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The Glencoe Reader Course 1 Workbook


The Glencoe Reader is a special kind of book - one you can actually interact with and make your own. Go ahead. Circle, underline, or highlight parts of a selection that grab your attention or that are hard to understand. Jot down words you want to remember. Fill the margins with your own thoughts and questions. You can mark up this reader in a way that works for you - a way that helps you understand and remember what you read.

To Students and Parents
How to Use This Book
The What, Why, and How of Reading
Fiction, Poetry, and Drama
Reading Short Stories
Francisco Jimenez: The Circuit
visualize; infer; autobiographical fiction; following the setting
Lensey Namioka: The All-American Slurp
clarify; draw conclusions; point of view; understanding difficult words
Nicholasa Mohr: Shoes for Hector
connect; analyze; theme; understanding dialogue
Judith Viorst: The Southpaw
respond; interpret; characterization; following text structure
Mildred D. Taylor: The Gold Cadillac
monitor comprehension; evaluate; climax; understanding the times

Reading Poetry
Diana Rivera: Dinner Together AND
Emily Dickinson: How soft a Caterpillar steps
visualize; interpret; making sense with punctuation
Eloise Greenfield: Daydreamers
question; analyze; rhyme; reading complete thoughts
Langston Hughes: April Rain Song
connect; personification; understanding imagery

Reading Folktales and Myths
Julius Lester: Why Dogs Are Tame
predict; main idea; folktale; understanding descriptive language
Jane Yolen: Wings
summarize; infer; myth; understanding author’s style
Jenny Leading Cloud: The End of the World
identify sequence; analyze; origin tales; recognizing tone

Reading Drama
Roald Dahl and Richard George: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Scenes 1 - 6
question; draw conclusions; props; reading stage directions

Reading Novels

Reading Literary Non-fiction
Judith Ortiz Cofer: Primary Lessons
question; draw conclusions; character; understanding cultural references
Jim Brandenburg: Brother Wolf
clarify; infer; tone; understanding pronouns
Walter Dean Myers: Abd al-Rahman Ibrahima
monitor comprehension; infer; biography; following sequence of events
Patricia Lauber: from Volcano
preview; analyze; informational text; understanding scientific details

Reading Mass Media
from inTIME magazine: The Bully Battle
connect; evaluate; author’s purpose; interpreting statistics
from inTIME magazine: River Keepers Help Alaska’s Salmon
respond; synthesize; reading maps
from USA Today: Knock, knock. Who’s There? An ivory-billed woodpecker?
summarize; draw conclusions; text features; understanding long sentences
from USA Today: Sister, brother find successful angle on life
monitor comprehension; evaluate; author’s craft; using quotations to understand key ideas
Glencoe Literature: Web SiteLiterature: Course 1
scan; Web page design; reading a Web page
Print Advertisement: Pride of Possession Is Standard Equipment
question; identifying persuasive words

Reading Textbooks
from Glencoe Science Voyages: What Is Climate?
skim; main idea; text features; understanding graphics
from Glencoe Human Heritage: A Human History - The Paleolithic Age
review; main idea; text features; reading dense text
from Glencoe Mathematics: Applications and Connections - Making Circle Graphs
preview; text structure; reading circle graphs

Reading Functional Documents
Form: Mail Order Form
scan; identifying key information
Application: Bank Savings Account Application
preview; interpret; understanding official business language
Public Transportation Schedule: Camp Bus Schedule
scan; understanding unfamiliar language
Map: Mall Map
skim; reading maps
Instructions from a Manual: Sending an E-mail
preview; following instructions

Standardized Tests
Reading Standardized Tests
Reading Test: Type 1 - respond; interpret; multiple-meaning words
Reading Test: Type 2  - scan; main idea; reading for key words
English Language Arts Tests - preview; analyze; understanding text features
Writing Prompts
skim; infer; reading a list
Reading Handbook
Hot Words Journal

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