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Nina And The Neurons Go Inventing


The idea is that this show breaks down basic science in a fun and educational way that young children can understand. Nina is accompanied by her five neurons who help her to explore the world around us. Her neurons are the five senses - taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. They help Nina to work out her scientific dilemmas and are portrayed as cartoon characters.

Nina works out all kinds of little scientific dilemmas in her short shows. From why some things smell bad, to what makes an echo. There's a question asked at the start of each episode by a young child, often a question that a lot of young inquisitive children might well have asked us at some point in time, and Nina then explores that question to work out the answer with the help of her Neurons. I like that they actually explore all the various options before coming to the answer in this show as that's as important to teach young children as the actual answer is.


Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_01._Bouncy_Beds.mp4     84.4Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_12._Handy_Handles.mp4     83.8Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_10._Get_Wet.mp4     84.8Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_11._Sliding_Doors.mp4     84.6Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_14._Time_for_Cogs.mp4     84.6Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_16._Buckle_Up.mp4     84.5Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_15._Hot_and_Cold.mp4     84.5Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_13._Cooking_with_Waves.mp4     84.6Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_17._Dirty_Dishes.mp4     84.6Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_18._Top_Taps.mp4     84.1Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_19._Keys.mp4     83.9Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_02._Pen_and_Paper.mp4     84.6Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_20._Eyes_in_the_Dark.mp4     84.8Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_21._Near_and_Far.mp4     84.1Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_22._Hubble_Bubble.mp4     84.7Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_23._In_a_Flush.mp4     83.4Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_24._Extraordinary_X-Rays.mp4     84.8Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_03._Loud_and_Clear.mp4     85.9Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_05._Mirror_Mirror.mp4     84.6Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_06._Wheels.mp4     81.9Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_07._Clean_It_Up.mp4     84.8Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_08._Lift_Off.mp4     83.6Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Inventing_-_09._Round_and_Round.mp4     84.5Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_-_Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Eco_09._Monkey_Business.mp4     152.7Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_-_Nina_and_the_Neurons_Go_Eco_10._Every_Drop_Counts.mp4     152.8Mb
Nina_and_the_Neurons_Series_2_-_25._Tremendous_Toes.mp4     153.6Mb


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