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Junior Illustrated Dictionary (Second Edition)

Junior Illustrated Dictionary (Second Edition)Junior Illustrated Dictionary (Second Edition)

For children aged 6 and over, this best-selling illustrated dictionary contains full sentence definitions and child-friendly example sentences as well as colourful illustrations and photographs, colour headwords and an A-Z on every page.
English Today - December 2014

English Today - December 2014English Today - December 2014

Since August 2006, a monthly English language magazine “English Today” is being published under the banner. This magazine of 80 pages magazine costs only Rs. 20/- and is perhaps the first of its kind in India which aims to satiate the cravings of the mind to master the intricacies of the English language. The magazine through its well crafted sections and balanced exercises enables the readers to test their all round knowledge of the English language.
If I Was You ... And Alot More Grammar Mistakes You Might Be Making

If I Was You ... And Alot More Grammar Mistakes You Might Be MakingIf I Was You ... And Alot More Grammar Mistakes You Might Be Making

An essential handbook for righting grammatical errors!
16 уроков английского языка. Начальный курс
16 уроков английского языка. Начальный курс16 уроков английского языка. Начальный курс Данное издание представляет собой начальный курс английского языка, разработанный Дмитрием Петровым. В печатной версии курса даны упражнения, основные правила произношения и сведения о глаголах. С помощью шестнадцати уроков по методике Дмитрия Петрова вы сможете освоить базовые алгоритмы языка, применить их на практике и довести до автоматизма.
The Scientist in the Crib: What Early Learning Tells Us About the Mind

The Scientist in the Crib: What Early Learning Tells Us About the Mind

This exciting book by three pioneers in the new field of cognitive science discusses important discoveries about how much babies and young children know and learn, and how much parents naturally teach them. It argues that evolution designed us both to teach and learn, and that the drive to learn is our most important instinct. It also reveals as fascinating insights about our adult capacities and how even young children -- as well as adults -- use some of the same methods that allow scientists to learn so much about the world. Filled with surprise at every turn, this vivid, lucid, and often funny book gives us a new view of the inner life of children and the mysteries of the mind.
National Geographic Traveller Magazine December 2014

National Geographic Traveller Magazine December 2014

National Geographic Traveler magazine brings the world to your doorstep with lively articles told in a storytelling style and gorgeous photography that inspires wanderlust. Whether you're an armchair traveler or someone who takes a few international trips each year, you'll be immersed in multiple fascinating destinations in each issue.
International Handbook of Learning, Teaching and Leading in Faith-Based Schools

International Handbook of Learning, Teaching and Leading in Faith-Based Schools

The International Handbook on Learning, Teaching and Leading in Faith Based Schools is international in scope. It is addressed to policy makers, academics, education professionals and members of the wider community.