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Confusing Sentences

Confusing sentencesConfusing sentences

Sometimes in English,  we can find sentences whose structures are quite similar but with a totally different meaning. For example:   He threw the ball at me  vs  He threw the ball to me. In this case the only difference is the preposition. However, it causes a big change in meaning as you will be able to read in the answer key.

Tags: threw, sentences, meaning, However, preposition, Confusing, difference
600 Confusing English Words

600 Confusing English Words600 Confusing English Words

600+ Confusing English Words Explained is perfect for both intermediate students, who will learn some new words for the first time – and for more advanced students, who want to perfect their use of the English language by mastering the subtle differences between similar words.
Tags: Words, English, Confusing, About, Doubts, students, words
English Grammar Sheets for Teachers

English Grammar Sheets for TeachersEnglish Grammar Sheets for Teachers

Ready-to-print grammar sheets for teachers.

They include exercises for your students. Some of the grammatical points covered are the following:

All vs All of ; Amount vs Number vs Quantit; Assure , Ensure, Insure, Secure; Between vs Amon; Causative verbs; Close (to) vs near (to)

Conditional sentences; Confusing words ; Either or / Neither nor; Even though / Even if / Even so; Lastly, Finally, Eventually, In the end , at last, etc..

Tags: Confusing, words, Either, sentences, Conditional, English, Sheets, Teachers, Grammar, Close
68-2015 Confusing words exercise -Grammar short lesson

68-2015 Confusing words exercise -Grammar short lesson

Complete the following sentences using an appropriate word or phrase. Choose your answers from the given options.

Exercise with answers.
Tags: answers, Confusing, 68-2015, words, exercise
Confusing words exercise - 2014 -

Confusing words exercise - 2014 -Confusing words exercise - 2014 -

The words lay and lie are often confused. There are several confusing word pairs in English.

This exercise tests your ability to use these words correctly.

Tags: words, exercise, tests, ability, these, Confusing
Tricky Prepositions [infographic]

Tricky Prepositions [infographic]

Prepositions can be confusing; this infographic addresses five tricky pairs of them.  


Prepositions can be confusing; this infographic addresses five tricky pairs of them. - See more at:


Prepositions can be confusing; this infographic addresses five tricky pairs of them. - See more at:


Tags: infographic, Prepositions, tricky, pairs, addresses, confusing
10 Confusing Homonyms: Part II [infographic]

10 Confusing Homonyms: Part II [infographic10 Confusing Homonyms: Part II [infographic

English is riddled with words that sound similar but have completely different meanings, and some words that sound similar have very different spellings. The infographic and 10 examples of homonyms and homophones will straighten some of this confusion out.

Tags: infographic, different, similar, sound, words, Confusing