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Smart Phonics 1 Single Letters - New Edition: Extra Resources

Smart Phonics 1 Single Letters - New Edition: Extra ResourcesNew Smart Phonics is an easy-to-teach phonics series developed for elementary school children learning English as a Foreign Language. Throughout the five books series, basic phonics skills are introduced in a simple and systematic way while providing children with efficient tools for basic reading and writing. Smart Phonics also introduces a great number of common sight words embedded in fun phonics stories and songs. In this way, children can learn sight words naturally and effortlessly.

* Audio * Flashcards * Answers Keys * TG for the  games * E-book



IELTS LISTENING TEST 12 – SECTION 1 – QUESTIONS 1-12 (Answers and Tapescript included) is one of free videos for English Learners deriving from Youtube Boost Listening.
Youtube Boost Listening offers FREE videos that help learners prepare better for English Listening Tests as well as support them to learn English Listening Practice by themselves.

The Economist - Issue 2017-07-22

The Economist - Issue 2017-07-22The Economist - Issue 2017-07-22

The Economist is a global weekly magazine written for those who share an uncommon interest in being well and broadly informed. Each issue explores the close links between domestic and international issues, business, politics, finance, current affairs, science, technology and the arts.
Inclusive Teaching Strategies for Discipline-based English Studies
Inclusive Teaching Strategies for Discipline-based English StudiesThis book presents empirical findings that reveal various teaching strategies and responses from two sub-cultural groups of students, i.e. local Hong Kong and Mainland students, with regard to their English studies. It puts forward a constructive model for innovative teaching strategies to enhance language attainment and classroom interaction in a multicultural learning environment in Hong Kong.
The book will above all benefit undergraduate students in ESL/EFL teacher training programs, and post-graduate research students in applied linguistics, language education and second language teacher education.
The grammar of names in Anglo-Saxon England : the linguistics and culture of the Old English onomasticon
The grammar of names in Anglo-Saxon England : the linguistics and culture of the Old English onomasticonDraws on extensive empirical data relating to nearly all documented names in Anglo-Saxon England
Offers a highly systematic and detailed treatment of female versus male names and the socio-political standing of the name-bearers
Proposes a new and original approach to the analysis of linguistic structures based on established grammatical traditions
Exam Essentials Practice Tests: English First 2

Exam Essentials Practice Tests: English First 2Exam Essentials Practice Tests is a new series of materials published by National Geographic Learning for students preparing for Cambridge English: First (FCE). Cambridge English: First (FCE) Practice Tests helps learners become aware of the exam requirements for Cambridge English: First (FCE), offers details about the format and language in the exam, and helps learners develop exam skills necessary for success.

6 complete tests and 2 fully guided tests with Essential Tips, guide students through each part of the exam (Speaking part is missing)

book with key added Thanks to Diego Rch

English Humour for Beginners
English Humour for Beginners"'If you want to succeed here you must be able to handle the English sense of humour.' So proclaims George Mikes' timeless exploration of this curious phenomenon. Whether it's understatement, self-deprecation or plain cruelty - the three elements he identifies as essential to our sense of humour - being witty is a way of life here. Perfectly placed as an adopted Englishman himself, Mikes delivers his shrewd advice - helpfully divided into 'Theory' and 'Practice' - with a comic precision. Drawing on a trove of examples from our rich canon, from Orwel..