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Philosophy Now - Issue 112, February/March 2016

Philosophy Now - Issue 112, February/March 2016Philosophy Now - Issue 112, February/March 2016

Philosophy Now is a bimonthly philosophy magazine sold from news-stands and book stores in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. It aims to appeal to the wider public, as well as to students and philosophy teachers. It was established in 1991 and was the first general philosophy magazine
Market Leader Advanced 3rd edition: Test Master CD-ROM

Market Leader Advanced 3rd edition: Test Master CD-ROMMarket Leader uses authoritative authentic content from the Financial Times to build the professional language and skills needed to communicate in the modern world of business. The third edition has been completely updated to reflect this fast-changing world.

It consists of entry test, exit test, 4 progress tests with audio files and 12 Units tests. Keys are also available.

English Zone 1 : Flashcards

English Zone 1 FlashcardsEnglish Zone 1 FlashcardsEnglish Zone is a very popular 4-level course for young learners; grades 4-6 of primary school.

English Zone 1 Flashcards
Big English 6: Audio CDs
Big English 6: Audio CDsBig English gives you the most complete English course combined with the very best of technology. It gives you everything you need for your lessons so that you have time to focus on what you do best - teach.
 Big English is perfect for a well-balanced approach to teaching English. Ready-made Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) lessons and those all important 21st Century Skills help you to challenge students to be creative, think critically and collaborate.
How It's Made - Grinding Wheels, Compost, Window Blinds, and Milk

How It's Made - Grinding Wheels, Compost, Window Blinds, and MilkDiscovery Education - How It's Made

-Grinding Wheels


-Window Blinds


 Grade Level : 3 - 8

Reuploaded Thanks to hissouf



Games World of Puzzles - April 2016

Games World of Puzzles - April 2016Games World of Puzzles - April 2016

It is a high-level consumer magazine offering a fun and lively mix of word and visual puzzles, brainteasers, and much more. The expanded Pencilwise section features crosswords and crossword variants, Paint by Numbers, logic puzzles, and many other diversions for your solving pleasure. The 16 full-color pages include interesting and timely articles and puzzles, as well as reviews of new board games and electronic games, a calendar of upcoming events, and news from the world of games and puzzles.
Traveller Intermediate B1 : Teacher's book

Traveller Intermediate B1 Teacher's book (TB)Traveller Intermediate B1 Teacher's book (TB)Учебное пособие Traveller Intermediate B1 Teacher's book (TB) содержит продублированную Student's book с ответами

Traveller is an exciting seven-level course for teenage and young adult learners, that takes them from Beginner to Advanced level. It follows the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference, the modular approach and is organised into 8 topic-based modules.