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The Engineering Handbook

The Engineering HandbookThe Engineering Handbook

The Engineering Handbook CRCnetBASE contains everything the practicing engineer needs, including definitions of engineering terms, solutions to common problems, rules-of-thumb, tables and equations, and more. All information in the published handbook is easy to find on the user-friendly CD-ROM.


Tags: Handbook, Engineering, tables, rulesofthumb, problems, equations, information, rules-of-thumb
The Grammar of Knowledge: A Cross-Linguistic Typology
The Grammar of Knowledge: A Cross-Linguistic TypologyThe Grammar of Knowledge offers both a linguistic and anthropological perspective on the expression of information sources, as well as inferences, assumptions, probability and possibility, and gradations of doubt and beliefs in a range of languages. The book investigates twelve different languages, from families including Tibeto-Burman, Nakh-Dagestani, and Austronesian, all of which share the property of requiring the source of information to be specified in every sentence. In these languages, it may not be possible to say merely that 'the man went fishing'.
Tags: languages, Grammar, information, Knowledge, share
Handbook of Monetary Economics, Volume 3B

Handbook of Monetary Economics, Volume 3BHandbook of Monetary Economics, Volume 3B

What are the goals of monetary policy and how are they transmitted?
Top scholars summarize recent evidence on the roles of money in the economy, the effects of information, and the growing importance of nonbank financial institutions.
Tags: nonbank, importance, growing, information, financial, Handbook, Economics, Volume, Monetary
Communication Yearbook 13
Communication Yearbook 13The Communication Yearbook 13 includes chapters on the following topics: Interaction goals in negotiation, an analysis of ethnographic narrative, the role of the news media in international relations, Japan as an information exporter, group decision making, new models for mass communication research.
Tags: Yearbook, Communication, exporter, information, Japan
Martindale - The Complete Drug Reference (2009)

Martindale - The Complete Drug Reference (2009)Martindale - The Complete Drug Reference (2009)

This book provides reliable, unbiased and evaluated information on drugs and medicines used throughout the world. Each new drug licensed for use has its own potential benefits and adverse effects, and its own profile for dosage, administration and indications. Furthermore, manufacturers make regular changes to existing drug names and formulations, which can affect their interactions and safe usage. Health professionals require the correct answers and need to have confidence in the drugs information they use – but with medicines evolving at this rate, how can they be sure their knowledge is up to date? “Martindale” contains up to date information about more than 5,800 substances.
Tags: information, drugs, Martindale, medicines, their, Reference
The Fly on the Wall

The Fly on the WallThe Fly on the Wall

Tony Hillerman - The Fly on the Wall

Reporter John Cotton knows what to do when he finds a great story, but he is a little afraid when a big story begins to find him. It starts when a fellow reporter is murdered and his notebook, filled with information about a tax scam, ends up in John's hands. Not long afterwards, a body is discovered in John's car. Then John's car ends up in the river, a bomb is found in his apartment, and his girlfriend drops out of sight. It's up to John to unravel the mystery of the notebook and why anyone would kill for the information it contains.


Tags: notebook, story, information, found, apartment, girlfriend, drops
Discourse Adjectives
Discourse AdjectivesIn this dissertation I introduce and provide a thorough semantic analysis of iscourse Adjectives, a natural class of adjectives that I argue includes apparent, clear, evident, and obvious among its prototypical members. My main claim is that Discourse Adjectives do not provide information about the facts of the world. Rather, they are used by interlocutors to negotiate the status of  propositions in a discourse.
Tags: Adjectives, Discourse, provide, information, about