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Newsademic nr 310 - British English edition with graded atricles
Newsademic nr 310 - British English edition with graded atriclesNewsAdemic is a UK-based newspaper company that provides learning content to schools and academies in more than 140 countries.

It consists of 4 Levels from Easy Level 1 to Level 4 for advanced learners.
Level 1 and 2, and Level 3 and 4 article topics are the same, but the level of sentence is different. Therefore, Level 1 and Level 3 articles can be read on Level 2 and Level 4 on difficulty levels, respectively.
For smooth learning, vocabulary and Hangul translation, discussion questions and simple dictation functions are provided.

14th September, 2017

Tags: issue, these, tiger, rewilding, ducks, Level, learning, discussion, questions, simple
Writing a Book Review
Writing a Book ReviewHave you wondered what makes a good book review? Have you wondered what you might be missing in writing a book review? You can find out how to write a quality book review in these pages.
Tags: review, wondered, these, pages, Writing
Three Little Words: A, An, and The
Three Little Words: A, An, and TheAre your students constantly leaving out articles in English, or adding articles where they don't belong? This text-workbook will take the mystery out of these troublesome little words for your students, one step at a time.

Your students will discover the underlying rules.  Then they’ll learn the exceptions to the rules.  And then the exceptions to the exceptions.

Self-checking exercises in Three Little Words each step of the way help clear up the proper use of these seemingly unpredictable English noun markers.

Tags: students, exceptions, these, Three, rules
Read, Reason, Write: An Argument Text and Reader
Read, Reason, Write: An Argument Text and ReaderRead, Reason, Write unites instruction in critical reading and analysis, argument, and research strategies with a rich collection of readings that provide both practice for these skills and new ideas and insights for readers.
Read, Reason, Write is committed to showing students how reading, analytic, argumentative, and research skills are interrelated and how these skills combine to develop each student's critical thinking ability.
Tags: Reason, skills, Write, these, reading
Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society - 2nd edition
Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society - 2nd editionFirst published in 1976, Raymond Williams' highly acclaimed Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society is a collection of lively essays on words that are critical to understanding the modern world. In these essays, Williams, a renowned cultural critic, demonstrates how these key words take on new meanings and how these changes reflect the political bent and values of our past and current society.
Tags: these, Vocabulary, Culture, words, Keywords
A Scandal in Bohemia - Level 3 Intermediate

A Scandal in Bohemia - Level intermediateA Scandal in Bohemia - Level intermediate

Why put a diamond inside a chicken? Why is there a special club for men with red hair? And why does a woman disappear on the day of her wedding? These are some of the strange questions which Sherlock Holmes has to answer. In these six stories we join Holmes and his friend Dr Watson on some exciting adventures.

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Tags: Holmes, friend, stories, these, answer, Scandal, intermediate, Bohemia, Level
Reforming Teaching and Teacher Education: Bright Prospects for Active Schools
Reforming Teaching and Teacher Education: Bright Prospects for Active SchoolsWhat are the prerequisites for reforming education, and how can these reforms be seen in school development and culture? How should teacher education support this reform process? What are the principles and practices underlying the functioning of the schools of tomorrow? These questions are examined in this unique volume.
Tags: education, unique, volume, examined, These