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Betty Azar - Understanding and Using English Grammar


Understanding and Using English Grammar

developmental skills text. In the experience of many classroom teachers, language learners like to

spend at least some time on grammar with a teacher to help them. The process of looking at and

practicing grammar becomes a springboard for expanding the learners’ abilities in speaking, writing,

listening, and reading.

Most students find it helpful to have special time set aside in their English curriculum to focus on

grammar. Students generally have many questions about English grammar and appreciate the

opportunity to work with a text and teacher to make sense out of the sometimes confusing array of

forms and usages in this strange language. These understandings provide the basis for advances in

usage ability as students experiment, both in speaking and writing, with ways to communicate their

ideas in a new language.

Teaching grammar does not mean lecturing on grammatical patterns and terminology. It does

not mean bestowing knowledge and being an arbiter of correctness. Teaching grammar is the art of

helping students make sense, little by little, of a huge, puzzling construct, and engaging them in

various activities that enhance usage abilities in all skill areas and promote easy, confident


The text depends upon a partnership with a teacher; it is the teacher who animates and directs

the students’ language learning experiences. In practical terms, the aim of the text is to support you,

the teacher, by providing a wealth and variety of material for you to adapt to your individual teaching

situation. Using grammar as a base to promote overall English usage ability, teacher and text can

engage students in interesting discourse, challenge their minds and skills, and intrigue them with the

power of language as well as the need for accuracy to create understanding among people.

is a high-intermediate to advanced level ESL/EFL

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