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The Quest: The Historians Search for Jesus and Muhammad


Esteemed professor emeritus F.E. Peters compares the similarities and differences in the dual searches for the historical Jesus and the historical Muhammad. These quests have been the focus of considerable effort since the lifetime of each of these venerated figures. Using the primary tools of historical inquiry and the evidence discovered by both believers and unbelievers in the faiths established by Jesus and Muhammad, Professor Peters provides an insightful look into the results thus far found and the surprising truths uncovered.

Lecture 1 Well-Known Is Not Well Known

Lecture 2 Clearing the Ground

Lecture 3 The Settings: First-Century Judea, Seventh-Century Hejaz

Lecture 4 Opening the File on Jesus

Lecture 5 Opening the File on Muhammad

Lecture 6 How to Proceed

Lecture 7 The Critic at Work

Lecture 8 Jesus Speaks

Lecture 9 Muhammad Speaks, or Sings

Lecture 10 The Message: Jesus in Galilee

Lecture 11 The Message: Muhammad at Mecca

Lecture 12 Act II: Tragedy and Triumph

Lecture 13 The Aftermath, the Legacy

Lecture 14 Further Thoughts on Jesus and Muhammad

Language English | Audio CD in MP3/Variable + PDF | 340 MB

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