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Georgina Conway - My New World (Audiobook)


My New World

Hello. My name is Georgina Conway. I am twenty six years old and I live in Manchester. I have three beautiful children.
I decided to write this story to help you understand what bullying can do to a person. I would also like to say, if you feel the same as I did, do not put up with it. Tell someone. Things will not get worse. Someone can help you and stop all the pain that you are going through.
Georgina Conway
I would like to thank my partner and all my family for their support, and also my tutor.

From what I can remember, I did not like school very much. In fact, I hated it. I was bullied from when I was little until the day I left.
I would cry myself to sleep every Sunday night, knowing I had to go to school for the next week and get bullied. I hated every day of it.
The worst thing that can happen to a child, is being bullied. You feel so lonely and have no confidence in yourself. I also found it hard to do the work. I just could not concentrate.
I remember going to see a special teacher who worked with children who had learning problems.
The other children would pick on me over that, saying I was thick and should be in a special school for thick kids.
Then my problems started getting worse. I did not want to go to school. I would always lie to my mum, hoping she would let me stay off.
But even that only worked for a while, because when I was really sick, my mum did not believe me and I got sent to school. I will always remember my mum saying I was like the boy who cried wolf*.
I was a quiet child at school and had no friends. It was like I was digging a hole. I just kept getting deeper and deeper into trouble. Firstly, I had no friends, then I got bullied, then I could not concentrate on my work and then I did not want to go to school.
None of the teachers like me. Well, I do not know whether they liked me or not, or if they had just given up trying to help me.
The bullying was the one thing most damaging in my later life. I have never had confidence. I used to hate myself and always wanted to be someone else.
I would always put myself down and still do. It is hard to get out of the habit. When you have been told that you are thick for most of your life, your start to believe it.
I got the confidence to go back to night school for my children, to help them with their homework. I think that the extra help that they get at home is very important.
My daughter is seven and she needs lots of help. Every night she has homework and I am so pleased that I can sit down and work with her. But I never though that I would get as far as being able to help my children.
At night school everyone has come back for the same reasons although they are all at different levels.
The tutors are great too. I went through stages where I though it was a waste of time, that I was never going to learn anything and that I was getting nowhere.

I had no confidence and when I wrote stories or letters I would not like anyone to look at them. But it is the confidence that the tutors have in you and your work that keeps you going back.
I also think that you have to have willpower to stick at it and ask yourself, what have I got to lose?
I have been going to night school for a year now and it has helped me to get some confidence. This confidence has made a big difference in my life.
If I am not happy about something now I will not let people tell me what to do and boss me around. I will complain about it either by letter or just telling them, face to face.
It has not just given me the confidence to stand up for myself and my children but it has made me feel really good. My parents and family are so proud of me. Going to night school has been great for me.
I will be getting a certificate for Wordpower** level1 and I will go on to level 2, then on to college. I have not yet decided what I want do do but I am very interested in helping children. I think I am a good person to help children deal with being bullied, because I have been bullied myself.
I am now thinking of the future. So you can see, that going to night school has been the best thing I have ever done.

The Boy Who Cried "Wolf!"
In this story, a boy looks after a flock of sheep. When he is bored, he shouts, "Wolf!" People come to chase away the wolf. But there is no wolf.
One day, a wolf really does attack the sheep. When the boy cries "Wolf!" no one believes him. Some of his sheep are killed.
Wordpower is a basic skills course

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