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Confusing Sentences

Confusing sentencesConfusing sentences

Sometimes in English,  we can find sentences whose structures are quite similar but with a totally different meaning. For example:   He threw the ball at me  vs  He threw the ball to me. In this case the only difference is the preposition. However, it causes a big change in meaning as you will be able to read in the answer key.

Tags: threw, sentences, meaning, However, preposition, Confusing, difference
Napoleon and the Art of Diplomacy: How War and Hubris Determined the Rise and Fall of the French Empire

Napoleon and the Art of Diplomacy: How War and Hubris Determined the Rise and Fall of the French Empire

A small library could be stocked with books written about Napoleon the general, whose battles and campaigns have been studied extensively. Warriors, however, are not generally known for their diplomatic skills and Napoleon Bonaparte is no exception. After all, conquerors are accustomed to imposing rather than negotiating terms. For Napoleon, however, the arts of war and diplomacy meshed. Napoleon was often as brilliant and successful at diplomacy as he was at war, although at times he could also be as disastrous at the diplomatic table as he was on his final battlefield.
Tags: Napoleon, diplomatic, however, diplomacy, could
English Grammar 2016 - Everything about English Verbs

English Grammar 2016 - Everything about English VerbsEnglish Grammar 2016 - Everything about English Verbs

Learn using English verbs correctly , get ready for your English exams, or help your children with their English study!

English has four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. However, you can't be good at these skills if you are not good at grammar !


Tags: English, skills, these, However, writing, about, Verbs, Grammar
The tale of Squirrel Nutkin
The tale of Squirrel NutkinThe Tale of Squirrel Nutkin is a children's story written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter, first published by Frederick Warne in 1903. As the story itself says, it is "a Tale about a tail - a tail that belonged to a little red squirrel" whose name is Nutkin.
Squirrel Nutkin goes along with a group of squirrels to Owl Island to gather nuts. However, while all the other squirrels are busy collecting nuts, Nutkin is often playing or making mischief.
Reuploaded Thanks to korova-daisy
Tags: Nutkin, Squirrel, squirrels, gather, Brown, story, However, while
How to Write a CV in English

How to write a CV in EnglishHow to write a CV in English

Whether you are a native or non-native English speaker, applyingfor  a job in an English speaking country can be a difficult and scary task. In many Business English classes, you learn necessary skills such as how to have a successful interview. However, before you even get to the interview stage you need to impress your possible future employer with your CV.
Tags: English, interview, However, before, stage, successful
TTC Video - Writing and Civilization: From Ancient Worlds to Modernity

TTC Video - Writing and Civilization: From Ancient Worlds to Modernity

Can you imagine the world—or your life—without writing? From emails to street signs and newspapers to novels, the written word is so ever-present that we rarely stop to consider how it came to be.
Yet at just over 5,000 years old, writing is actually a relatively recent invention. It has become so central to the way we communicate and live, however, that it often seems as if writing has always existed.
Tags: writing, often, seems, however, communicate
Mining the Biomedical Literature

Mining the Biomedical Literature

The introduction of high-throughput methods has transformed biology into a data-rich science. Knowledge about biological entities and processes has traditionally been acquired by thousands of scientists through decades of experimentation and analysis. The current abundance of biomedical data is accompanied by the creation and quick dissemination of new information. Much of this information and knowledge, however, is represented only in text form--in the biomedical literature, lab notebooks, Web pages, and other sources.
Tags: information, biomedical, however, knowledge, dissemination