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BIOLOGY A Molecular Approach (2006) Interactive Student Edition


BSCS Biology: A Molecular Approach (2006) is a comprehensive, inquiry-based approach to biology. It challenges gifted and honor students to think scientifically, to integrate concepts, to analyze data, and to explore complex issues. This research-based program, developed with funding from the National Science Foundation, supports an inquiry approach to biology. It provides students with the background information needed to ask their own research questions and to conduct their own investigations.
Reading age for native speakers: High School students

- Reflects the latest information in molecular biology with updated content and labs.
- Measures several levels of student abilities with a sequence of assessment options as students apply their knowledge to major concepts.
- Provides correlations of the scope and sequence to the major AP biology themes, and of the investigations to the AP Biology Labs.


Unit 1: Energy, Matter, and Organization
Chapter 1: The Chemistry of Life
Chapter 2: Energy, Life, and the Biosphere
Chapter 3: Exchanging Materials with the Environment
Chapter 4: Autotrophy: Collecting Energy from the Non-living Environment
Chapter 5: Cell Respiration: Releasing Chemical Energy

Unit 2: The Cell: Homeostasis and Development
Chapter 6: Cell Structures and Their Functions
Chapter 7: Transport Systems
Chapter 8: The Cell Cycle
Chapter 9: Expressing Genetic Information
Chapter 10: Animal Growth and Development
Chapter 11: Plant Growth and Development

Unit 3: Heredity: Continuity of Life
Chapter 12: Reproduction
Chapter 13: Patterns and Inheritance
Chapter 14: Other forms of Inheritance
Chapter 15: Advances in Molecular Genetics
Chapter 16: Population Genetics

Unit 4: Evolution
Chapter 17: The Origin of Life
Chapter 18: Diversity and Variation
Chapter 19: Changes in Species
Chapter 20: Human Evolution

Unit 5: Responding to the Environment
Chapter 21: Nervous Systems
Chapter 22: Behavior
Chapter 23: Immune Systems

Unit 6: Interactions and Interdependence
Chapter 24: Ecosystem Structure and Function
Chapter 25: Change in Ecosystems

Biological Challenges

- Theory in Science
- Materialism and Vitalism
- Engineering Life
- What is a Gene?
- The Theory of Punctuated Equilibrium
- Sociobiology: An Evolutionary Theory of Behavior
- Organism Earth: The Gaia Hypothesis

- 1A The Periodic Table of the Elements
- 1B Radioisotopes and Research in Biology
- 4A ATP Synthesis in Chloroplasts and Mitochondria
- 6A Preparing Cells for Study
- 12A Pollination by Insects Aids Fertilization
- 13A The Chi-Square Test
- 13B Gene Mapping
- 20A Physical Adaptations
- 20B The Old Man from La Chapelle-aux-Saints
- 20C Cultural Evolution
- 22A Innate Behavior
- 23A Antibody Classes
- 23B Generating Antibody Diversity


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