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Different Stores In English


There so many Different words referring to different types of stores & shops where you can buy particular types of things…

Stores that sell particular types of goods:

  • Bookstore/clothes store/record store etc.:

A store that sells one type of goods

  • Grocery store:

Different Stores In English

Grocery Store

A store that sells food and other things used in the home

  • Supermarket:

A large store that sells many different kinds of food and things people need for the house

  • Bakery:

A place or area within a grocery store where bread, cakes, cookies, etc. are made or sold.

  • Delicatessen/deli:

A small store or an area within a grocery store that sells cheese, cooked meat, bread, etc.

  • Liquor store:

 Different Stores In English

Liquor store

A small store where alcohol is sold.

  • Drugstore:

A store where you can buy medicines, beauty products, etc.

  • Hardware store:

A store that sells equipment and tools that you use in your home and yard.

  • Nursery/garden center:

A place where plants and trees are grown and sold.

  • Newsstand:

a place on a street where newspapers and magazines are sold.

  • Boutique:

A small store that sells fashionable clothes or decorations


Stores that sell different types of goods:

  • Convenience store:

A store where you can buy food, newspapers, etc., that is often open 24 hours each day.

  • Department store:


Department store

A large store that sells many different products, such as clothes, kitchen equipment, etc.

  • Chain store:

One of a group of stores owned by the same company

  • Superstore:

A very big store, especially one that has many different types of products, or one that has a lot of one type of product.

  • Stores that sell goods more cheaply:
  • Outlet store:

A store that sells things for less than the usual price.

  • Warehouse store:

A store that sells things in large amounts at lower prices.


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