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Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary v.2.2 and 3.0


Webster GUI Interface - The Look of dictionary when clicked on the icon
Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary v.2.2 and 3.0

With fifty years of experience in dictionary publishing behind it, Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary is the most definitive single-volume reference of the English language available - and the only dictionary of its kind available on CD-ROM. This modern dictionary offers an exhaustive, traditional record of the language, while covering the latest, most important developments - ahead of any other dictionary.

Using cutting-edge technology, Random House is able to bring you Newer Words Faster. The Random House Living Dictionary Database™, from which Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary was developed, is an immense revolutionary computerized database for direct, immediate, on-line editing. Dictionary entries can be updated on-screen as required, and most importantly, vital new vocabulary, from science to slang, can be added instantly, the moment it emerges in our language.

The CD-ROM includes not only the full text of the printed dictionary, complete with all the new words integrated into the A to Z listing, but also illustrations and spot maps that can be sized on-screen and printed. The multilingual interface is designed to work with Windows™95, 98, and NT, and the improved search engine offers flexibility and ease of use. In addition, professionally recorded pronunciations bring the sounds of American English to life. A version for Windows™ 3.1 is included on the same CD-ROM.

Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary is designed to meet the wide-ranging needs of today's students and scholars, who study ancient documents one day and surf the Internet the next; of professional writers, who craft poems or write articles for technical journals; of businesspeople, who need to communicate clearly, whether face-to-face or fax-to-fax; and - above all - the needs of word lovers.

In addition to standard and specialized vocabulary, this extensive volume contains a wide variety of features, encompassing up-to-date, authoritative factual and encyclopedic information. It is truly a unique general reference volume for the office, the school, and the entire family.

Important features include:
Over 315,000 entries
1,500 updated definitions and entries
2,400 spot maps and illustrations
Scholarly, up-to-date etymologies, including dates to show when terms entered the language, and showing clearly labeled Americanisms
Entries for important and famous people; places and historical events; major works of literature, music, and art; names and abbreviations of academic, governmental, social, and fraternal organizations; popular given names; common abbreviations; and foreign terms
Entries and definitions for current place names, reflecting recent political and geographical changes worldwide
Coverage of major British, Canadian, and Australian terms
Over 75,000 example phrases and sentences to show how words are used in context
Metric equivalents for weight, volume, height, distance, etc., included in definitions and captions Endangered species identified
Comprehensive supplementary notes at many entries, discussing:
usage problems
pronunciation questions
distinctions among synonyms
regional variations and dialects

Additional supplementary lists of:
words formed from common prefixes
Valuable supplements to the dictionary found in the front and back matter, including:
"Sound-Spelling Correspondences in English"
"Basic Manual of Style"
List of "Words Commonly Confused"
The Best and Most Affordable Unabridged Dictionary Available Today on CD-ROM - Only from Random House Webster's

A comprehensive dictionary in one volume with over 315,000 entries, the language of literature, the terms in your textbooks, and the nuances in your newspapers are all here. Includes the newest words. If it's an important new word, you'll find it here first. An up-to-date, eight-page New-Words Section has been included in the print edition, and last-minute additions have been included in the CD-ROM-terms like 24-7, DVD (digital video/virtual disk), road rage, and half-pipe. Over 1,500 other entries and definitions have been updated as well.

Also included are

New and updated biographical entries
Revised geographical entries reflecting the recent changes worldwide
2,400 spot maps and illustrations
An all new CD-ROM

With an all-new search engine, the CD-ROM is a flexible tool with advanced features designed to meet the needs of scholars, students, businesspeople, and anyone else who needs an extensive, versatile resource for words.
Find the word you need - when you need it.
Do specialized computer searches.
Print the results.
Link the dictionary to your word processor.
Choose the language of your interface - English, French, or Spanish.
Play word games.
Click! For fast electronic searches

Choose among many ways to search the dictionary. Whichever Search Type you choose, just a click of the mouse brings up the word you want with the full text of the dictionary entry - definitions, written pronunciations, parts of speech, etymologies, synonyms and antonyms, usage notes, and more.

Look! For the camera icon

This dictionary on disk is not just words - more than 2,400 spot maps and illustrations await you. Just click on the camera icon wherever it appears.

Listen! To the recorded pronunciations

Hear the written language come to life. Over 120,000 professionally recorded pronunciations - more than in any other electronic dictionary - capture the authentic sounds of American English. Just click on the loudspeaker icon.

Installing Info:

1. Make one folder.
2. Rename the New folder and gave him the other name for instance Webster's Unabridged Dictionary.
3. UnRAR the contents of all 5 files in it.
4. That should look exactly like the Webster's Unabridged Dictionary Contents What's in it when Extracted - UnRAR it?
5. Click on RHUD30.exe, 146Kb in size
6. Never click on larger Rhudwin.exe 216kb
7. That's it!!

No need to install it. No need for cracks or so on.
Just click on RHUD30.exe

GUI Interface - The Look of dictionary when clicked on the icon


What's in it?



Webster's Unabridged Dictionary Almost All + Parts 1-4
Uploads 29.09.2009 and 30.09.2009 & 30.01.2010: Almost All 103.50MB 103.50MB 103.50MB    99.50MB



Create one folder. Put the all 5 files in it. I mean Bin.RAR + rhudwav.part1.rar + rhudwav.part2.rar + rhudwav.part3.rar + rhudwav.part4.rar. You have to download them all. Bin file consists of 26 files in it, the rhudwav.wac, The Dictionary, consists of only one large file. Extract all files into this folder.

Size of all 5 parts in RAR file 444MB, when extracted 517MB.



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