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Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Rise of Nations


TTC - Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Rise of Nations
by Andrew Fix
published by TTC
48 lectures of 30 minutes - mp3 - 650 mb

In 1347, a merchant ship traveling from Crimea in central Asia docked at Messina in Sicily with a crew of desperately sick sailors. The Black Death had arrived in Europe.

The plague in its several forms would eventually kill up to half the population of Europe, initiating a catastrophic economic depression, peasant revolts, and fierce power struggles among the nobility.

Yet from this near total disaster, a new spirit arose. The exhaustion of medieval society inspired intellectuals in northern Italy to make a new start, to create a new society through a search for revival and rebirth that would come to be called the Renaissance.

In this course, you will explore the political, social, cultural, and economic revolutions that transformed Europe between the arrival of the Black Death in the 14th century and the onset of the Age of Enlightenment in the 18th century.

Course Lecture Titles
1. Crisis of the 14th Century
2. The Hundred Years War and the Church in Crisis
3. The Origins of the Italian Renaissance
4. The Birth of Civic Humanism
5. Humanist Thought
6. Renaissance Florence
7. Florentine Politics and Society
8. The History of Florence
9. The Italian State System
10. The Age of Discovery
11. Inflation and New Monarchy
12. Renaissance Art
13. The Church on the Eve of the Reformation
14. The Church on the Eve continued
15. Northern Humanism
16. Martin Luther
17. The Reformation Begins
18. The Progress of the Reformation in Germany
19. German Politics and Society
20. Imperial Politics and International War
21. The Reformation Beyond Germany—Zwingli
22. The Radical Reformation
23. The Radical Reformation continued
24. Calvin and Calvinism
25. The English Reformation
26. The Birth of Anglicanism
27. The Catholic Counter-Reformation
28. Loyola and the Society of Jesus
29. Religious Politics and Religious War
30. Religious War in France 1562–98
31. The Dutch Revolt
32. The Course of the Revolt
33. The Thirty Years War
34. Climax of the War
35. The 17th Century—Crisis and Transition
36. Economic Change in the 17th Century
37. The Rise of Absolutism in France
38. Louis XIV
39. Absolutism in Germany
40. The Spanish Monarchy
41. The Dutch Republic
42. Constitutional Monarchy in England
43. The English Civil War
44. Cromwell and the Glorious Revolution
45. The Scientific Revolution—The Old Science
46. Preparing for Change
47. The Revolution Under Way
48. The Early Enlightenment 1680–1715

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