5 crosswords, with each word encountered 3 times.
All words are pronounced by a native speaker.
Clarkesworld Ц May 2016

Clarkesworld Ц May 2016

Clarkesworld is a monthly science fiction and fantasy magazine first published in October 2006. Each issue contains interviews, thought-provoking articles, two reprints, and at least four or five works of original fiction.
The Scientist Ц May 2016

The Scientist Ц May 2016

A professional magazine intended for life scientists. Coverage includes reviews of widely noticed research papers, informing its audience of current research, updates to technology, updates to career information, profiles of scientists achieving notoriety, as well as other columns and reports of interest to its audience. The Scientist reports on the most exciting discoveries and innovative trends across the spectrum of life science research.
Nexus by Australia Network (Series 9 - 30 Episodes)

Nexus by Australia Network (Series 9 - 30 Episodes)Nexus by Australia Network (Series 9 - 30 Episodes)

Learn about people and ideas and improve your English language skills with stories about Australian life and culture.
If you want to get the hang of understanding how Australian accent works, watch these videos time and agian.
FCE Practice Tests with keys
FCE Practice Tests with keysFCE Practice Tests faithfully recreates the Cambridge English: First (FCE) examination in both paper and computer formats giving students plenty of opportunities to accustom themselves to the tasks required.
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Secret sharer by Joseph Conrad

Secret sharer by Joseph ConradSecret sharer by Joseph Conrad

The story takes place at sea, near the Gulf of Siam, and is told from the perspective of a young nameless Captain. The captain is unfamiliar with both his ship and his crew, having only joined their company a fortnight earlier. The Captain is furthermore unsure of himself, questioning his ability to fulfill the role of such an authoritative figure. These themes are explored through symbols throughout the novella.

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Ligeia and Morella by E. A. Poe [unabridged audiobooks without text]

Ligeia and Morella by E. A. Poe [unabridged audiobooks without text]Vincent Price [1911 - 1993] is best remembered for his distinctive voice and serio-comic attitude in a series of distinctive horror films. His tall 6' 4" (1.93 m) stature and polished urbane manner made him something of an American counterpart to the older Boris Karloff. In the 1960s, he had a number of low-budget successes with Roger Corman and American International Pictures (AIP) including the Edgar Allan Poe adaptations House of Usher (1960), The Pit and the Pendulum (1961), Tales of Terror (1962), The Raven (1963), The Masque of the Red Death (1964) and The Tomb of Ligeia (1965).
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