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The Economist - Issue 2017-01-21

The Economist - Issue 2017-01-21The Economist - Issue 2017-01-21

The Economist is a global weekly magazine written for those who share an uncommon interest in being well and broadly informed. Each issue explores the close links between domestic and international issues, business, politics, finance, current affairs, science, technology and the arts.
Superkids 4 : SB + Audio


Superkids New Edition is a fun and easy to teach six level series for elementary sschool children learning English. The book presents and recycles language in ways that children can understand and use in their lives.

CD1 reuploaded

ОГЭ-2017. Устная часть. Тренировочные тесты (2 издание)

ОГЭ-2017. Устная часть. Тренировочные тесты (2 издание)ОГЭ-2017. Устная часть. Тренировочные тесты (2 издание)

Учебное пособие содержит тренировочные тесты для подготовки к устной части ОГЭ по английскому языку в новом формате. По тематике, уровню сложности и формату тесты соответствуют экзаменационным заданиям. Каждый тест посвящен отдельной теме, что позволяет учащимся повторить пройденный материал и отработать необходимый лексический запас. Тексты для чтения (задание 1) и вопросы телефонного опроса (задание 2) записаны в аудиоприложении.
Reading in a Second Language: Moving from Theory to Practice

Reading in a Second Language: Moving from Theory to PracticeReading in a Second Language: Moving from Theory to Practice

This volume, through a detailed treatment of the cognitive processes that support reading, explains how reading really works. It offers a thorough overview of important and current research, including first language research, which is not often found in second language acquisition (SLA) publications. This book is a true example of applied linguistics; it makes well-defined linkages between theory and practice, discussing the implications and applications of second language reading theories on instructional practices.

Complete book added Thanks to loc

First Result : Teacher's Pack

Cambridge English First Result TB (Teacher's Pack)Cambridge English First Result TB (Teacher's Pack)

First Result is fully updated to prepare students for success in the new 2015 exam. The contemporary topics, lively texts and vibrant design keep students motivated and the online practice and online practice test provide plenty of opportunities for further learning outside class.

Full book added Thanks to Banjo13

At the Airport

At the AirportAt the Airport

This video lesson helps you develop some English vocabulary you need at the airport...
Public Speaking (A. J. Hoge webinar)

Public Speaking (A. J. Hoge webinar)Public Speaking (A. J. Hoge webinar)

Public speaking is scary. Overcoming the nervousness is the biggest challenge. Before you can learn presentation techniques, you must calm your mind and emotions. You must learn to feel comfortable speaking publicly. How to do it? In this Effortless English Show, AJ teaches you a simple and effective way to increase confidence with presentations. Using video, you can practice speeches and become comfortable. But, you must avoid one BIG mistake when doing this. AJ Hoge tells you what it is.