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The Hideout

The HideoutThe Hideout

 A powerful and moving novel about one man's final, fatal, heroic act of resistance in Nazi France.
Tags: heroic, resistance, France, Hideout, fatal
Heroes and Heroism in British Fiction Since 1800: Case Studies
Heroes and Heroism in British Fiction Since 1800: Case StudiesThis book is about the manifestations and explorations of the heroic in narrative literature since around 1800. It traces the most important stages of this representation but also includes strands that have been marginalised or silenced in a dominant masculine and higher-class framework - the studies include explorations of female versions of the heroic, and they consider working-class and ethnic perspectives. The chapters in this volume each focus on a prominent conjuncture of texts, histories and approaches to the heroic. Taken together, they present an overview of the ‘literary heroic’ in fiction since the late eighteenth century.
Tags: heroic, since, explorations, Taken, approaches
The Mystery of the Grail: Initiation and Magic in the Quest for the Spirit

The Mystery of the Grail: Initiation and Magic in the Quest for the SpiritThe Mystery of the Grail: Initiation and Magic in the Quest for the Spirit

In this important study of the meaning of the Grail, one of Europe's greatest esoteric philosophers discloses the pre-Christian and initiatic sources of this symbolic motif that is so central to Western mythology and culture. He demonstrates how the main features of the legend are from an older tradition analogous to the great heroic sagas and cycles of the North, and that the Grail itself is a symbol of initiation.
Tags: Grail, heroic, sagas, cycles, great, Mystery, Spirit, Quest, Initiation
The Powers of Genre: Interpreting Haya Oral Literature
The Powers of Genre: Interpreting Haya Oral LiteratureThe Powers of Genre describes a method for interpreting oral literature that depends upon and facilitates dialogue between insiders and outsiders to a tradition. Seitel illustrates this method with lively examples from Haya proverbs, folktales, and heroic verse. He then focuses on a single epic ballad to demonstrate, among other things, why stanzas need not rhyme, and how significance needs time in oral poetry and narrative. Making a controversial claim that an heroic age, similar to that of Ancient Greece, existed in Sub-Saharan Africa, this work will intrigue anyone who works in oral literature and narrative.
Tags: heroic, narrative, literature, Powers, Genre
Ariella, An Heroic Tale

Ariella, An Heroic TaleAriella, An Heroic Tale

Rymer the troubadour possesses only one thing of value in all the world: his beloved lute, Ariella. Unfortunately it has been stolen by minions of a terrible ogre. Without fear, Rymer sets off to find Ariella. On the way he learns he must get past the Black Duke in his Castle Starke. Luckily, Rymer has one ally in the person of Swine Girl. If only she didn’t smell so bad…
Tags: Ariella, Rymer, Luckily, Starke, Castle, Heroic