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A Writer at War: Vasily Grossman with the Red Army

A Writer at War: Vasily Grossman with the Red Army

Edited and translated from the Russian by Antony Beevor and Luba Vinogradova Knopf Canada is proud to present a masterpiece of the Second World War, never before published in English, from one of the great Russian writers of the 20th century – a vivid eyewitness account of the Eastern Front and “the ruthless truth of war.”
Tags: Russian, eyewitness, account, vivid, writers
English Particles, Russian Prefixes and Prepositional Phrases: Slavic Linguistics
English Particles, Russian Prefixes and Prepositional Phrases: Slavic LinguisticsThis book is based on the research of verbal prefixes in Slavic languages and Germanic particles carried out at Tromsø University under supervision of Peter Svenonius. It offers a comparative analysis of the syntactic behavior of English particles and Russian prefixes in prepositional phrases. It concludes that these elements exhibit a lot of similarities and occupy the same position in the syntactic structure. Apart from studying particles and prefixes, this work also provides a thorough analysis of prepositions cross-linguistically, focusing mainly on Russian and English.
Tags: particles, English, prefixes, Russian, syntactic
Russian particles in English translation

Russian particles in english translationRussian particles in english translation

Вот, ведь, же, как бы.
Эти слова мы, не задумываясь, употребляем много раз каждый день. Не смотря на свой маленький размер, они несут в себе большой смысл и придают особый колорит русской речи. Разобраться в их многочисленных значениях, а так же возможностях передачи этих значений в английском языке и помогает эта книга.
Tags: значений, английском, передачи, возможностях, многочисленных, translation, Russian, particles, значениях
English Первое сентября 2009 №30. In the Magic Kingdom of the Past Simple Tense

English Первое сентября 2009 №30. In the Magic Kingdom of the Past Simple TenseEnglish Первое сентября 2009 №30. In the Magic Kingdom of the Past Simple Tense

Предоставленные в брошюре методические приемы, игры и комплекс коммуникативных упражнений облегчают задачу по заучиванию всех форм неправильных глаголов, обеспечивая учащимся достаточно прочное их усвоение, и поддерживают интерес обучаемых к изучению английского языка.
For Russian speakers only

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Tags: английского, языка, Russian, изучению, обучаемых, Tense, English, Kingdom, Simple, Первое, publication, alternative
Historical Dictionary of Russian Theater

Historical Dictionary of Russian Theater

Despite constant hindrance from government interference and control, the Russian theater has produced many memorable playwrights, schools of thought, and plays, whose influence can be seen throughout the world.
Tags: Russian, influence, whose, plays, thought
Rasputin: The Untold Story

Rasputin: The Untold Story

Based on new sources—the definitive biography of Rasputin, with revelations about his life, death, and involvement with the Romanovs
A century after his death, Grigory Rasputin remains fascinating: the Russian peasant with hypnotic eyes who befriended Tsar Nicholas II and helped destroy the Russian Empire, but the truth about his strange life has never fully been told. Written by the world's leading authority on Rasputin, this new biography draws on previously closed Soviet archives to offer new information on Rasputin's relationship with Empress Alexandra, sensational revelations about his sexual conquests, a re-examination of his murder, and more.
Tags: Rasputin, about, revelations, Russian, death
Unlucky in Law

Unlucky in LawUnlucky in Law

Perri O'Shaughnessy - Unlucky in Law

Nina has just received a last-minute call from her old boss and mentor in Monterey County, California, where she is enjoying the breathtaking scenery and spending time with her boyfriend, P.I. Paul van Wagoner. Klaus Pohlmann is in desperate straits and begs Nina to take over a seemingly unwinnable case: A luckless two-time felon named Stefan Wyatt has robbed a grave and made off with the long-buried bones of a Russian emigre. When he is caught and arrested, further devastating evidence found in the grave suggests that Stefan is guilty of a far more deadly crime.


Tags: Stefan, grave, Unlucky, long-buried, Russian, emigre, bones