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FlashForward (2009) - TVseries - Season1[in progress]


FlashForward is a science-fiction television series, based on the 1999 novel Flashforward by Canadian science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer. It began airing on September 24, 2009.

The underlying question — can you change your future? — is at the heart of FlashForward, among the most-awaited new fall TV series, and one that some are calling the next Lost.


Episode 1 “No More Good Days”

The series opens on a seemingly ordinary day, that soon becomes extraordinary as everyone in Los Angeles blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. It soon becomes apparent the blackouts were worldwide, and were accompanied by a flash-forward where each person saw what might be his or her life on April 29, 2010, about six months in the future. FBI Agent Mark Benford and a team of agents in Los Angeles begin gathering clues as to what might have happened as they struggle to come to terms with their own visions...

For more episodes see the alternative links, please.

Episode 2 "White to Play"
Mark and Demetri go to Utah to investigate a lead on a suspect who might have a connection to the global blackout. Olivia sees the man from her flashforward, while her daughter Charlie is having trouble dealing with hers.

Episode 3 "137 Sekunden"
A former Nazi's vision during the blackout gives another lead in the case and helps clarify the reason why the blackout lasted exactly 137 seconds. Meanwhile, it appears that there may be some inconsistencies in visions... 

Episode 4 "Black Swan"

In the episode a patient's with a most improbable flashforward finds a proof of its being true. Demetry bares his sole to Agent Benford and we get to know about Nicole's vision. In the very end, another suspect turns up...  

Episode 5 "Gimme Some Truth"

On "Gimme Some Truth," Mark has to face a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing and finds himself defending his flash-forward.  The continuation of the investigation relies on him, but it's going to be tough providing evidence on something that hasn't even happened yet.

Also on the episode, we'll get to find out more about Janis and her own romantic relationship.

Episode 6 “Scary Monsters and Super Creeps”

In this episode, devoted to Halloween, Mark and the team investigate the attack on them and Janice and the clues lead them to the strange group “Blue Hand”. A mysterous Simon (Dominic Monaghan) appears ans turns out to be connected with Lloyd Simcoe and the feared global blackout. Meanwhile, Olivia’s flashforward seems to be gradually coming true...

Episode 7 "The Gift"
"The Gift" will continue the investigation on the mysterious Blue Hand, as the agents gain entry to the Blue Hand Club, going undercover. Aaron receives a visit from a former army buddy of his late daughter's, who tells him about what exactly happened to her. Meanwhile, Zoey pushes Demetri for answers regarding his recent actions...

Episode 8 "Playing Cards with Coyotes"

Mark foregoes a romantic getaway with his wife to trail a tattooed assassin he saw in his vision. They all hope to change the future, but peculiar circumstances keep getting in the way. Another secret that might be revealed on "Playing Cards with Coyotes" is the truth about the daughter of Aaron Stark, Tracy. As for Simon and Lloyd, they settle a bet with a game of poker...

Episode 9 “Believe”

Bryce decides to search for the woman in his flash-forward. Meanwhile, Mark tries to track down the person who sent Olivia the text-message about his flash-forward drinking. Another person trying to pursue a stranger is Demetri.  He and his co-agents decide to uncover the identity of the mysterious caller who told him about his death. Can they actually discover her identity and prevent Demetri's demise on March 15, 2010?


Episode 10 "A561984"

Against Wedeck's orders, Mark and Demetri travel to Hong Kong in search of the woman claiming to know details of Demetri's fate; Lloyd tries to come clean about his and Simon's involvement in the global blackout - against Simon's better judgment - and Zoey discovers the true meaning of her flashforward.

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