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TTC - The History of Ancient Rome


TTC - The History of Ancient Rome

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From pre-Roman Italy through the long centuries of Republican and then Imperial rule, Professor Fagan interweaves narrative and analysis. Chronologically, the focus is on the years from 200 B.C.E. to 200 A.D., when Roman power was at its height.

The narrative of the rise and fall of Rome is itself compelling, and Professor Fagan's richly detailed and often humorous discussions of Roman life are uniquely memorable.

You study women and the family, slaves, cities, religious customs, the ubiquitous and beloved institution of public bathing, the deep cultural impact of Hellenism, and such famous Roman amusements as chariot racing and gladiatorial games.

Lecture 01 to 10: From Village to Monarchy to Republic
Lecture 11 to 15: Early Expansion and Rapid Collision
Lecture 16 to 19: Greek Influence and Roman Government
Lecture 20 to 30: The Roman Revolution
Lecture 31 to 36: The Roman Empire
Lecture 37 to 48: The End and a New Beginning

Course Lecture Titles
1. Introduction
2. The Sources
3. Pre-Roman Italy and the Etruscans
4. The Foundation of Rome
5. The Kings of Rome
6. Regal Society
7. The Beginnings of the Republic
8. The Struggle of the Orders
9. Roman Expansion in Italy
10. The Roman Confederation in Italy
11. The International Scene on the Eve of Roman Expansion
12. Carthage and the First Punic War
13. The Second Punic (or Hannibalic) War
14. Rome in the Eastern Mediterranean
15. Explaining the Rise of the Roman Empire
16. “The Captured Conqueror”—Rome and Hellenism
17. Governing the Republic, Part I—Senate and Magistrates
18. Governing the Republic, Part II—Popular Assemblies
19. The Pressures of Empire
20. The Gracchi Brothers
21. Marius and Sulla
22. "The Royal Rule of Sulla"
23. Sulla's Reforms Undone
24. Pompey and Crassus
25. The First Triumvirate
26. Pompey and Caesar
27. "The Domination of Caesar"
28. Social and Cultural Life in the Late Republic
29. Antony and Octavian
30. The Second Triumvirate
31. Octavian Emerges Supreme
32. The New Order of Augustus
33. The Imperial Succession
34. The Julio-Claudian Dynasty
35. The Emperor in the Roman World
36. The Third-Century Crisis
37. The Shape of Roman Society
38. Roman Slavery
39. The Family
40. Women in Roman Society
41. An Empire of Cities
42. Public Entertainment, Part I—The Roman Baths and Chariot Racing
43. Public Entertainment, Part II—Gladiatorial Games
44. Roman Paganism
45. The Rise of Christianity
46. The Restoration of Order
47. Constantine and the Late Empire
48. Thoughts on the "Fall" of the Roman Empire 

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