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The Plain English Guide
The Plain English GuideMillions of us are professional writers without even being aware of it. Everyday we write countless letters, memos, instructions, legal documents, and reports. And often this writing is criticized for being full of jargon, or obscure, or long-winded, or just not in "plain English." But what is plain English, and how does one write it? The Plain English Guide offers down-to-earth advice and twenty easy-to-follow guidelines covering plain words, sentence length, active and passive verbs, punctuation, planning, and good organization of points.
Tags: English, plain, write, Plain, being
Ways of Being in Teaching: Conversations and Reflections
Ways of Being in Teaching: Conversations and ReflectionsAs teachers, we share experiences with one another. It is a way to make sense of our teaching lives and teaching selves. Ways of Being in Teaching is that kind of sharing; it is a scholarly conversation that will appeal to teachers who are tired of the tips and tricks, and want to talk more deeply about how to flourish in this profession. Most of us know ways to strengthen and sustain self, soul, heart, identity, and how these key touchstones also strengthen teaching. This book recognizes that who we are, where we are, and why, is as much a social process as a personal one. Attending to life purpose is a way of attending to teaching.
Tags: teaching, Being, teachers, strengthen, Teaching
World English(es) and the Multilingual Turn: Frameworks of Complex Phenomena
World English(es) and the Multilingual Turn: Frameworks of Complex PhenomenaThe recent multilingual turn involves various different implicit and explicit language policies, urging pressure and resistance with regard to the spread of English and its dominant relationships with other national languages. As such, this book considers the social value of communication as the basis of multilingualism and of the evolution of language systems.
The data presented here show English as being in the middle of the double “listening” of cultural mediation and the imperfect “magnifying” glass of translation, with worldwide Standard English being but one of the many other related varieties which enjoy prestige on a large scale.
Tags: English, other, language, being, glass
Sacred Tears: Sentimentality in Victorian Literature
Sacred Tears: Sentimentality in Victorian LiteratureThe subject of this book is of historical and contemporary importance. The canard that ours is an unsentimental and even anti-sentimental culture has been advanced by influential twentiethcentury opinion makers. In modern high culture, sentimentality is often thought of as vaguely embarrassing or is condemned for being in bad taste or for being insincere.
Tags: culture, being, taste, condemned, embarrassing
Character Education: The Adventures of the P.E. Gang

Character Education: The Adventures of the P.E. GangCharacter Education: The Adventures of the P.E. Gang

Grades: 3-5

The program is designed to assist you in developing these positive character traits: caring, responsibility, fairness, trustworthiness, respect and being cooperative. 


Tags: respect, trustworthiness, fairness, being, cooperative, Character, Adventures, Education, responsibility, caring
Communicate What You Think

Communicate What You ThinkCommunicate What You Think

Communicate What You Think by Earl Nightingale Original Release Date: August 31, 2009 | Label: Earl Nightingale | ASIN: B002NNOMQK | Language English | Audio CD in MP3/64Kbps | 66 MB critical success factors such as writing skills, public speaking skills, being a better communicator, and fostering excellent relationships


Tags: skills, Communicate, Nightingale, Think, public, being
CNN Student News - Sep 15, 2016 (with English subtitle)

CNN Student News - Sep 15, 2016 (with English subtitle)CNN Student News - Sep 15, 2016 (with English subtitle)

With a major typhoon barreling toward southeast China, we're looking at how the terrain contributes to the danger. With the 2016 Paralympic Games taking place in Brazil, we're showing you how nothing could keep one competitor off the track. And with self-driving cars being tested in Pittsburgh, we're explaining what it's like to get behind the wheel but not actually steer it.
Tags: being, tested, Pittsburgh, self-driving, track, subtitle, Student, English