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mini-TV-show "The Lost Room" with external subtitles


The Lost Room (pilot episode)

О ФИЛЬМЕ: Что если весь мир устроен не так просто, как нам кажется? Что если самые простые бытовые предметы обладают свойствами, которые не поддаются объяснению? И что если самый близкий Вам человек оказался в плену этих мистических событий? Присоединитесь к детективу Джо Миллеру и другим героям телесериала "Пропавшая комната" и узнайте всю правду о том, что случилось в десятом номере мотеля "Саншайн" и как это изменило судьбу всего мира.

Мое личное мнение – это один из самых лучших (мини) сериалов. Интересная фантастика (идея), захватывающий триллер (сюжет), хорошая игра актеров. Три серии по 1,5 часа. Смотреть всем обязательно! Жаль, что всего три серии…

Описание / Description

Strange and clever, "The Lost Room" is full of winding corridors, peculiar twists and wry, oddball humor, set against a mystery that recalls TV's better Stephen King productions -- before, that is, they invariably fell apart in the last act. Building on Sci Fi's success with such fare as "The 4400" and "The Triangle," this well-cast project creates a dense world of "object hunters" that should tap directly into the basic cabler's geekazoid base, helping them to fill this relatively barren TV period by booking a three-night stay.

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Enjoy !!!

Here are some comments of people from imdb who watched it :

Utterly Fascinating Puzzle for Smart Viewers, 12 December 2006
Author: Enrique Sanchez from Miami, FL

I am, I repeat, UTTERLY fascinated with the puzzle which is the premise with this new SCI-FI series. It appears that SCI-FI Channel is finally listening to us and providing real Science Fiction instead of just empty space adventures and endless streams of mindless exercises in bad horror.

The central protagonist, Joe Miller, who is excellently played by Peter Krause, introduces a deftly played brave-smart-everyman quality to this thriller which brings us quickly into the story.

Kevin Pollak shows his true colors early as a fine actor playing the cool-mob-type bad guy.
Dennis Christopher brings a brilliant, oddball weirdness to his role as the volatile, confused dreamer, Dr. Ruber.
But everyone and everything is not what they/it seem(s). And I won't spoil any of the plot line for readers.

Suffice it to say, this is a gem in the making. If all possibilities are to be developed as I think they should be, this is going to be one to remember. Facts are not revealed all at once as in the end of an Agatha Christie mystery. You are not given great big chunks of them but: piecemeal and as far as I can tell this early - not without their own internal mysteries.

You have to only guess what is coming next, and when it comes, something else is brought into the fold which skews or distorts what you first believed.

So far the sophisticated viewer's collective intelligence has not been insulted or compromised.
This is very good writing.
It does not rely on special effects for the mystery. The mystery is in the story, the way it should be.

Let's keep it this way! I am hooked. I hope it a series! Bravo SCI-FI!

Thoughtful, Well-planned, Well-executed, 12 December 2006
Author: rlayfield11 from United States

I am thoroughly enthralled by what this show has to offer. I had the benefit of catching a repeat of the first few episodes back to back, and I am hooked beyond belief.
What stuns me is that everything seems to have a purpose behind it. At first, it appears to be an adventure that is random for the sake of being random. However, as the show unravels, there is a strange sense of mystery that would make Sir Arthur Conan Doyle proud. Shows like Lost have failed to grab my attention simply because I felt as if the writers were trying to make a 5-show plot thread last for fifty.
To be honest, I don't believe I've been this hooked on a show since Firefly. The main character could have easily been played by Nathan Fillion to the same effect of character. I hesitate to make any more comparisons; I'd hate for people to think this show is a hybrid of this or that. Something about it makes it completely unique.
I'm looking forward to where this show goes. I actually believe that history will remember this show as a benchmark for things to come.


Fantastic Mini-Series - PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!, 14 December 2006
Author: orlyrocks from United States

What a mini-series!!! I absolutely loved this show!!! It left me wanting more ie, a series. I love the series Lost and watched Taken three times. So, I'm a fan of Sci-Fi. This captured my attention from the minute they showed the teaser. The story line was absolutely fascinating. And I thought the acting was excellent. I too enjoyed Peter Kraus in Six Feet Under; he's a very talented actor and I feel he will go very far.
If the writers and producers are reading these postings, Please, please bring this back as a series!!!! I loved it and would watch it faithfully! Thank you for bringing such an interesting show to us.









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