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What's up Starter Second Edition TB

What's up Starter Second Edition TBWhat's up Starter Second Edition TB

Relevant, complete and New!
Effective, and easy-to-teach as ever, What’s Up? Second Edition is packed with new features that will increase student involvement and communicative ability. Optional Final tasks based on Web 2.0 applications will spark their creativity and train their critical thinking skills. 
Tags: their, Second, Edition, spark, applications, Starter, Final
The United Nations: A Very Short Introduction
The United Nations: A Very Short IntroductionAfter seven decades of existence has the UN become obsolete? Is it ripe for retirement? As Jussi Hanhimäki proves in the second edition of this Very Short Introduction, the answer is no. In the second decade of the twenty-first century the UN remains an indispensable organization that continues to save lives and improve the world as its founders hoped. Since its original publication in 2008, this 2nd edition includes more recent examples of the UN Security Council in action and peacekeeping efforts while exploring its most recent successes and failures.
Tags: Short, Introduction, recent, second, edition
English Vocabulary for High School
English Vocabulary for High SchoolEnglish Vocabulary for High School has been designed to cover a broad range of English words required for high school as well as undergraduate education. The book is primarily written for those who use English as a second language and aspire to understand English text as native speakers.
Tags: English, School, Vocabulary, second, those
Second Language Acquisition in a Study Abroad Context
Second Language Acquisition in a Study Abroad ContextSecond Language Acquisition in a Study Abroad Context brings together for the first time a series of studies which explore the relationship between language learning and the study abroad experience. Utilizing different research methodologies (quantitative, qualitative, descriptive), the focus in this collection is on various aspects of second language learning, including the acquisition of sociolinguistic competence, the acquisition of fluency, the use of communicative strategies and the development of oral and written skills.
Tags: learning, acquisition, Second, language, Context
Radio Journalism in America: Telling the News in the Golden Age and Beyond

Radio Journalism in America: Telling the News in the Golden Age and Beyond

This history of radio news reporting recounts and assesses the contributions of radio toward keeping America informed since the 1920s. It identifies distinct periods and milestones in broadcast journalism and includes a biographical dictionary of important figures who brought news to the airwaves. Americans were dependent on radio for cheap entertainment during the Great Depression and for critical information during the Second World War, when no other medium could approach its speed and accessibility.
Tags: radio, during, America, critical, Second
Language Proficiency in Native and Non-native Speakers: Theory and research

Language Proficiency in Native and Non-native Speakers: Theory and research

This book, written for both seasoned and novice researchers, presents a theory of what is called Basic and Higher Language Cognition (BLC and HLC), a theory aimed at making some fundamental issues concerning first and second language learning and bilingualism (more) empirical. The first part of the book provides background for and explication of the theory as well as an agenda for future research, while the second part reports on selected studies of language proficiency in native speakers, as well as non-native speakers, and studies of the relationship between literacy in a first and second language.
Tags: second, theory, language, first, Language
British as a Second Language

British as a Second LanguageBritish as a Second Language

David Bennun had lived in Africa his whole life. At the age of 18 he came to Britain, the mother country. The country he had read about in "Punch" magazine or seen in films like "Chariots of Fire". He was in for a shock. A very big shock indeed: 'I could not have been less prepared had I spent my life up to that point listening to 30-year-old broadcasts of the "Light Programme".' In this timely follow-up to the critically acclaimed "Tick Bite Fever", David Bennun shows us our own country through the eyes of an alien.
Tags: country, David, Bennun, shock, follow-up, Second, British