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Outstanding Short Stories (Penguin Readers level 5)

Outstanding Short Stories (Penguin Readers level 5)Outstanding Short Stories (Penguin Readers level 5)This collection Brings together some of the Best examples of late nineteenth- and early Twentieth-century Short Stories. Some are about ordinary people to whom something unexpected happens. Others are about unusual characters or events. Some of the stories are funny and others are more serious. All of them are highly enjoyable.

World of Knowledge Magazine Australia - December 2014

World of Knowledge Magazine Australia - December 2014World of Knowledge Magazine Australia - December 2014

World of Knowledge is your new monthly magazine crammed full of amazing stuff about the world we live in.
As well as answering the questions we all have about the world we live in, it hopes to inspire a thousand more. From first looks at futuristic technology and solving the puzzles of the universe, to revealing nature’s breathtaking secrets and investigating the most important moments in history, it’ll have something for every member of the family.
English Первое сентября 2006 №22

English Первое сентября 2006 №22English Первое сентября 2006 №22

"English"is a newspaper for all, who is interested in studying and teaching English. Newspaper contains a lot of useful material for teachers of schools and liceums.
Очерки по исторической грамматике английского языка

Очерки по исторической грамматике английского языкаОчерки по исторической грамматике английского языка

В пособии рассматриваются наиболее существенные преобразования в истории английского языка, в частности в его грамматическом строе.
Исходные положения. Эволюция языка и варьирование.
Развитие морфологической системы существительного и прилагательного (VIII–XV вв.).
Эволюция глагольного словообразования (VIII–XVIII вв.).
Развитие глагольных грамматических категорий (VIII–XVIII вв.).
Некоторые направления развития структуры предложения.
Homelands: A Geography of Culture and Place across America
Homelands: A Geography of Culture and Place across AmericaWhat does it mean to be from somewhere? If most people in the United States are "from some place else" what is an American homeland? In answering these questions, the contributors to Homelands: A Geography of Culture and Place across America offer a geographical vision of territory and the formation of discrete communities in the U.S. today. Homelands discusses groups such as the Yankees in New England, Old Order Amish in Ohio, African Americans in the plantation South, Navajos in the Southwest, Russians in California, and several other peoples and places.
Developing Translation Competence
Developing Translation CompetenceThis volume presents a comprehensive study of what constitutes Translation Competence, from the various sub-competences to the overall skill. Contributors combine experience as translation scholars with their experience as teachers of translation. The volume is organized into three sections: Defining, Building, and Assessing Translation Competence.
The chapters offer insights into the nature of translation competence and its place in the translation training programme in an academic environment and show how theoretical considerations have contributed to defining, building and assessing translation competence, offering practical examples of how this can be achieved.
LSAT For Dummies
LSAT For DummiesA detailed study guide that guarantees a high LSAT score If you thought you left standardized tests back in high school, think again. LSAT For Dummies, 2rd Edition is an all-inclusive study guide arming you with tips and know-how for your next career move. This updated edition includes three full-length practice tests, a review of foundational concepts for every section, thorough explanations, and additional practice problems for all question types. Whether you're taking the LSAT for the first time or the third time, this book will provide the guidance and skill set you need to obtain a score that reflects your abilities.