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New Scientist - 23 August 2014

New Scientist - 23 August 2014New Scientist - 23 August 2014

New Scientist is superbly written, features great design and photography throughout and is accessible to anyone interested in science, regardless of their level of knowledge or qualifications. Each issue of this great weekly mag brings you all the news from the world of science, covering every discipline such as physics, biology, chemistry and some wonderfully advanced ideas such as quantum mechanics and string theory.
The Economist - Issue 2014-08-23

The Economist - Issue 2014-08-23The Economist - Issue 2014-08-23

The Economist is a global weekly magazine written for those who share an uncommon interest in being well and broadly informed. Each issue explores the close links between domestic and international issues, business, politics, finance, current affairs, science, technology and the arts.
Grammar for Schools 5: DVD-Rom

Grammar for Schools 5: DVD-RomA 7-level series with clear explanations and communicative activities to help young learners and teenagers understand and practise grammar.

The Student's DVD-ROM  is for use in class on an interactive whiteboard or for home study. It includes the full book on screen with integrated audio and songs, and extra interactive exercises.

Level B1 - PET

Barack Obama - Penguin Readers - Level 2

Barack Obama - Penguin Readers - Level 2Barack Obama - Penguin Readers - Level 2

In January 2009,  a new American president moved into the White House. But who is Barack Obama? What do we know about his family and his early life? Why did he want to be a politician? And how did he get the top job? This is his story.
The Happy Prince - Dominoes Starter

The Happy Prince - Dominoes StarterThe Happy Prince - Dominoes Starter

Oscar Wilde's Classic Story. Full color book, great illustrations and set of activities for each chapter. An easy reading for a wonderful story.
Visions of Design: An Inspired Collection of America's Finest Interior Designers

Visions of Design: An Inspired Collection of America's Finest Interior DesignersVisions of Design: An Inspired Collection of America's Finest Interior Designers

A vibrant collection of the design industry’s most illustrious visionaries, this dynamic reference features hundreds of spectacular residential interiors. Capturing the unique voice of each U.S.-based professional, engaging editorial is matched with lush photographs to showcase private commissions ranging from modern expressions saturated with color and unexpected texture to traditional rooms with classic furnishings and all the dramatic interpretations in between.


Languages: A Very Short Introduction
Languages: A Very Short IntroductionHow many languages are there? Are new languages still being discovered? Why are so many languages disappearing? In this Very Short Introduction, eminent linguist Stephen Anderson addresses such questions as he illuminates the science behind languages. Considering a wide range of different languages and linguistic examples, Anderson provides the basic facts about the world's major families of spoken languages and their distribution around the globe. He explores the basis for linguistic classification and raises questions about how we identify a language.